Good News for Ski Lovers! Colorado Ski Resort makes the move for Extending its Season-News

Posted On: 5 Mar 2020

Monarch Mountain Ski Resort that dwells in Colorado made it official that they will be extending their 2019-20 season cycle. Due to the generous snowfall that filled the various stations of the resort, it was made possible to spread the skiing adventure a bit further. The official Twitter handle of Monarch Mountain Ski Resort confirmed this news. This would certainly mean a big boon for the business, especially at a time when climate change has been ruining the revenue prospects of ski resorts all across the globe.

Monarch Mountain Ski Resort already has a thick customer base. The resort operates on terrains engulfed by snow without tampering with the premises of the region. This provides ski enthusiasts an original flavor of surfing through the snow. Now that the resort’s season will touch the month of April, the ski lovers can expect a fun-filled joyride provided through various activities that Monarch Mountain is famous for. One can truly expect variety in skiing when this ski resort enters the scene.

This season extension ignites the hope of ski lovers who had lost their spirits to the adversities of climate change that dried all the snow in many ski resorts.

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