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Ski resort Grainet – Haidel – One of the Finest German Ski Resorts!

There are a lot of options available to choose from for spending a vacation and having a good time. A top of the list choice would be going up to the mountains and relaxing amidst the serene beauty of nature. The white capped mountains take your mind and soul to a level which is way more than meditation. One can engage in various winter sports up there in the capes. Skiing is one such sport and brings you the immense thrill and a rush of excitement during your vacation. There are a lot of ski resorts that offer their own range of facilities to choose from. Grainet- Haidel, located in the Almberg-Haidel-Dreisessel, Germany is one such tiny ski resort. Situated at the elevation of 686 meters (2250 feet) and 776 meters (2545 feet), the resort is a small establishment but serves the purpose well.

Grainet – Haidel Statistics

Base Elevation: 686 m

Summit Elevation: 776 m

Vertical Drop: 110 m

Resort Details

Surrounded by nature, The Ski resort Grainet- Haidel is one great beauty to visit during winters. The resort has only one lift in total and a total of 0.8 kilometres (approx. 0.5 miles) of the slope to offer, but they serve the purpose. The resort also has the option of floodlit slopes and night skiing available. Then there’s also the availability of sleigh trips. A total of 28 kilometres (17.4 miles) of winter hiking trails is there in the ski resort Grainet- Haidel. The cross country skiing in this resort offers a range of options. There are five classic cross-country ski-runs making a total of 29 kilometres (approx. 18 miles), four skating courses covering 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) in total and two high cross-country skiing over 20 kilometres (12.4 miles). So on the whole, the ski resort Grainet Haidel has all what a skier who wants to improve his proficiency level in skiing would want.

How to Reach

  The ski resort Grainet- Haidel is accessible by all means of transportation. One can reach there by road by driving a car up there or taking a bus or by air. If coming by road, one can enter from Muhlwiesenstraße to reach SkiliftGrainet, Schwarzholzstraße 2, 94143 Grainet, Germany. Also, there are scheduled buses that can take you straight to the resort. A stone and a grass parking lot are available at the resort which is free of charge. There is an ideal entry available for day visitors. Buses can drop you off to the resort from the airport too.

Ski Lifts

A ski resort needs to have lifts for carrying guests up and down the slope. They are a huge benefit for easy traversing, and hence they are an essential component of a ski resort. Being a tiny small scale ski resort, there is one lift available in the Grainet- Haidel ski resort. The only lift available in the resort is a T-bar type lift with a capacity of carrying around 1000 passengers per hour. The total lift length or the length of the T-bar lift is 0.6 kilometres (0.37 miles). The ticket prices in the resort are set at a very affordable range. The main season day ticket in the Grainet Haidel ski resort is $13.3 (12.50 Euros) for adults and $12.26 (11.50 Euros) for children. So the ski resort definitely takes care of your budget.

Skiing and Snowboarding statistics

The Grainet- Haidel ski resort offers slopes for intermediate level skiers only. So if you want to brush up your skills and try out new skills of skiing, then you have definitely come to the right place. A total of 0.8 kilometres (0.49 miles) ski slope is available for the intermediate level skiers. No slopes for beginners or expert level skiers is available. The resort offers the artificial snowmaking capability for its slope, and a valley run is also available so the slope available may be the only one, but it would not disappoint you in any ways. The resort is also well suited for club championships with electronic time measurement. It promises 100% snow coverage by making use of the snow cannons.

Ski school

The resort also offers courses in skiing. However, if you don’t know how to ski then, the Grainet Haidel ski resort might not be the one for you. The resort has slopes for advanced level skiers and snowboarders only, so it offers courses in advanced level skiing only. The resort has a sporty ski slope with snowmaking that can reach for 30cm of artificial snow. So this particular ski resort is an ideal place for people with the intermediate skill to learn new moves and tricks to add to their prowess.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

One needs to book a hotel near the resort for relaxing after having a great skiing day. There are loads of accommodation and lodging facilities available for the ski resort. Ferienpark Geyersberg Hotel is at a distance of 8.5 kilometres from the Grainet ski resort via Freyung. It is a low priced accommodation that offers you a cosy stay for your vacation with exhausting your wallet. Landhotel Gottinger Hotel is located at a distance of 8.7 kilometres from the resort. This establishment has a lot to offer. It has availability of all the modern amenities from free WiFi to multi cuisine restaurant. It is one of the top accommodations around the resort with a high rating from its guests. Many other such accommodation options are available, and one can decide for them as per the budget or the list of comforts the place has to offer. All the hotels have buses that can take you to the resort for carrying out your skiing dream. So if you are an intermediate level skier and want to spend your vacation in the mountains having a relaxed ski down the slopes, then the Grainet Haidel ski resort would make all your wishes come true at an affordable price. So book your tickets and pack your bags for a fantastic vacation awaits you at the Grainet Haidel Ski Resort, Almberg-Haidel-Dreisessel, Germany.

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