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Winters directly equate to snow and beauty. Imagine beautiful snow covered mountains, snow covered trees and the sun shining through the snow! All we want to do is relish in the winter wonderland, see snow, ski, and make snow angels! At this time, hunting for a perfect holiday place is a joy killer. Too many efforts go in finding a place which is safe and fun both, which is family-friendly and provides just the right amount of adventure. Exhausted? Don’t worry The solution to your troubles is- Großer Arber! Having the credit to be the biggest and most popular ski resort in all Germany, Grober Arber is ideal for all age groups and quite a sought-after destination for families. Located at the highest mountain in Bavaria, this resort earned itself the nickname, “King of Bavarian Forest”. Name any snow sport, and they will deliver it! Right from skiing, snowboarding, ski tours, carving, they have it all under control. With warm and friendly staff, you would feel no less than home here.



Großer Arber Statistics

Base Elevation: 1050 m

Summit Elevation: 1450 m

Vertical Drop: 400 m

This place is the dreamland for your ski fantasies. They have the perfect slopes for all your abilities; be it a beginner or an expert. Even with its 1,456 m (4776 ft) elevation, Arber is the most well-equipped ski resorts in Germany, with gondolas, chairlifts, floodlit ski and many more modern things. While families feel comfortable at Thurnhof and Sonnenhang slopes, daring skiers can enjoy their rides from the middle section to crisp descents from peaks. Arber, directly and indirectly, contributes to 45% to 52% of tourism profit in Bavaria. They created a significant number of jobs and thus added much value to the area. Catering very well to their family masses, Arber sees to the safety of the children, having chairlifts and also has a special children’s area with slopes especially carved for them. Packed too much stuff? No problem! Arber’s got your back with their ski and ski shoe depot at Thurnhof and Sonnenhang slopes. These extremely affordable lockers vary in price from 4,00 € for double lockers to 6,00 € for quadruple lockers. Arber is actually your one place stop for all skiers. Do you want to get your ski renewed? No problem! At Arber, they will give a makeover to your ski, wax it properly and improve and the curve. And voila! You ski will be as good as a new one! Apart from the winter sports, they take well care for fun and frolicking in summer too, with summer sports like hiking, motorbikes, and bicycling. Surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, they provide nature tours and hold natural science exhibitions too.



Situated at altitudes of 1050 m (3444 ft) – 1456 m (4776 ft) with height difference being 406 m (1332 ft), the resort offers you the best snow and slope quality for nailing your ideal piste. They provide three different marked regions for various pistes. Handling their large popularity they have efficient mountain railways and ski lifts functions. This effective resort takes care of ski schools. So, if you are a learner, no matter what the age group, you learn and enjoy to your heart’s content, Arber’s multiple ski school connections. There ski schools like Skischule in ArberLand, Snowboardschule Halfpipe and Skischule Bayerwald especially for children and others like Skischule Arber and Snowsportcenter Over the Border offering courses to everyone. There is the well-functioning facility of Night-skiing and is very well managed by numerous floodlights.




Offering you an adventure according to your difficulty level, the perfectly carved slopes of Großer Arber vary from easy to challenging slopes meant for children, adults and experts. The slopes at ArBär-Kinderland & Zwergenland are essentially children’s area, and then Thurnhof slopes cater to intermediate skiers. For the advanced skiers, Arber offers a special World Cup course and the mighty Osthang slope. For a wild run, there is ski route to a nearby village, Bodenmais; which is 5 km (3 miles) long, enough to warm your heart. The slopes run a total length of 10 km (6 miles). Easy and medium levels predominate with each having 4 km (2 miles) run and thus each contributing 40% to total. Difficult level accounts to 20% and has a run of 2 km (1.24 miles). The additionally marked ski route to village Bodenmais prepared by snowcat; is a sweet perk for ski lover. Like any good resort, Arber offers the best of Valley run and tree-lined skiing on the wooded slopes. You have the option to choose between 2 different run locations which are under the tree line and just above the tree line. The longest run goes from the Osthang slope which comes out to be 1.5 km (0.93 miles) long with an elevation difference of 426 m (1396 ft). However, the most challenging run is awarded to FIS World Cup course, 1 km (0.62 miles) long and having an elevation difference of 342 m (1122 ft). The Osthang slope and the Böhmerwald slope present the best slope tips.


For the floodlit skiing, The slopes remain brightly lit throughout the dark nights. The easy Damenstrecke which is a women’s course, the Familienstrecke, which is family route and the intermediate levelled Sonnenhang are included in this. There is the facility of the cable car and lift for the ascent on Sonnenhang. All the three slopes are prepared freshly every day with the modern pistenbullys. To give a perfect finish to night-skiing, there is the warm and cosy ArberStadl offering Bavarian delicacies.


Equipped with the most modern working lifts in all Germany, Arber has six lifts in total, having 3.7 km (2.2 miles) total length. There is gondola or a circulating ropeway lift for six persons, two chairlifts, each with 6-person capacity and two regular tow lifts. All the lifts can carry 10700 passengers per hour. Großer Arber takes special care for the safety of children and provides automatic restraining bars for children. Another highlight of Arber is its Sunkid Moving carpet ascension mechanism besides the regular lift system.


A hike through the cold, snowy forests and breathing cool air will put you in an enchanting place. At Großer Arber the beautiful hiking trail from gondola mountain station to the summit will leave you with an unforgettable memory. Wild Tobogganing is always harmless fun, and Arber pledges to make your experience beyond fantastic. After reaching the Arber summit, you sledge down a beautiful, white descent all the while being safe and free.


There is plenty of affordable accommodation available ranging from hotels, inns, boarding houses, holiday apartments to guest houses, lodges and even holiday on a farm! Großer Arber is perfection in one word. If a winter full of adventure and comfort for the whole family is your goal, there cannot be a better place than Großer Arber. Don’t wait too long for your well-deserved family holiday and book your tickets at this beautiful resort now!

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