Frankenlift – Wurzbach-Germany

Frankenlift – Wurzbach: Mega Fun, Tiny Package


Located in the Saale-Orla County of Germanys Thuringia (or Thüringen) region is the Frankenlift – Wurzbach ski resort area. Now, the point of a ski resort is rarely varied. In the sense that how much can one expect out of any resort for that matter, over and above, a far and secluded one? Well, one might and rather should remain skeptical otherwise however, as far as Frankenlift – Wurzbach ski resort area is concerned – even though it is classified as a mid ranged ski resort (in terms of size) the sheer amount of powder love that you get here it is nowhere else possible.

Wurzbach Statistics

Base Elevation: 555 m

Summit Elevation: 620 m

Vertical Drop: 65 m

Quick statistics

Slopes: They measure close to 0.8 kilometers (or 0.5 miles) in total length. Furthermore, the slopes can be sub-divided as follows – Easy: 0.5 kilometers (or 0.31 miles) – that is about 62% of the total slope area. Intermediate: 0.3 kilometers (or 0.186 miles) – that is about 38% of the total slope area. Elevation: The base is located at an elevation of 555 meters (or 1821 feet) whereas the summit is located 620 meters (or 2034.2 feet) above the sea level. This further results in a vertical drop that measures 65 meters (or 213.25 feet) Lifts: There is a single ski lift that is used for transportation and exploration purposes. Ski Passes: These tickets are priced at EURO 12 for adults and EURO 7 for the children. The Frankenlift – Wurzbach ski resort area is quite popular among the local folks as well. One can never find the resort empty at any time during the season. If you look closely you will realize that there are no advanced or challenging tracks. This is because the purpose of this resort is to entertain families and provide the necessary comfort for which people have come here. You will find generous calmness descend by the time the day begins to set and an equal amount of chirpy ness arising out of the children during the morning hours can be seen. Come here to have a laid back kind of fun and yes, with your family.

The Ski Lift

There is a single lift that is capable of transporting as many as 600 passengers on an hourly basis and on its own covers a distance of about 0.3 kilometers (or 0.186 miles). Furthermore, this lift is a classic J-bar. They are known for sturdy performance and capacity.

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