Grafenau Ski Resort- A Holiday Paradise



Ever wondered what it’s like to ski all the way down in the snow with incredible natural beauty all around you? It is truly one of the best experiences you would have all your life. Going up to the mountains to spend your vacation with your family or friends to get some time off your hectic scheduled life, everybody does that right? Because Mountains are mesmerizing to just sit and stare and it is very relaxing, feels almost like meditating. But try skiing, and you’ll have just another great reason to go to the mountains for your vacation. There are a lot of ski resorts to help you add the thrilling sport to your itinerary. One amazing option is the Grafenau ski resort which offers everything you might be looking for this vacation. Located in Dream Wood Holiday Region, Germany, the Grafenau ski resort offers a range of options for people of all ages. Located very centrally, the Dream Wood Holiday region offers fantastic picturesque views that would take your breath away and hence serves as a perfect choice to venture out with your loved ones.

Resort Details

Grafenau Statistics

Base Elevation: 500 m

Summit Elevation: 710 m

Vertical Drop: 210 m

Being located in a prime location, Grafenau ski resort offers a fantastic skiing experience like never before. With its winter sports area located at an elevation range of 587 meters (1925 feet) and 685 meters (2247 feet), the resort is a small scale one but has just the right slopes for families and also the people who don’t know a lot about skiing. The resort also offers the option of valley run to its guests. Night skiing option is also available in the ski resort.


How to reach

All means of transportation can access the Grafenau ski resort. One can reach there by driving his car all the way up there, or one can also use a train connection or reach the nearest airport by plane. The resort offers Ideal entry for day visitors. If driving by car, one can take the route to Steinberg which is the closest town to the resort and reach the lift a der Juche, Spitalstraße 44, 94481 Grafenau, Germany. A tarred parking lot is available right there at the lift where you can park your car. Otherwise, one can reach Munich, Germany by air and take a bus to the resort.


Ski Lifts



Ski lifts are required to be there in a ski resort to take passengers up and down the slopes. Being a small resort, the Grafenau ski resort has only one lift available to carry its guests over the slopes, and it is sufficient given the fact that there are only a total of 1.2 kilometres (approx. 0.74 miles) of slopes present in the resort. The lift available in the resort is of T-bar type and has a capacity of carrying 600 passengers per hour. The lift has a total length of 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles). The primary season day ticket charges are affordable too being just $15.9 (15 Euros) for adults and $12.7 (12 Euros) for children.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Grafenau ski resort offers all kinds of slopes suitable for beginners and intermediates in skiing sport. So if you want to learn the skills of skiing or you want to improve your skills in skiing, then you have come to the right place because the expert specialised trainers present in the resort can really help you a lot to enhance your skills. Unfortunately, difficult level slopes are not available at the resort, so this resort might not be the right option to go for in the case of expert skiers. With a total of 1.2 kilometres (approx. 0.74 miles), the slopes have been divided into levels on the basis of your prowess in the sport. Beginners: Out of the 1.2 kilometres (approx. 0.74 miles), 0.7 kilometres (0.43 miles) of slopes have been allotted to the beginner level. So if you know a little about the sport, you need not worry because the beginner slopes of the resort are just for you. Intermediates: Out of the 1.2 kilometres (approx. 0.74 miles), the remaining 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) have been allotted to the intermediate level, So if you are looking to improve your proficiency in the sport, then the intermediate slopes are right there for you.

Learn to ski

Don’t know anything about skiing? Don’t worry about it, the ski school at the Grafenau has got you covered in that too. A range of options is available for skiing courses to choose from as per your desire. Group lessons or private lessons, you name it, and it is available. The team of expert trainers to teach you the sport is there to ensure your safety and is completely reliable. So get ready to learn this fantastic sport and dive into the world of thrill amidst the glorious mountains.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of accommodation facilities are available near the Grafenau ski resort and offer you everything you might be looking for on your skiing vacation with your family or friends. You can choose from the list of available options that range from being inexpensive to a luxury as per your budget and requirements. Holiday homes like Vogelthenne are present in Grafenau. Am Peterhof is a holiday apartment in Grafenau and is bigger than most and offers non-smoking rooms. Ferienhof Aiginger is another holiday apartment available. All modern amenities like free Wi-Fi or gourmet are included in most of the accommodations to ensure a comfortable and cosy stay to all the visitors. So start packing your bags and book your tickets for a great journey into the mountains awaits you at the Grafenau ski resort and have an amazing skiing experience that you won’t forget for the rest of your life for sure.

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