A treat for your senses: visit the Grabs-Tschagguns ski area

“A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom.”

-Warren Miller


Indeed, what can’t a pair of skis do? They immediately transform you into an altogether different reality, whose beauty and charm is unparalleled and unmatched. It is almost as if they give you wings so that you can fly freely like a bird and touch the sky, have deep romantic conversations with the woods and share your secrets with the little creatures up there. They not only help you relax and enjoy life but make you feel independent and confident as well.

So if you love the smell of winters and the sound that your feet make when you find your way through fairy-like white paths, if the sight of lofty peaks make you feel confident, and the taste of food up there satisfies you, if touching the powder like snow with your own hands brings up a huge smile on your face, the Grabs-Tschagguns ski area is a perfect treat for you and your senses.


Grabs-Tschagguns Statistics

Base Elevation: 1326 m

Summit Elevation: 2086 m

Vertical Drop: 760 m

A village in the Montafon valley in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, Tschagguns offers a unique and memorable skiing experience. The place has its own ski resort by the name of Golm and provides facilities like hiking, winter sports, and mountain biking among others. In fact, Golm is the first destination for skiing in the Motafon and provides slopes of all levels of difficulty.Combined with Schruns, it is the largest settlement in the Montafon Valley.


Important details:

For the current season, the resort is open from 8 December 2016 to 17 April 2017.

The operating time for the general season is from early December to mid-April, with the opening and closing hours as 08:15 and 16:00 respectively.

It must be noted that the hours may vary depending on external conditions, weekdays and public holidays.

A ski pass ticket at Golm ranges from €46.50 for adults to €37.50 for youth and €27 for children.




Tschagguns’ ski holiday resort is not only large and airy but also has a very beautiful and natural farm type appeal to it. As the snow covered path which leads to the Golm ski area curls and bends round the mountains, one can see numerous accommodation options. The ski resort is traditional and authentic. On a scale of 0-5, five being the excellent and 0 as poor, most people give the resort 3/5 points in terms of attractiveness, facilities, and atmosphere and 2/5 points in terms of the price. The places are surely less crowded than most Montafon resorts usually are, which is advantageous for those looking forward to spend some quality time in peace.


Skiing at the Tschagguns:

All tourists spending their ski holiday in the Montafon ski holiday resort of Tschagguns are often found relaxing and enjoying themselves most likely in either the Hochjoch or Golm ski areas. The Grabs ski area is the most local and most famous alternative ski area for Tschagguns, despite the fact that it is very small and is popular with winter walkers only.

On the same side of the valley to Grabs, just above Tschagguns is the Golm ski area.

Those staying in Tschagguns can either shifttoVandans, which is just down the valley or choose to drive up to the second stage of the gondola that links Vandans and the Golm ski area. The latter is a better option because it gives the tourist the advantage of accessing along ski out to Vandans. The Golm ski area is perfect for those who are still learning as well as intermediates but has less to offer for better and trained skiers.  Across the valley lies the Hochjoch ski area, which is undoubtedly one of the best ski areas Montafon possesses. The pistes here are wider and gentler and provide superb views.


The Ski Area

The ski area will not disappoint the huge number of tourists found here. The place has a total of 8 pistes, which includes 35 kilometers (21 miles) of black pistes, 49 kilometers (30 miles) red pistes, and 56 kilometers (35 miles) blue pistes. (In Europe, different colors are used to characterize different kinds of pistes to easily help identify them, wherein blue is used to denoted easy, red is used for intermediate and black is used for expert levels). There also are21 kilometers (13 miles)of downhill pistes and 6 kilometers (4 miles) of cross-country pistes. The place has a total of 9 ski lifts as well. It would be interesting to note that it was here in 1947 that Austria’s first ever chai lift was opened.


The maximum vertical altitude here is 1430 meters or approximately 4692 feet, and the highest lift takes you as high as 2080 meters, which is 6824 feet!


Snow cover is generally reliable and expected at this high an altitude.


The ski resort is easily accessible and well connected. There are 5airports that are just two hours away by road, which means that short ski holidays, ski weekends and impromptu plans are totally feasible! Friedrichshafen Airport and St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport are just one hour drive away, in good driving conditions so that you can set off to ski almost immediately.


Tschaggunsoffers good skiing, particularly, for Intermediate and Beginner skiers.


There are two ski and snowboard schools here that one can contact for further information and hiring snowboards: Ski School Golmand Sport Wilhelmer.


The resort:

The place is naturally tranquil and peaceful. Unlike neighboring areas, Tschagguns is far more quite and composed. It gives a strong winter sports impression, which never fails to impress any tourist. The area encompasses more than 100 kilometers or 62 miles of tracks. Skiers and snowboarders favor the slopes on Golm, as they offer more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) of downhill runs.


Why should you visit?

The place is a perfect one to be in all year round, be it summers or winters. It is easily accessible by both: car and by train. It offers a wide range of sports, cultural and leisure activities throughout the year.  Renowned health facilities are available here (Montafon Rehab Clinic, Sanatorium / Surgery Dr. Christian Schenk). The town center has various shops from where you can buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. In addition, the town is a central starting point for all activities in the region. The Montafon Activity Park is also located nearby. Many cultural and sports events take place here along with a variety of football training camps and friendly matches of top international clubs.


To describe this all in a capsule summary would be a really daunting task, for the essence and charm of this place cannot be described using words. Words are too small a thing even to begin to explain how you would feel here at this place. You could enjoy the different leisure and sports activities, such as the public sauna, paragliding, indoor tennis court, etc. or simply set out to ski. If not these, you could simply sit back and stare at the beauty around with unblinking eyes and mouth wide open. It is then no doubt about why everyone; right from expert skiers to families and young couples flock here to head towards the slope.


Given such massive thrilling, chilling and adventurous options, one cannot afford to miss out on visiting Achensee. You will surely make some new amazing friends and return back home with a bag full of memories. It is here you will experience what true heaven feels like; it is here you will ski freely with no obstacles at unbelievable heights and it is here that you will have the best ever vacation of your life. Plan your tickets and pack your bags now! We hope that you are next in line and that we see you soon!

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