Spend the vacation season captivated in the beauty of Gargellen ski resort

Gargellen Statistics

Base Elevation: 1400 m

Summit Elevation: 2300 m

Vertical Drop: 900 m

As humans, we keep working all day and night to achieve what we want. We have goals and aspirations for which we work really hard. Sometimes, it’s all we do. We forget about our family and do not give proper time to our loved ones which make them feel them neglected. We get so carried away with making money until we get swept by it only. Working on our wife’s birthday, missing out on your daughter’s dance performance, not being able to help your son in his studies, we keep our work a priority.  However, such attitude only drags us apart from our family. To make up for all the time that you have missed out, take them out on holiday.

Spend quality time and enjoy a break from your work in the snow. Learn to ski and snowboard at the slopes. The fun and thrill that is missing from your life can be filled with this experience. There are many ski resorts out there that provide you the best holiday package with tremendous fun activities on the slopes. The change will help you get close to your loved ones, and then you can make up for the lost times. Make a difference this year, communicate and love the ones around you, also, do not forget to love yourself.



Where should you head to have the best vacation this season?

You may not be aware, but there are numerous ski resorts that attract tourists all around the year. At some resorts, you can even enjoy your summer vacation. Such resorts are full of exciting activities for people of all ages. To connect with your family and also enjoy your time with them, you should head to the Gargellen.

Gargellen is situated in the Gargell Valley. It is the highest place at 1.432 m (4.66 feet) in all of Montafon. The name of the place is inspired from Romansh and means ‘water swirls’. Bergdorf Gargellen is a premium health resort which specialises in providing fun activities to its visitors. The resort belongs the municipality of St. Gallenkirch and has about 110 residents in Vorarlberg.

The place is easily accessible because of a well-developed road. Gargellen lies approximately 8 km (4.97 miles) away from the St. Gallenkirch in a side valley. You can reach the resort from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria without any difficulty. Once you visit the resort, you will find yourself wanting to spend more and more time here. You will continuously visit it for all your future vacations.

Some very important facts about Gargellen ski resort are-

Before you decide to visit any place, you should check out all the important details and compare them with other ski resorts, compare all the activities, pistes, food and other details about the place.

The authenticity of the place leaves one spell bound. You can count on an eye soothing, captivating and energizing holiday if you decide to visit Gargellen. The ski resort has a ski area of about 2,300 m (7545 feet).  There are total 19 trails to entertain all kinds of sports enthusiasts. These trails have been smartly built; there are about 625 intermediate trails for those who try skiing as fun games and those who are beginners. For those who take skiing a little more seriously and want to practice at the slopes, there are 18% advanced trails, and for professionals and experts, there are 20% trails specially modeled for them.

Traveling to the slopes is easy and also fascinating. You get to ride the lifts, and you can choose from the nine lifts available. The queue at the lift is not so long, so, you do not have to worry about standing in lines and waiting for your turn. From the lifts, you can have a spectacular view of the places around the resort and relish in the beauty of nature. There are four surface lifts, one double chairlift, and three quadruple chairlifts. Situated on the highest mountain in Montafon, the elevation point of the resort is 2129.94 m (6988 feet) with a base of 1422.80 m (4668 feet) and a vertical drop of 699.82 m (2296 feet).



What is so unique about Gargellen ski resort?

  • The ambiance of the ski resort is so perfect, and the place is perfect for a family holiday. The services here are great. You will experience the most amazing vacation of your life. With varied slopes and ample of fun activities, there will not be a single dull moment during your vacation at Gargellen. The guests can expect nothing but the best skiing experience from Gargellen.
  • The place is a dream come true for many sports enthusiasts. There are a number of activities to keep them occupied and entertained. You can either have light fun at the slopes or work hard on your skills and train yourself better. There are professionals present to help you.
  • For those who happen to have never skied before, there are many ski schools. These schools have the best teachers and experts to help you learn your first skiing lesson. Your teachers will help you stay safe on the slopes and provide with the best ways to master skiing on slopes.
  • If you believe that your child is not old enough to explore the slopes or be out in the snow yet. You can leave them in the care of the resort staff. They are promised to be loved and taken care of. While you ski in the snow, they can chill out with little children of their own The fun park and Kinderland offer various activities in which they are taught to stay safe and enjoy in the thick snow. There are well-trained nurses available to look out for your children, so you can relax and leave them in good hands.
  • The accommodation is the best feature of the ski resort. The resort has something for everyone, from luxurious hotel rooms, warm and cozy guest houses, comfortable rooms for family, private and romantic bedrooms; you can absolutely enjoy getting pampered by the staff. They genuinely care for you and take extra care to give the best services possible.
  • There are guided snowshoe hikes at night. The glowing stars and chilly breeze call for drinks right after you take the tour. The hikes are not at all boring, the fairy-lights, and moon cast a low glow at the trail making it a very romantic tour for couples.
  • The resort is fun during the summer too. There is the fun Forest you can explore all day and hike around the mountain tops. You can also take the Madriser loop tour with your friends and explore the place. Moreover, the place has free access to tennis courts too.

There are many events held at the resort all around the year. If you plan your vacation this month of the year, you will be able to catch the Devil’s Kitchen Contest. The event is being held for the 12th time since the resort has been established. In February, the resort welcomes skiers and snowboarders from all over and holds a competition. People from age 12 to 30 are allowed to participate in the Freeski Freestyle competition at the Gargellen Ski Area. The place gets crowded with enthusiastic participants from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Benelux. Also visitors and spectators are welcomed. The atmosphere is turned into a party with performances from live bands. Now, you can decide if you want to visit a place which can give you some memorable memories or sit in the office away from your loved ones.

With so much on offer and so many things to do at this resort, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your tickets and pack your bags and head out straight for the Gargellan Ski Resort with your family and friends. Have fun!

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