France Faces Trouble as Ski Resort Employees Sternly objects to the Unemployment Reforms-News

Updated On: 20 Feb 2020

Amid the season of “busy” part of the season, a major chunk of the various ski resort employees has resorted to widespread protests over the unemployment reforms. The new reforms which are to come in effect from April 1 are considered arbitrary by many employees who come under the seasonal employment bracket.

This new measure will increase the unemployment payout bracket from 4 months to 6 months in a period of 2 years. This means, now the employees have to work for an extra 2 months to earn the perks of unemployment payouts. Needless to say, this move didn’t earn a warm reception. The ski resort employees all across have responded by launching a mass protest. In Moûtiers alone, around 200 seasonal workers marched the protest to express their objection.

Trade unions such as CGT and FO have sympathized with the cause and have spearheaded several protests all across France. According to workers and employees, this 2 months addition will stir instability to their already fickle state of employment.

Maud Goret, a CGT representative and a seasonal worker himself explained that 6 months long working period practically doesn’t exist. Plus the winters are getting shorter by the time.

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