Winter is “Snow” much Fun- Graukogel Ski Resort

Winter = Snow. Snow = Fun. Fun = Skiing. That’s right. The undisputable recreation throughout this season of winters is first and foremost skiing. It’s an age-old fun filled sport which has been going on for generations and is still preferred as THE sport during the winter season by all. The swish of air as you race down those tracks, the cold frosty wind touching your face as you glide down from the mountains, the adrenaline you feel when gravity fiercely pulls you down- these are all the emotions you go through when you are out there skiing. Undoubtedly, winters spell skiing and other equally thrilling activities which are the perfect season to go on an exclusive adventure of snow sports with your loved ones.

You know that you have worked hard and fulfilled all your responsibilities all throughout the year. So isn’t it time for you to kick back and just take a break for yourself? Now you could stay back at home and enjoy a nice cuppa of hot cocoa as you start reading a novel by the fireplace. Or you could plan an adventurous holiday with your family or friends and gear up for the wonderful things that are about to happen. The latter sounds more fun, don’t you think? Well, no need to search for your ideal destination holiday. Located at Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG, Bundesstraße 567, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Österreich, the Graukogel ski resort offers you a host of services and opportunities to have an exquisite holiday while you are spending time in Austria. A country such as Austria is blessed to have an abundance of natural beauty of the Alpine range and is surely a treasurable experience for all tourists and citizens alike. So let’s not waste any further moment and indulge you with the blissful atmosphere here at Graukogel.



Skiing Statistics

Graukogel Statistics

Base Elevation: 1079 m

Summit Elevation: 2007 m

Vertical Drop: 928 m

Five different regions of Austria combine to form the largest ski alliance known as the Ski Amadé: Salzburger Sportwelt, Schladming – Dickstein, Gastein, Hochkönig, and Grossarltal. Skiers from all around the world arrive at Gastein, Austria to try their hand (in this case, foot) on the beautiful expanse of land which is the ideal area to have fun in the winters. 200 kilometers (124 miles) of skiable terrain, three lifts and several other facilities such as cable cars, lodges, and restaurants are what make Graukogel irresistible. It is perched at an elevation of 3540 ft – 6584 ft. (1079 meters – 2007 meters) and gives you a view like no other.

For Beginners: 33% of the total number of trails belongs to beginners and amateurs who are just learning how to ski. Since it’s an entirely new sport or activity for them, these trails are relatively easy to tackle with and are hence used by trainers and instructors to teach their fellow students.

For Intermediate: Since they have already overcome the initial stage of the learning process of skiing, 50% of the total number of trails is allotted to the intermediate skiers. They are familiar with the sport, but they would still require additional practice on these trails to improve their feat.

For Experts: 17% of the total number of trails is reserved for the expert and adept skiers who are ready to take on the challenging twists and curves on these trails. They have passed all the stages of learning to ski and now are experts at this sport. These trails are highly formidable and require intense concentration for them to tackle.

Note: Safety concerns of the guests are a priority at Graukogel and so, be rest assured.



If Skiing seems a lot of work for you, then not to worry. Sledding is definitely your choice of sport! Sledding becomes such fun when the snow conditions are sufficient for you to take those corners and turns while you slide down the slopes. Get ready to catch up with your kids as you see them having loads of fun and going miles ahead of you as you are slumped back. Accurate weight shifting techniques and maneuvers are taught to the guests before you jump into your sled. Now, sit back and watch yourself roll down the mountain. For adults, sledding costs 11 Euros and for children- 7.50 Euros.



 Lift Tickets

The Graukogel Ski resort has three lifts in operation, and they are- 27 Graukogelbahn I (Valley – 1079 m and Mountain – 1482 m), 28 Graukogelbahn II (Valley – 1481 m and Mountain – 1956 m) and 29 Reichebenlift (Valley – 1742 m and Mountain – 2007 m). They are capable of carrying two persons each at a time and are closed during 1700 hours – 0800 hours. Prices of lift tickets range from 15 Euros to 36 Euros depending on your choice of lifts.


Season Tickets and Passes

With the season ticket in your hand, you can have unlimited access to ski terrain and slopes and enjoy to the fullest. Make sure to pre-book your tickets before the season commences so as to avail the discounted price and forgo paying the inflated price during the peak moment. During pre-sale, season tickets for an adult cost 537 Euros, for youths- 209 Euros and children – 140 Euros. During the regular sale, season tickets for adults cost 573 Euros, for youths costs 406 Euros and for children- 223 Euros.




Vacation spots such as Graukogel are generously sufficient with the number of lodging facilities available at this place. There are several choices for you to find your perfect idea of accommodation during your stay at Graukogel. All the hotels are reasonably priced and are designed to suit the needs of it guests. Well, take a look at a few of them:


Kur-Sporthotel Alpenhof: A residential hotel such as this is fully equipped to make your stay at Graukogel the most pleasant. It offers a high degree of quality service and conducts offers and discounts about your comfort. Packages start from 509 Euros which is inclusive of breakfast, and the hotel aims to provide you with the best service possible.


Euro Youth Hotel & Krone: This hotel is perfectly adaptable for guests of all ages and also includes the facilities required by a family. Its package starts from 430 Euros and is located at the heart of the city. Alpine style restaurants and meals give a special feel of Bavaria. Most importantly, it has easy access to train stations, ski slopes, lifts and cable cars.


There are a plethora of options for you to consider while deciding your stay at Graukogel. Each and every hotel and lodging facility is guaranteed to make your stay awesome!


Ski Rental and School

As the name suggests, Graukogel’s Ski Rental and Ski School are available at Gastein, Austria to provide you with the world-class quality skiing equipment for purchase or on rent so that you do not face any hindrance while you wish to ski down the slopes and mountains. And since not everyone knows how to ski, ski schools are present to guide through this incredible sport and help you to master this recreational activity so that you can be a better skier when you visit again in the next winter.


So don’t indulge in second thoughts anymore. Right from skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing to a wide range of other fun activities on offer, this place is just phenomenal. You can hit the place with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. So what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and head forward for this spectacular journey. You won’t regret it, we promise you that!

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