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Alta’s Caribou-Targhee National Forest, located in Wyoming, is home to the Grand Targhee Resort, in the Western part of The United States. It is a ski resort accessible via road only through Driggs, Idaho, and is situated 62 miles to the northwest of Jackson. A wide variety of the slopes at Grand Targhee Resort face towards their west. The resort itself is located on the west of beautiful Teton Range, and 8 miles to the Grand Teton’s northwest. Among the various facilities that the guests are provided are retail stores, spa, conference facilities and of course, lodging. The top elevation of the Grand Targhee Resort is 3,006 meters, while the base elevation is 2,258 meters, with a skiable area of 3000 acres. Among these 3000 acres, a total of 1000 acres is reserved for cat skiing. Its longest run is that of 2.7 miles, with two terrain parks. The Grand Targhee Resort experiences a snowfall of 500 inches every season (despite the snow being powder snow), and indulges in 5% snowmaking.


Grand Targhee Statistics

Base Elevation: 7851 feet

Summit Elevation: 9920 feet

Vertical Drop: 2270 feet

This abundance is due to the resort’s location that is on the west of the Teton Range, which is also considered its wetter side. This is complemented by the fact that the Snake River Plain in Idaho forms a moisture channel through the Rocky Mountains. This moisture is channeled through the Pacific Ocean, located on Teton’s West slope. The lift system at Grand Targhee Resort is divided into 5, with two high-speed quads, one quad, one single and one magic carpet.

The Past:



There was a time when the Teton Range had been dubbed as Tee-Win-At, which means ‘high pinnacles,’ by Shoshone Indians. The area was then inhabited by the Crow, Shoshone, Blackfoot and Bannock tribes. By 1867, Chief Targhee, or Targhee was called ‘the Great Head Chief of all Bannock People.’ He was a great leader, who gained even more prominence as he pulled his people through the toughest times they had ever seen. This was when they were forced to let go of their original, nomadic lifestyle and adopt the new Fort Hall Reservation’s farming and labor lifestyle. Celebrated equally by native-Americans and euro-Americans, Chief Targhee was revered for his integrity and unmatched character.


In the terrible winter of 1871-72, Chief Targhee was killed while hunting by the Crow and his people mourned for the leader who had maintained their peace and dignity even during the hard months of exploitation, abuse, and starvation due to the selfish Idaho Territorial Governments and the United States. After the death of Chief Targhee, the Bannock, now divided into several, much smaller bands, attacked euro-Americans but lead to their own road to near extinction.

Grand Targhee Resort is named after both, Chief Targhee and Grand Teton Mountain. The resort, along with a mountain pass, a National Forest and a creek are a symbol of Chief Targhee’s integrity and dignity, along with the contribution of Native Americans to the country of United States.

A Little Background:



In terms of vertical drop, the greatest is 737 meters and has been rated 15% advanced and 85% difficult when it comes to skiing. Other attractive activities include snowshoeing, Nordic skiing trails, snowcat adventures, dogsled tours and sleigh ride dinners. Teton Vista Traverse is the longest trail at the resort that is up to 2.7 miles long. Ranked among North America’s top four ski resorts, the resort offers a lot even during summertime. Apart from a nine hole Targhee Village golf course, various music festivals, kids camps, a bluegrass festival and scenic chairlift rides. The Yellowstone National Park is also located close to the Grand Targhee Resort.

On December 26, 1969, for the sake of the benefit and economy of their region, more than nine hundred members of the population of Teton Valley established the resort. 47 years ago, it had Targhee Lodge, a day lodge and Bannock and Shoshone Lifts. Six weeks after its launch, on the 2ndFebruray 1970, the resorts officially became a dedication to Don Samuelson, the then Idaho Governor.

The Fun Stuff:



The staff at the resort is always a smiling team of enthusiasts who are beyond happy to help. This once is a lifetime experience is secure, with trained professionals never leaving you feeling unsafe. For Snowcat Adventures, 12 boarders at a time live through some 14000 feet of dry triton powder is a single day. Nowhere else in Wyoming is the facility of cat skiing available, let alone the comfort and safety provided by the Grand Targhee Resort. After a call for advanced booking, you can have an entire mountain to yourself! A refund is also available at the cost of a small fee, in case you are unable to visit or carry through.

An advanced and a beginner snowshoe terrain is also available at Grand Targhee Resort, with the trail going through the scenic terrain of the forest. You can rent the shoes at the resort for an entire family, a group of friends, or just for yourself and then all you will need is a map (also available at the Activity Center) and can go on your own or with the Guided snowshoe tour with the Resort Naturalist.

The ski area is blessed with wonderful wildlife, groomed tracks, refreshing air and a terrain unlike anywhere else that come together to form the Nordic Trail System at the Grand Targhee. The most awe-inspiring trail system of the region is Quakie Ridge and Rick’s Basin. Here, you have the opportunity to skate ski through aspen groves, scenic meadows, and wooded glades, which collectively expand through 15 kilometers of cross country trails. You are also offered skate skiing lessons at Ski and Snowboard school at Grand Targhee Resort, no matter what your ability level is.

Available from Wednesday to Saturday between 3 pm to 7 pm and on weekends between 12 pm to 7 pm, tubing is one of the most sought after activities, among all age groups. The experience provides a thrill like none other, followed by a ride on the magic carpet that stands ready to fly you back up the hill for a round 2!

These are just a few of the many activities that await you at the historically and culturally rich Grand Targhee Resort!

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