Furtnerlifte- Rohr Im Gebirg Ski Resort – Ski Lover’s Delight!

Adulthood gets tedious at times. When we were kids, all we dreamt was to grow up and work, but now, when we actually get to experience it, all we wish is; to get our childhood back. However, since it is impossible to get our childhood back, we can at least take a break from being adults and act like the innocent and naughty kids we used to be, once in a while. It is harmless. Moreover, to do so, we need to escape the hustle bustle of the city and do something that makes us experience real joy, joy in its ultimate true form; something that makes your heart swell with joy.

The sad truth of life is after entering adulthood, gradually we become old and senile, which is a very minute change. The problem with adults is that they work so much that they forget to enjoy life and when they get old, they look back into time and realize the last fun thing they did was a good forty years back. However, it is high time that we change this and face facts because believe it or not, adulthood and childhood are simply dual states of mind.

When we were kids, our winters involved making snowman, having snow fights and all that but suddenly winters involve raking the snow and taking care of kids. It is a popular belief that adults cannot have fun in the snow, but that is an utter lie. Skiing is a fun and adventurous activity that has no age bar. You can be a kid and ski, or you can be an adult and ski, or you can even be old and ski. All in all, skiing is for everyone, skiing does not discriminate, skiing just gives you amazing memories to be cherished so that when you look back in time, your heart will be full of words that you will not be able to express.



The Furternlifte – the best place for ski lovers!

Furternlifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 800 m

Summit Elevation: 927 m

Vertical Drop: 127 m

For you to experience the real beauty of nature, we have The Furtnerlifte- Rohr Im Gebirg ski resort that is located in the lower region of Austria.  Rohr Im Giberg refers to ‘Pipe in the Mountains’ since the mountains frame it in the foothills of the Alps Schneeberg, Rax, Unterberg, and Jochart. The adventure of skiing begins at 800m and ends at 927m. There are three types of runs available for the people, and they even provide with night skiing.

There are about three ski lifts available there which help in the to and fro of people over varying lengths at high altitudes. Out of the 3 ski lifts one is a T-bar lift with a length of 650 m, the other is a platter lift with a length of 300 and lastly, a ski school lift with a length of 300 m. Further, they have a snowmaking machine system that ensures there is snow for the homologated ski slopes of the FIS. The night ski run is allowed on Saturdays generally and daily during the Christmas vacations and term holidays. It is in operation: from 18.00 to 21.00 pm.


Knowing the terrain for skiing!

Furtnerlifte has a total of 3.9 runs that are meant for all, ranging from beginners to experts. All runs are a complete package of thrill and adventure which are extremely inviting. However, before you pick up your skis, you ought to know the basics of skiing and to know that, you need to analyze your level of skiing. It could be a beginner, intermediate or even an expert. After you have analyzed you need to decide if you need lessons for that, for learning there are instructors and they have a ski school. The ski school has its own ski lifts and ski rental.

Beginner: – out of the total of 3.9 km, 1.50km are easy runs. They are meant for beginner skiers. If you have never learned skiing or trying it for the first time, you should definitely go for this one. A beginner can’t go on expert runs because that would be putting your own life in danger, which is unacceptable.

Intermediate level: – out of the total 3.9kms, 1.50km, are of intermediate level. They are challenging and thrilling at the same time. Here, you can enhance your skills. You can not only ski at your free will but also learn new things from the instructors present there

Experienced level: – out of the total of 3.9 km, 0.50 km are for experienced skiers. These are the most challenging runs and are meant for people who are experts at skiing. Experienced skiers have to face high-level challenges over here which provides a great adrenaline rush.

A cross-country ski trail with a length of 3-5 km is available which is the ideal length for cross country skiing. Also, night ski is available only on Thursdays, but it is there every day during important vacations like Christmas!  Other sports like, skating courses, high cross-country skiing, and dog sledding can also be done.




Let’s get Ski Tickets!

The Ski tickets for Furtnerlifte are cheap and affordable. For adults, the price ranges from €15.00 to €24.00 only. For children, the price ranges from €12.00 to €15.00 only. Half-day tickets are Valid from 9 am to 1 pm or from 12 pm to 4 pm which costs about €15.00 for adults and €12.00 for kids.

For night trips, a 3-hours-ticket would cost about € 16, 00 for an adult. For a child, it costs around € 13, 00 and for 10-er block adults, it costs about € 13, 50. The price stated here, is for one day or specific timings. Prices are subject to change during odd seasons and busy seasons. Also, prices can be reduced if one comes in groups and fulfills any of the reduction schemes. The reductions are family reduction and group reductions.


Important timings you ought to know about the place!

The main season is from 2nd January’17 to 13th March’17. The operation hours are from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. For night ski, Saturday and holidays are working days every day from 6 pm to 9 pm. Also, the last Sunday before the beginning of school is also a working day for a night ski.

For accommodations and food, there is a beautifully situated guest house which is the best choice that is highly recommended for a simple stop-by or a pres-ski. Also, there is the home-style cuisine (Lisi’s Kardinalschnitten is highly regarded by the people there). There are traditional specialties from their own hunting grounds, and the mouth-watering homemade desserts are prepared by the chef himself and his wonderfully chosen team with love and taste for you.

Furtnerlifte is a very nature-friendly place, and thus, on extensive hikes, you will find peace and relaxation, and a chance to learn about different flora and fauna. You can view the surroundings from the observation tower and watch the last charcoal burners burning at work. Along the way, some of the family-friendly guest farms might invite you to strengthen organic products from local farmers and vendors. In addition to the hiking trails, Furtnerlifte offers a tennis court, the Biedermeier cycle track and the winter, cross-country ski runs and a family ski area with snowmaking facilities.

Skiing has the ability to make the most risk bearing ones also nervous. Skiing is safe considering you take the precautions and follow the rules. The best part about skiing is, it is a very good exercise and also has a lot of health benefits like it improves proprioception, strengthens bones and joints, boosts your mood, strengthens body muscles, improves balance and gives you a good night’s sleep.

So don’t fret and make the appropriate bookings, invite friends and family (to avail discounts) and be prepared for a sense of joy in its true form. As they say, sometimes it is not about winning or losing, sometimes it is about skiing! So what are you waiting for? Pack your gear and head out for this amazing skiing resort with your family and friends and enjoy yourselves to the fullest!

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