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Gaissau Hintersee – the best place to ski around with your family!

Jingle bells are ringing loud, snowmen wearing the Santa gown.

Winters are here my friend, so cheer up and get out!


Gaissau Hintersee Statistics

Base Elevation: 784 m

Summit Elevation: 1567 m

Vertical Drop: 854 m

The merriment of winter allures the old and the young. Christmas bids adieu to the spring and New Year’s welcomes the snow. Can you imagine sitting inside while the blanket of white wool covers the mountains of Austria in a breathtaking dream? No! Winter offers excitement and adventure in the activities of skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. The astounding landscape of Tennengau and the shining slopes of the Salzburg Mountain invite you to a memorable holiday in the ski paradise of Austria. Gift you, family, fun filled trio of outdoor activities, peaceful stay, and picturesque scenery. Visit Austria!

Gaissau Hintersee ski resort is located in the middle of the Osternhorn mountain group near Mozart city. Surrounding the beautiful Lake Fuschl, the resort offers an adventurous experience in skiing and snowboarding. The snow slopes of the Salzburg ranges are designed to perfection by nature and crafted for an unparallel ski tour by the Gaissau Hintersee ski resort. The excitement does not end here. The resort offers a classic stay at the mountain huts along the slopes. Mouth watering delicacies and local flavors await you, here. You need to see this to believe it!



Interesting facts

There is a long list of facts to interest you, starting with a winter sports area located at the elevation of 750 meters and 1,567 meters. The resort has a designed terrain of 34 kilometers length with no artificial snow making and nine operational lifts to transport the passengers for runs. The lifts are numerous and varied. The resort has a Broadshop park and a children’s ski area; it also offers valley runs.


All about the lifts

The resort has a total of 9 lifts with an average carrying capacity of 10110 passengers/hour. The total run of the lifts is about 10.7 kilometers. The lifts are divided among chairlifts, 3 in total with a varying carrying capacity of 4, 3 and two persons. There is a total of 4 –bars, one j-bar, and one rope tow.


Levels of difficulty

Novices- For those who are going to take their first steps in skiing or are preparing for a second run the beginner’s slopes are ideal for you. Spreading along a run of 23.5 kilometers the easy slopes are designed for a fearless experience in skiing. If you need help skiing, visit the service centers or you can also take a ski course in one of the three ski schools.

Semi- Pros- If you one of those who wishes for excitement yet fear the sport, the intermediate slopes are meant for you. The 10 kilometers run optimally constructed for the semi- pros in the game. With a thrill-filled ride jump into your skiing shoes and learn the art like a pro. Just slide along the terrain!

Pros- For those who dare to challenge the mountains and run along the deep cracks of the snow, this ride is for you. The 0.5 kilometers of adrenaline rise is a dream for any professional in the game. The professional ski center is the resort is available for any information and assistance to the daredevils of skiing. So unleash the adventurer in you!



Snowboarding- Once done with skiing you can go snowboarding on the natural slopes of the Salzburg ranges. The picturesque view can be best enjoyed while descending the slopes on your snow board. So get ready to experience the joy of dancing in the snow!

Snowshoe- Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the pastoral landscape of Upper Austria invites you for peaceful walks on the snow.  Get into your snow shoes and measure the land on foot. Walking is one of the best ways for feeling the snow and meeting the surroundings.


Fun with family!

This is the perfect place for your family vacation! Ask how? The resort has designed practice areas with child – friendly climbing aids and waves. Most of the slopes are wide and thereby safe and easy for the children. The ski school is the resort offers fun learning and guidance. The ski school also provides customized courses for families and beginners. And for the children, there is a lot to choose from. The total length of the Funslope is 1,000 meters. For children under the age of 10 years, skiing is free of cost. For groups and families, special discounts and tickets are available. So travel safe and cheap!




While the ski huts offer a comfortable stay with welcoming delicacies, there are a number of home stays that can be rented for affordable prices. For groups of students, the youth hostel association can be a worthwhile investment. Family packages and group packages are also available at some hotels. The season in Gaissau Hintersee starts from the first week of December to the end of March; peak season can be experienced in the first half of December.


Lift tickets

Rates for the lift tickets vary according to season and time. The peak season is experienced in the first half of December. The resort claims to give 30 % cheaper day passes as compared to other Salzburg resorts. There is free skiing for children under the age of 10 years and seniors aged at 70. Resort offers multi- day tickets and 10 – day subscription cards. Starting at 9 a.m. and a time duration of 3 hours the rates for tickets are €25 for adults, €10 for children and €19 for youth. Afternoon tickets after 12 are priced at €29.00 for adults, €10.00 for children and €19.00 for youth. Multi- day tickets for the duration of 2 days are priced at €59.00 for adults, €23.00 for children and € 45.00 for seniors. Rides without equipment are priced at €10.00 for adults, €8.00 for children and €8.00 for youth.


According to the rules, people born between 1947-97 are considered as adults, people born between the years 2001- 2005 are considered children and people born between the years 1998- 2000 are considered to be youth. All rates are subject to an addition of key card use amounting to €3.00. Prices include 10% VAT, and passengers need to provide a proof of age.


Things to remember!

The ski hours are scheduled between 09:00 to 16: 00 from Monday to Sunday. Tickets are available between 08:30 to 16:00 from Monday to Sunday. Lost ski passes are not replaced. In the case of avalanche risks, bad weather, interruption of operation and blocking of ski runs no reimbursement of tickets is offered. If any injury occurs during the sport, reimbursement is offered the proof of a medical certificate.


How can you get here?

The resort is about 25  minutes from the Salzburg city limits. One can access the resort by car and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. The closest airport is Salzburg, and you can hire a rental car from the airport to arrive at the resort. No direct train route is available.


Winters are a season for fun and family. At Gaissau Hintersee you can enjoy your time alone or with your loved ones. With the snow covered slopes of Salzburg smiling at you and the picturesque landscape of Lake Fuschl greeting you, the place is a secret paradise in upper Austria. The terrain for skiing is designed to provide ease and comfort to the toddlers and the beginners. Family time here is not only fun but also easy on the pocket. Group and student discounts make the place affordable for everyone. Long stretches of wide slopes covered with natural snow make skiing a memorable activity in Austria. Then, plan soon and get your family along!

Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to stay in your cozy rooms this winter. This winter, do something more fun, more adventurous. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your bags and head out straight for this amazing resort with your near and dear ones. You won’t regret it, we promise you that!

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