Germany Blamed “Ibiza of the Alps” Ski Resort for Spreading of Covid-19 Virus-News

Posted On: 23 Mar 2020

Covid-19 is spreading around the world and everyone wants to keep it away from their country, apart from this one famous ski resort company that is being blamed for spreading it.

Currently, nordic fitness jurisdiction and Germany have marked a stake in coronavirus cases from peeps returning from the “Ibiza of the Alps”.

Respecting 40 percent of Norway’s 1,400 coronavirus instances to date has been connected to Ischgl. In Sweden, the figure of Ischgl contaminations has topped beyond 1000.

This month 14 out of 15 passengers are found contaminated from covid-19 virus who are coming from a return flight to Reykjavik. 

Germany health minister Jens Spahn said: “the outbreak for viruses is directly connected to the peeps returning from ski resort holidays.”

“Anyone coming from Austria, Tyrol places, and south Tyrol places in Italy should self isolate themself.”

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