Freyung: Complete Family Fun



Freyung is one complete powder destination that you will have to visit at least once and then you will definitely keep coming back here year on year. Why, you ask? Giving away all the goodies right here will not be fare – you must come here and then see it for yourself. Anyway, lest you keep on insisting – here are a few things/ features that make Freyung Ski Resort area a one of a kind resort –

Quick Statistics

Freyung Statistics

Base Elevation: 2822 ft

Summit Elevation: 2133 ft

Vertical Drop: 689 ft

Infrastructure: It is probably the most important reason that makes you want to visit any resort area. Here are a few features that might further excite you –
public indoor swimming pool
public sauna
Fitness center
Hot springs
School: Well this is not the kind of school that you would dread – this is the fun kind of school – the snow sports school. Your children will absolutely love it and take it right now they would never want to go back. This school offers the mentioned below features Ski school Carving
Ski school Freestyle
Ski school Langlauf

Rentals: It happens most of the times with us that in all the vacation laden excitement we forget the a few important things such as the skiing or snowboarding equipment. But, gone are the days when you could just sulk about that. There exists a world class equipment rental store that offers all the necessary tools and gears that one could ever require on a mountain. They are reasonably priced and well maintained. Give them a call or email them to reserve your gear before you arrive at the resort. Children: The resort area does not forget about its young ones. Especially for these guys there exist the following things – Child piste
Child lift
Magic carpet
Children’s park
Childcare facility
For the Fun: For the young adults and everyone else too there is a disco and bar/ pub areas as well. This resort has received numerous awards and accolades in the past and if you look at their numerous testimonials they highly regard Freyung for its services and everything as well. The popular snow magazines have tagged the resort area with the following stars – child-friendly
senior citizen-friendly



Reaching Here:

Even though Germany quite easily be the most well connected region in the whole world it could very well be slightly confusing for many a people who are coming from far off lands. But, there is no reason to worry as the entire route can be quite easily figured out. Say for instance: If you are taking the road then all you have to do is take the A 3 motorway that goes towards Passau. You will then have to travel about 40 kilometers and thereon take the exit to Aichea vorm Wald. From here you will have to continue to Hutthurm and then finally you will reach the B 12, and it is from here that you will directly reach Freyung. Trains: The closest railway station is located at Passau and the distance between Freyung and Passau railway station is about 40 kilometers (or 24.8 miles). Once you have reached here, travel 40 lilometers (or 24.8 miles) till you reach the exit to Aichea vorm Wald. From here you will have to continue to Hutthurm and then finally you will reach the B 12, and it is from here that you will directly reach Freyung.


Contact Information

For any more details or general queries you can contact them on the following – Rathausplatz 2, D-94078 Freyung Telephone: +49 (0)8551 588150 Snow telephone: +49 (0)8551 588150 Fax: +49 (0)8551 588290 Homepage:

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