Gitschtal – Ski on the slopes far away from stress

The time of the year when gravity around bed increases by ten times which makes it almost impossible to wake up from the bed thanks to the coziest season of the year. The daily life of 9 to 5 has got us craving for a long vacation; now we got one. Make a few trips and time for the ones who love and cherish. It is the fun time one can have a family trip to create some memories. Enjoy the holiday that one has been waiting all along the year than on the snow riding some snowboards and taking a walk around in woods with snowshoes.

Gitschtal is a small town in the district of Hermagor in the Austrian state of Carinthia. Gitschtal has its own personal ski Eldorado which is made for winter skiing pleasure without stress, hustle, and bustle. The Gitschtal includes Weißbriach, the valley which is simply unique and is in fact, one of the most charming valleys of the southeastern part of Austria. The Gitschtal offers a variety of historical sites for those who crave exploration. The Gitschtal also has a lot to offer like the Evangelical Church was the first prayer house in Carinthia. There are many winter activities here at the Gitschtal like skiing and snowboarding, cross-country ski runs, sled races on ice and winter hikes.


Skiing and Snowboarding

Gitschtal Statistics

Base Elevation: 820 m

Summit Elevation: 1150 m

Vertical Drop: 330 m

The Gitschtal Mountain ski area offers a total of 4 km of trails, which are divided into 1 km runs for beginners which one track, 3 km runs for the medium difficulty which is one track, difficult level riders trails which are not available and free rides and routes are not available on this mountain. The family ski resort of Weißenbriach is ideal for those who want to learn or improve their skills in skiing and snowboarding.


The resort’s top offers for the season include Free Ski Weißbriach Ski Area for all guests located on selected farms, 3 days ski course on the mountains for a top price of 76$, and for each additional day 25$ extra charge is to be paid and a 10% discount on ski hire. . The lessons are charged according to the plan you select. There are many courses that one can opt in the lessons provided by the resort according to their requirements. The place has trained professionals in case you want to go home with some more experience and learning in skiing. So you can learn skiing and enjoy skiing down the adventurous slopes this resort has on offer for you.


Ice Skating

The ice rink provides a fun alternative apart from skiing here at the Gitschtal Mountain with over 30.75 km of place providing four best ski rinks. The place is Europe’s largest natural ice rink which is only a few minutes’ drive from Gitschtal. On an area of over ??6.5 km², you can have more than enough space for all the swirling twisting and dancing at the frozen Weissensee. The 55-hectare lake of Pressegger See which is a second largest lake in the region entices you to the unique ice-transporting experience. The places also entertain ice hockey and many other events which are much more entertaining and better alternatives for skiing.




Cross-country skiing

At the Gitschtal Mountain on can enjoy over 40 km of groomed double track trails which includes skating trails. The mountain is said to be a paradise for all the cross-country skiers with a connection to many trail network of the natural arena. There is four main ski runs on this mountain which is a total of 30.75 km; they are namely LL1 Nadalnloipe which is 3 km long, LL2 Sonnenloipe which is 13 km long, LL3 Stoffelbauerloipe which is 2 km long and LL4 Gitschtalloipe which is 14 km long.


Lift Tickets

The hourly tickets which are 2-hour tickets cost 26$ for adults, 22$ for youth or seniors and 13.5$ for children. Until 1 pm tickets cost 31$ for adults, 26$ for youth or seniors and 16$ for children, from 12:00 pm tickets cost 30$ for adults, 25$ for youth or seniors and 15$ for children, day tickets cost 35$ for adults, 29$ for youth or seniors and 18 for children.


Single trips which are Grabish 1 trip whose tickets cost 1.25$ for adults, 1.25$ for youth or seniors and 1.25$ for children and Grave 10 rides whose tickets cost 12.5$ for adults, 12.5$ for youth or seniors and 12.5$ for children. Group rates or local rates for 2-hour tickets cost 23$ for adults, 19$ for youth or seniors and 11.5$ for children. Until 1 pm tickets cost 27$ for adults, 21.75$ for youth or seniors and 13$ for children, from 12:00 pm tickets cost 26$ for adults, 21$ for youth or seniors and 13$ for children, day tickets cost 30$ for adults, 25$ for youth or seniors and 15$ for children.


At the resort multi day tickets are also available.2-day tickets cost 70$ for adults, 55$ for youth or seniors and 35$ for children, 3-day tickets cost 99$ for adults, 83$ for youth or seniors and 50$ for children, 4-day tickets cost 128$ for adults, 102$ for youth or seniors and 64$ for children, 5-day tickets cost 154$ for adults, 125$ for youth or seniors and 78$ for children, 6-day tickets cost 177$ for adults, 143$ for youth or seniors and 90$ for children, 7-day tickets cost 200$ for adults, 161$ for youth or seniors and 101$ for children, 8-day tickets cost 222$ for adults, 180$ for youth or seniors and 111$ for children, 9-days tickets cost 240$ for adults, 193$ for youth or seniors and 120$ for children and 10-days tickets cost 257$ for adults, 205$ for youth or seniors and 130$ for children.


The Gitschtal Mountain has a very family friendly nature and is well garnered. The place comes at a reasonable cost along with the tickets stay and food. The resort leaves every skier of every level with a good experience to remember. The Mountain is well suited for experienced and professional skiers. The well-groomed terrains can impress anyone. The staff is well experienced and cares about whether or not you have a good experience responding to grievances of every kind. They offer activities and amenities such as restaurants, lounges and entertainment centers for families. A season pass is worth it but makes sure you do justice to the pass and have as much fun as possible with all the options available.


The Gitschtal Mountain Resort is truly an amazing place to be at. With so much on offer here and so many things to do and try out, you cannot afford to sit at home and miss out on all the fun on offer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your gear and head out straight for the Gitschtal Mountain Resort with your family and friends and make the most of the winter season. Have fun!

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