Grand Opening Ceremony Of Hatcher Pass' First Ski Lift Moved To 2020-News

Posted On: 29 Nov 2019

According to the non-profit Hatcher Alpine Xperience, the long-awaited grand opening ceremony of the first ski lift at Hatcher Pass will be delayed for a couple of months. Executive Director of Hatcher Alpine Xperience said that they hoped to open in early Dec but due to obstacles with shipments of the lift parts, it is now estimated the lift will be up and running by mid-Feb of 2020.

The mastermind behind the lift at Skeetawk Amy O'Connor said that they are disappointed about the setback. Springtime is the best skiing up here, so we are all going to work out. We just need a little more time to complete the project. Though the lift will not be open until 2020, Skeetawk will still be open to the public from December. The public will have groomed beginner trails, sledding hills, and a newly constructed yurt that will sport a coffee shop and cafe. The project development began in 2015 and is on the verge of fully developed.

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