Frauenau: The Crown Jewel




Frauenau Statistics

Base Elevation: 700 m

Summit Elevation: 790 m

Vertical Drop: 90 m

In the region of Bayern (or Bavaria), Germany – this region is practically famous for football and sausages – well, you got that right but what you do not know is that it is also home to quite a bunch of powder destinations. Not to mention the sheer magnanimous snow sports enthusiasts that live in and around this area or those that visit here annually. Coming back to the point of the matter – the crown jewel among these ski resorts is the Frauenau ski resort. A little less known but sure it packs a punch. It is known for its beautiful slopes on which novices and experts alike, be it skiers or snowboarders they like to sail on. One of the most exciting features of the slopes here is that valley runs are available here. So put on your snow shoes and run wild.


Quick Statistics

Elevation: The elevation here ranges from 700 meters (or 2297 feet) at the base right up to 790 meters (or 2592 feet). This thereon creates a vertical drop of about 90 meters (or 296 feet). Slopes: Here you will find the slopes to measure 0.5 kilometers (or 0.31 miles). Furthermore, they can be classified as follows – Easy: 0.2 kilometers (or 0.12 miles) that measures 40% of the total slope area. Intermediate: 0.3 kilometers (or 0.18 miles) this measures about 60% of the total slope area. Lifts: There are two lifts used by passengers and transportation as well. Accommodations: A whole range of places to stay are available in and around the resort area. To just list a few –
Pension Waldkristall
Hotel St. Florian
Ferienwohnungen Claus
Pension Fohlenhof
Haus Margarete & Landhaus Karin
School: No matter if you are not familiar with skiing or snowboarding – the Ski School here at Frauenau is well equipped to provide you with all the necessary skills in no time. They house trainers with excellent certifications and the spirit to teach and learn with the students. If you are a winter sports enthusiast then you must come here. There are a whole range of events that are organized here. As far as the dates of the programs or competitions are concerned – they are bound to change depending on the weather conditions. However, the months of January and February are concerned ideal for such events. Once you are here you absolutely must go and try out some of most delicious and mouth watering local food items.





There are two lifts here on the mountain that is adequate for all sorts of purposes. They are capable of accommodating as many as 1000 people on an hourly basis. You can find their details below – Skilift Zell: It is a kind of Rope tow that is meant for beginners. It measures about 250 m (or 820 feet) approximately in length. Individual it has an hourly carrying capacity of about 500 individuals. Skilift Häng: This is the second of the lot and is also a kind of Rope tow meant for beginners. It measures, 150 m (or 492.1 feet) in length and has a carrying capacity of 500 individuals on an hourly basis.


Contact Information

You can reach them on the following – Touristinformation Frauenau Am Museumspark 1 94258 Frauenau Germany Telephone: +49 / 9926 / 9410-0 Fax: +49 / 9926 / 941028 Email:

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