Grebenzen : A Destination to Remember 


Grebenzen the ski area in Austria has one of the most naturally endowed locations as compared to the rest of the powder destinations in the region. It was founded way back in the latter half of the 1960s and as is said, the rest is history. Truly so, this ski area has become one of the most popular destinations among skiers and powder lovers. At any given point during the season one can find not only locals but also people from far of places across different continents. 

The Grebenzen Ski Area has been created keeping in mind the warm and cozy Austrian hospitality. On the similar lines, people of all kinds of pocket capacitates can find accommodations and ways to have fun on the most beautiful of slopes that nature has bestowed. On the other hand, what can one say about the pistes – but get on in your powder gear and head straight towards them. After all adventure is all about the verb and nothing less. 

People can choose from the excellent traditionally styled accommodations or also choose from the other apartment styled ones that are located in the nearby towns. More importantly, once you are here, don’t forget to try out their sumptuous delights. Austrians love to play hosts and after a long and tiring day on the slope you sure will be able to build up an appetite. 

The resort area has only recently been upgraded and most of the amenities along with all the residential spaces – they have been refurbished. Come here to enjoy top notch ski gears that can be rented and everything else. This area is perfect for a complete family outing. In particular, the kids will have a great time. If you or any of yoru family members have not experienced snow ever in their lives then this will be a great opportunity for them to come here and experience the snow along with the fantastic instructors from the ski school located right in the resort area. The instructors are highly trained and carry all the necessary certifications of international standing. 

Quick Statistics

 Mentioned below are some facts and figures about the Grebenzen ski area:

Elevation: The elevation here ranges between 1000 meter (or 3280.84 feet) to 1900 meter (or 6233.596 feet) above sea level.
Lifts: Here on the mountain you will find a 4-seater chairlift and a 6 T-bar lifts. There is also a Baby lift and a magic carpet. Using them one can easily cover the entire skiable terrain.
Slopes: 25 km (15.5 miles) of ski slopes and routes
Snowmaking: Yes, to facilitate and make your powder experience great the resort area offers snowmaking facilities. 
Carousel: This is one of the latest additions meant only for the little ones so that they can improve their skiing techniques.
Additional features: Toboggan run, cross-country skiing trail and ski tours. This along with a Magnificent mountain scenery with traditional ski huts, Training slopes, club and company ski races, Ski school and ski rental. You also will have easy access and ample parking space along with fee Wi-Fi at the lower station.


Grebenzen Statistics

Base Elevation: 1010 m

Summit Elevation: 1870 m

Vertical Drop: 860 m

The International Ski Federation (FIS) mandates certain Austrian region and requires all the visitors and athletes to maintain them at all times. It is not only about your safety but also about the safety of everyone else present on the slope. Furthermore, on the same lines, the Grebenzen Ski Area also prescribes the same, for its guests. Kindly take a look below and know about their responsibility code: 

•    Know your own ability: You must be mindful of your own safety when skiing and only use the ski slopes that are suitable to your skiing ability. The routes are divided up into blue (novice), red (intermediate) and black (expert) slopes. Each official ski slope is prepared and checked regularly.
•    Recognize when the material is in proper condition: Part of a safe the skiing experience is having the model of skis or snowboard that is right for you and having an expert adjust the bindings. Trust your specialist dealer. The experts will gladly assist you.
•    Know your own limits: Ski at a speed adapted to the slope and the weather. Avoid jumping into the fun when you are fatigued or do not have the proper technique.
•    Know the FIS rules. The rules for conduct from the international Ski Federation apply worldwide. They are mandatory and enhance skiing safety.