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Of the several beautiful resorts, there are in the Allgau Alps of Germany, none are more beautiful that the rightly named Skiparadies Grasgehren. Located in Obermaiselstein, this self-styled skiing paradise is an amazing vacationing destination for families, beginners and professional skiers alike. Skiers and snowboarders are known to flock en masse to the Skiparadies, and for a good reason. The ski area is 1400 m (0.87 miles) to 1700 m (1.05 miles) high and has a total of 12 skiing trails for a variety of skill levels and five exclusive lifts all over the beautiful scenic heights of the Allgau.



Skiing and Snowboarding Pistes



The ski areas of Skiparadies Grasgehren are incredibly well made, and encourage not only regular skiing and snowboarding but also cross-country skiing and snowboarding. It is a site for several competitions in these activities as well as other winter sports, and construction of the ski and snowboarding courses begins as soon as sufficient snow has fallen. It has hosted three Skicross World Cups in the years 2010 and 2013 and has been regarded by many as the ideal venue for skiing and snowboarding activities of any kind. There are 12 km (7.45 miles) of marked off trails specially for the purposes of skiing and snowboarding, 3 km (1.86 miles) of which are reserved for beginners, families and children, 9 km (5.59 miles) of which are for practiced beginners and intermediate skiers, and 1 km (0.62 miles) of which is only for the most experienced or professional skiers. The five lifts, called Lift 1, Lift 3, Lift 4, Lift 5 and the Bolgengratbahn respectively, are placed along the ski area starting from the Lift 1 at the height of 1400 m (0.87 miles) and ending at the Bolgengratbahn at the height of 1700 m (1.05 miles). They all run along a beautiful scenic area and give the rider a view unmatched on the mountain. Lift five runs along 0.1 km (0.06 miles) of beginner’s ski slopes. These slopes, known as the Play Meadow, is a great place for beginners looking to try their skills out. It is safe and easy to run along. Lift 1 encompasses two easy trails and one difficult trail of 0.5 km (0.31 miles) each. The easy trails, called the Uisar Ski Slope and the Trough, are good for novices and families, as they are quite easy to ski down without much difficulty. The tougher trail, called the Hüttenabfahrt, is for practised beginners but is still easier than the slopes covered by the Bolgengratbahn. The Lifts 3 and four together 2 km (1.24 miles) of easy trails and 3.5 km (2.17 miles) of difficult trails overall. The easy trail, called the Family Run, is excellent for large families as it is easy enough for the entire family to stay close to one another. The harder trails, called the Am Soam, the Forest Road and the 3ar Route are scenic and lovely, perfect for tourists with skiing experience. Each of the lifts given above is a single seater chairlift and can carry 2400 people from the entrance to the ski area to the starting point of each slope per hour. The Bolgengratbahn of the Skiparadies Grasgehren is the pride of the ski area. It is a double seater chairlift with a capacity of 1420 people per hour. It carries people to three different difficult slopes, the Racetrack, the Panorama Piste and the Cairns, encompassing 4.5 km (2.79 miles), and is also the chairlift that carries people to the most beautiful sight on the Allgau, the viewpoint of Skiparadies Grasgehren at the Panorama Piste. This point of view gives tourists and skiers a beautiful and stunning view of the mountains of the Alps. The Bolgengrat Racetrack ski trail is also the trail where all competitive skiing takes place. A lovely and refreshing ski area, it is perfect for professional and expert skiers to hone their skills and experience a challenging slope. The Kinderlift is a smaller and easier lift for beginners, which runs along a very small and restricted area, is a place where families with children can begin their beginner’s 50 m (0.03 miles) long ski adventure. It has all safety protocols and is ideal for children, hence the name.


Snow Park Grasgehren

Grasgehren Statistics

Base Elevation: 4724 ft

Summit Elevation: 5512 ft

Vertical Drop: 787 ft

The snow park at Skiparadies Grasgehren is the best place at this ski resort for snowboarding.
Located at an altitude of 1500 m (0.93 miles) near the Riedbergerhorn resort, this snow park offers up all the supplies and experimental material required for an enjoyable day of snowboarding free of cost for everybody. The park enjoys hosting events such as the Chill and Grill Festival and World Snowboard Day with pomp and splendour at peak season. This snow park is almost always covered in snow and is one of the largest and most popular places in Grasgehren for snowboarders as well as winter sports enthusiasts.


Pricing and Equipment

In order to gain admission into Skiparadies Grasgehren, a one day ticket for an adult costs approximately 25 euros ($ 27.24). The same ticket for a child younger than 16 is 15.50 euros ($ 16.89), and for a youth of age 16 to 18, it is 22 euros ($ 23.97). A one day ticket for a senior citizen is the same price as the price for youth, at 22 euros ($ 23.97) per ticket. There is a ski school and ski rental present directly in Grasgehren ski resort. Owned by two state-certified ski specialists, this place offers quality supplies, as well as proper skiing and snowboarding training for beginners, children and entire families. They are open from 9 am to 12 pm, and from 5 pm to 6 pm with regard to the snow levels outside, and promise the best quality teaching and equipment in Skiparadies Grasgehren.




While there are lovely places to stay in near the Grasgehren ski resorts, one of the most comfortable holiday homes to stay in is the Grasgehrenhütte, a villa present at the altitude of 1447 m (0.899 miles) with an amazing view of the Allgau Alps. The Skiparadies Grasgehren is known as such for a reason. With a beautiful view of the Alps and enjoyable skiing and snowboarding areas, this resort is truly a paradise for skiers and vacationers alike.

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