Grofler Inselsberg-Germany

Grofler Inselsberg – the fantastic ski resort in Germany!


The idea of going on a vacation seems just about right when you just need to go away from your fast yet hectic life for a moment and relax. Now the only question popping up in one’s mind is where I should go? There’s a quick, subtle answer for that which comes with a beautiful serenity and it is the mountains. Heading up to the white covered mountains is always the best choice to make with no chances of a “let-down”. To add excitement or thrill in your journey, one can indulge in some winter sports like skiing, the king of all winter sports. Skiing your way down the slopes with mountains and nature all around you is even more relaxing than bathing or sleeping. There are a number of ski resorts available that can offer you wide range of slopes to ski. One such picturesque region is Oberstdorf, Germany which offers you to choose from three amazing ski resorts available within the region. They are a Nebelhorn ski resort, Fellhorn ski resort and Söllereck ski resort.


Oberstdorf Nebelhorn ski resort

This fabulous resort offers everything a skiing enthusiast could wish for. It is situated at an elevation of 828 meters (2716 feet) and 2224 meters (7206 feet) which make it the highest ski resort in Oberstdorf. Nebelhorn resort is even called “grandstand of the Alps” by many people. The resort also features 30 snow cannons for artificial snow-making.


How to reach


The resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. It is located at the edge of Oberstdorf; the parking lot is right there at the Nebelhorn lift. If driving by car, the ski resort can be reached quickly via the A7 Memmingen-Fuessen Autobahn. Scheduled buses that run after every 10 minutes are also available that can pick you up from the Oberstdorf station and take you straight to the resort. One can also reach Munich by plane and board a bus from the airport.


Lifts and Slopes

Grofler Inselsberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 828 m

Summit Elevation: 2224 m

Vertical Drop: 1396 m

There is a total of 11.9 kilometres (7.4 miles) of slopes and six lifts capable of transporting 5990 passengers per hour up and down the slope. Out of the six lifts, there are three aerial tramways, two chairlifts and 1 T-bar lift with a total lift length of 7.5 kilometres (4.6 miles). The slopes are divided on the basis of the proficiency of a skier. A total of 2.8 kilometres (1.7 miles) of slopes has been allocated to the easy level, 5.1 kilometres (3.2 miles) to the intermediate level and 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) to the difficulty level. The primary season day ticket for adults is $46.4 (43.50 Euros), $35.7 (33.50 Euros) for youth and $18.6 (17.50 Euros) for children.

Oberstdorf-Fellhorn Ski Resort

It is an unforgettable experience to be in the Fellhorn ski resort of Oberstdorf. The winter sports area has an elevation range of 920 meters (3018 feet) to 1967 meters (6453 feet). There are 110 snow cannons available for artificial snowmaking. This amazing picturesque resort does not miss on anything a skier would want.

How to reach

The Fellhorn ski resort is accessible by all means of transportation.

There are two entry points of the resort, the Fellhorn lift which is 6 kilometres south of Oberstdorf and the Kanzelwand lift in Riexlern, in the Kleinwalsertal, Austria. The resort can be reached quickly via the A7 Memmingen-Fuessen Autobahn due to the expansion of the Kempten-Sonthofen route to a four-lane highway. To reach via train, get off at Oberstdorf Station and catch a bus to the resort which runs every 10 minutes from the station. To reach by air, one can reach Munich via air and then reach Oberstdorf.

Slopes and Lifts



There is a total of 14 ski lifts available in the Fellhorn ski resort which have a capacity to take 22076 passengers per hour and a total ski length of 15.1 kilometres (9.38 miles). Out of the 14 lifts, there are two aerial tramway, two circulating ropeway, six chairlifts, 3 T-bar lifts and one rope tow lift. A total of 34 kilometres (21.1 miles) of slopes is available in the Fellhorn resort. Out of these 32 kilometres, 13 kilometres (8.07 miles) are allocated to the easy level, 19 kilometres (11.8 miles) to the intermediate level and 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) to the difficult stage. The main season day ticket for adults is $47.5 (44.50 Euros), $35.2 (33 Euros) for youth and $18.67 (17.50 Euros) for children.

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