Freistadt: The District wrapped up with Adventure

Are you in great spirits with holidays fast approaching? With the vacations around the corner, you, your family and friends would have planned several things to spend the time, but everyone would have missed something. The best adventure is born in an unplanned vacation. Well, one reason could be that planned tours never happen the way they are planned. There is a perfect activity to regenerate your motivation and escape from your tumultuous life. To perceive nature is one thing but to be one with nature is something completely on a different level.

Skiing is that activity through which you can achieve such transcendence.  So you now got a perfect unplanned activity to engage yourself in the upcoming holidays.  Now if you are still wondering if you should actually go skiing, think twice! You will get your answer. Skiing is refreshing for both the body and mind. It provides perfect rejuvenation to your body. Skiing improves your proprioception and strengthens your bones and joints. It also makes your body more flexible. Apart from boosting your spirits, it increases your cardiovascular tolerance. It is such an amazing exercise with so many benefits.


Freistadt – the best place to ski in the region!

If you are wondering where to Ski looking at the map of Europe filled with a countless number of Ski resorts, narrow down your focus to Austria which has some of the distinct Ski resorts throughout. One strong recommendation would be the exquisite district of Freistadt located in Upper Austria. Ideal for explorers and adventure enthusiasts, this is the perfect place with as many as 4 Ski resorts around. The total length of all the slopes combined together is about 5.5 Km to 6 Km. The maximum elevation among the Ski resorts is about 1112 meters, and there are in total 7 Ski lifts in the area to conveniently transport the guests and tourists.  Short travels across the district could be equally mesmerizing. One can even pay a visit to the beautiful town of Freistadt where some unique tourist spots await. The place offers several scattered locations for Skiing and Snowboarding.

Surrounded by pure elegance, each ski resort offers its own unique experience. Apart from that, there are plenty of good accommodation places around the district. One can even comfortably stay at Freistadt town and travel to the surrounding Ski Spots. The other versatile activities you can experience are Camping and Swimming. With many perfect camping spots around, they serve as your perfect personal hideout to rest after draining your energy from Skiing. There are also some tennis courts around in the area. Widely considered children and senior citizen friendly, this is the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family. With a sporty atmosphere around the place, it is sure to pump up your adrenaline. You can speed up along the short slopes and have repeated quick Ski runs along.

The place is well connected with all the major towns and cities in the region, making it easily accessible. This is one of the many reasons why visitors love this place and it attracts thousands of visitors every year.


Freistadt Statistics

Base Elevation: 590 m

Summit Elevation: 675 m

Vertical Drop: 85 m

The Terrain where you Ski

As mentioned there are four Ski Resorts across Freistadt, the largest among them; Viehberg-Sandl has the longest slope of 3 Km. With the total slope classified as easy, it is completely user-friendly. However, there is no artificial snow making equipment available. The elevation of the slopes ranges from 950 meters to 1112 meters. Another Ski Resort, Liebenau has just about 1 Km of slope length and the entire slope is classified as easy. This provides the perfect opportunity for amateurs to explore their skills. Night skiing is also offered, and artificial snow making facilities are available. Another small Ski Resort, Mönchdorf has similar slopes as the previous one with 1 Km easy stretch. The last resort, Königswiesen is the smallest with only 0.5 Km slope and elevation ranging from just 580 meters and 690 meters. Valley run is available in all the locations. With all locations nearby, Freistadt is the ideal hub to experiment on various Skiing conditions. One an easily travel from one resort to another.

Take-Off in the Ski Lifts!

The largest resort of Freistadt, Viehberg has 2 Ski lifts with a total lift length of 1.3 Km total. The capacity of these lifts is 2000 passengers per hour. They are quite efficient, and there will be no hassle or rush in their usage. Both the lifts are T-bar type. Liebenau also has two Ski lifts, out of which one is T-bar type, and the other is Rope tow. The total lift length here is just about 400 m, and the transport capacity is 1300 passengers per hour. Even Mönchdorf is facilitated with two lifts while Königswiesen has only a single lift. Ski lifts provide the unique experience that fills any voids which skiing or snowboarding could have left.

How’s the Snow Out There?

Some of the slopes have completely natural snow. Being located in Upper Austria, the temperatures are relatively lesser. One of the slope does maintain the proper snow levels with artificial snow. The other slopes give the perfect natural experience. The wild snow makes skiing and snowboarding, even more, fun and entertaining. With all slopes classified entirely easy, the experience is all the more comfortable for everyone.  Natural snow can be used in snow modeling and snowball fights. These are ideal activities that can keep the children high in spirit and enthusiasm.


The Cost of the Ski Passes

Any grandeur experience does require a fair amount of money. The prices are very reasonable in the Freistadt district. It costs about 19.5 euro at Viehberg and a little less at 17 euro at Liebenau. The variety of experiences gained here is worth the tiny price. You may also incur other costs if you rent any equipment, outfits or protective gear. There are offers and concessions for families, which can be availed if you go with your dear family.


The Other Activities to Anticipate

One should not forget to pay a short visit to Freistadt town. It is a small town with just about 7500 dwellers and beautiful locations. An outing can be planned along with the Skiing activities. This place is an ideal tourist spot around. You can also go hiking and have some outstanding time. Amidst the snowy wildernesses filled with opportunities, it is up to your imagination, the other activities you can indulge yourself in.  These activities on offer are truly amazing and make the place one of the best in the region.

The Other Relevant Information

The general season time must be noted, and your schedule should be planned accordingly. At Viehberg, it extends from mid-December to late March.  The opening and closing timings are not same for all the resorts. Mönchdorf is open between 1 PM and 4:30 PM while Viehberg is open from 9 AM to 4 PM. You can select a destination convenient with your sleeping patterns. Ski rental shops are available on site as well, ensuring that you can get the equipment of your choice on rent and enjoy skiing without having to worry about buying it.

Freistadt is that perfect place exclusively meant for some beautiful family time. With no obstacles and difficulties to face, you can enjoy the absolute bliss of skiing with the people you love. Forget your stress and fall into a deep sleep every day after a perfect daylong adventure. You are sure to enjoy your time here at this exotic location. Come along with special friends or your family and explore this fabulous district wrapped up in an adventure. When you leave the place, you are sure to take back with you, some of the most beautiful memories of your life. Have fun!

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