Großglockner Heiligenblut-Austria

Großglockner Heiligenblut – Skiing Wonderland!


Located in the town of Carinthia, in the southern part of Austria, is the scenic and mystical municipality, Heiligenblut is Großglockner. Many have described it as the ‘perfect getaway’ in between the curve riddled roads and the exquisite scenery. The landscape looks like something out of a fantasy book, with all its flora. In winter, the scenery is awarded a backdrop of beautiful snow-clad mountains. Heligenblut is Großglockner (Grossglockner) is sure to catch the eyes of many travelers, hungry for a wintry expedition.



Picturesque Heiligenblut


Heiligenblut, Austria’s own tiny town is known for its tranquillity and peaceful populous, not to mention the gorgeous surroundings. Visiting Heiligenblut will surely enchant you for life. It marks one of the spots for the perfect winter vacation destination reason being its beautiful landscapes and winding roads.


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Großglockner Heiligenblut Statistics

Base Elevation: 1301 m

Summit Elevation: 2901 m

Vertical Drop: 1601 m

Heiligenblut has a lot more going for it than just good looks. There’s the Heiligenblut sanctuary you can visit, which is a Gothic-style church, St. Vincent. Its ahead-of-its-time architecture is worth a gander.

However, to truly admire the beauty of this town, it is a must to be there for the duration between the start of December and towards the end of January. With all the snow, it looks ten times more beautiful. There are many glaciers and mountains to see in Heiligenblut, one of them being the Pasterze Glacier. It is 8.4 kilometers in length, which is approximately 5.2 miles.  It stands to be the longest glacier in all of Austria. Its coordinates read 47°5?8?N 12°43?24?E. Its peak, Johannesburg, sits at 3,453 –meter, which is approximately 11,329 feet. It forms the source of water to the Möll River. From the lower station, the edge of the glacier retracted about 300 m or 980 ft, since its opening in 1963.

Pairing the sweet town life with the scenic setting of the overlooking Grossglockner Mountain, getting away from civilization has never been more enchanting and fun!



Skiing And Snowboarding in Heiligenblut


The main attraction of Heiligenblut and Grossglockner is the skiing and snowboarding. In Heiligenblut, there is one skiing school and about 30 skiing instructors. There is a private area if you are a beginner and want to sharpen your hand-eye coordination or just want to practice skiing in general.

There are skiing and snowboarding lessons on request, paid as you request them as per lesson. Private lessons are available on demand, and price as per the lesson requested.

Apart from skiing, snowboarding is pretty popular as a sport in the winter, especially in Heiligenblut and Grossglockner. Specifically, in Heiligenblut, the area has a select few reliable snowboarding facilities. There are, in total, 13 ski-lift facilities in the area of Heiligenblut. Pistes stretch across 55-kilo meters of Heiligenblut at an altitude of approximately 2,900 m. You are limited to snowboard within about 25 hectares of space. There are five marked ski routes, ranging in difficulty. However, you cannot ride off piste, which means there is no off piste skiing free-riding/snowboarding.

The Grossglockner, the mighty mountain.


The Grossglockner, as it is translated in colloquial English, is the highest mountain in Austria, the highest point of the mountain sitting pretty at an elevation of 3,798 meters (or 12,461 feet). Prominence is standing tall at 2,423 meters (7,949 feet), it will prove to be a rather /tall/ order for hikers.



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Besides being a great challenge for hikers, there are a lot of other activities people take part in. Numerous skiing resorts located along the length of the mountain, some of the popular ones being “Gradonna Mountain Resorts, Chalets and Hotels” and “Kals – GG Resorts Kals – Matrei,” both being luxury inns.

As for adventurers and skiers, there nine open lifts and seven open slopes on the way up and down to Grossglockner mountain peak which has two pinnacles, the Grossglockner and Kleinglockner.  The slopes difficulty ranges from easy to medium, as the difficult or challenging slopes are closed.

There were once four marked ski routes namely Kasereck, Fleisstal, Hochfleiss, and Schreck.  However, they have been closed down, unfortunately.

Another area worth visiting is Kitzsteinhorn. You can go trekking, snowboarding, indulge in outdoor activities and visit the nature parks. However, if you book from Viator, a 4 hour guided private trip will cost you a hefty 15,502 INR. Some consider it to be to worth the drop, although it is subjective how you spend your spare 15,000.


Rental Services


Intersport Rental is one of the most recommended, reliable and well know ski rental service providers in the world. The facilities can be availed online and offline. It provides not only skiing equipment, but also mountaineering and hiking if you are looking for something different. With an almost perfect rating, it will not disappoint you with its range of equipment, from beginners to intermediates, amateurs to professionals. They are open on all days, between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The rental place is located at the center of Heiligenblut in Hof 3.

On to the Grossglockner, “Alpinsport Gratz Shop Talstation Gondelbahn” provides especially only skiing rental services. You can find the shop at 9981 Kals am Grossglockner. Their timings are the same as Intersport Rental, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is more than one skiing rental service in the Grossglockner, for example, the Alpinsport Gratz Cimaross, Intersport at the Grossglockner, and more.

Skiing And Snowboarding In Heiligenblut


Kals-Matrei is one of the more famous and well-known skiing and snowboarding resorts. The snow is machine groomed, with the usual depth of about 30 centimeters, both at the base and the summit of Mountain Grossglockner. There are open pistes that stretch 35/41.6 kilo meters. There are 15-kilometre cross-country pistes. There are 14 ski lifts in total. There are three types of pistes; black pistes, red pistes, and blue pistes. The lone black piste lay across 1 kilometer, while the four blue pistes take up 9 kilometer and the eight red pistes, about 40 kilometers long.

In both, Heiligenblut and Grossglockner, the max vertical height in the ski areas is 1610 meters, with the highest lift being 2910 meters and the lowest piste being 1300 meters. The Resort altitude clocks in at 1300 meters, which is considered perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The great thing about the 2500 meter pistes is the fact they remain throughout the season.

The hotels in both Heiligenblut and Grossglockner provide a wide range of food, not to mention some of the best customer services along with a good ambiance, makes adventuring in the city and the mountains a joy.

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