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A Getaway for Fun with Family and Friends – Grusch Danusa

We live a very hectic life these days. We keep running all day long, getting the assigned job done on time and trying to adhere to the deadlines given by our bosses or teachers. It gets very stressful for one to keep working hard. It doesn’t matter if you love your job or homework or not, giving your hundred percent all the time gets tiring. Moreover, it makes you lose your will to work and then, you keep lacking in your task. The best way to keep this from happening is taking a break once in a while. This way, not only will you be passionate towards your work but also, you will keep your loved ones happy. 

A vacation would be a perfect plan for you and your family to go out and spend some time together. Once could always stay at home and spend some time with their family, but it gets boring. To add some thrill and fun, a trip or a vacation to a ski resort will be ideal.  Exploring the snowy trails and raw beauty of nature will help you make a better connection with yourself and others. There’s no need to worry about your destination. There are lots of ski resorts giving you the best possible deals and packages. Once you visit a ski resort, you will definitely get addicted to the exuberant vibes and eye candy sights. 

Where should you head to experience the best winter sports and activities all the while having a relaxing vacation? 

Grusch Danusa Statistics

Base Elevation: 600 m

Summit Elevation: 1800 m

Vertical Drop: 1200 m

Are you looking for a perfect location to spend some time with your friends and family? Then, a ski resort is the ideal choice. You get plenty of time to relax at the resort with all the complimentary goodies and luxuries they provide. You can go out for a walk in the forest or woods near the resort. The fresh air around the hills will inspire you to achieve more and help you to relax you like never before. For a fun inspired winter vacation head out to GruschDanusa. The resort is like a heaven for all winter sports enthusiasts. For an enjoyable winter vacation, the right experience of snowboarding, skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing is a must. 

GruschDanusa is a very pleasant and fun resort for family and friends. Located in the federal State of Switzerland, GruschDanusa is a place that guarantees exciting activities and fun. You can either have fun in the snow filled pistes or you could go around for a walk and just enjoy the weather. It is easily accessible via public transport or you could travel through a private means, the path is simple. 

Some very important facts about GruschDanusa in Switzerland are- 
The activities offered at GruschDanusa vary for everyone; there is something interesting for people of all ages. The total skiing area is about 32 acres. 

The Trails

There are 32 trails for everyone to enjoy. These trails have been divided into various levels of difficulty. There are 19% intermediate trails for people who do not know skiing that well or who just wanting to have some fun. For those who are pretty serious about skiing, there are 63% advanced trails and 189% expert trails. These trails are open for professional, skiing enthusiasts and experts only. These trails are steep and act as a challenge for the skiers. The open slopes are very safe and do not carry any danger of an avalanche. There are about 49 snow cannons that help in taking care of the resort trails from November end to the start of April. The slopes are prepared every night. You will witness a very fluffy and skiable terrain every morning because all night these slopes are prepared with snowmaking techniques and machines. So, there are no snowless days there. 

The Lifts

All the slopes are well connected with 11 lifts. You enjoy traveling in the lifts, there are a variety of lifts to choose from too. There are 2 Gondola lifts. The length of section 1 is 1,462 m (4796 feet) and the elevation is 582 m (1909 feet) and it has a capacity to carry 1,300 people per hour. The length of the Section 2 lift is 2,165 m (7103 feet) and it 594 m (1958 feet) high. It has a capacity to carry 1,300 people per hour. The four chair lift also known as Danusataillegging has a capacity to carry 1500 people per hour. The lift is safe for children to travel because it has a child safety system on it. It is 750 m (2460 feet) long and is 132 m (433 feet) high. There are 3 ski lifts named Vacca – Schwendi, which is 1738 m (5702 feet) long and at an altitude of 475 m (1558 feet); Schwenditaillegger, which is 225 m (738 feet) high and is 936 m (3070 feet) long; and another ski lift which is 220 m (721 feet) in length and 29 m (95 feet) high. The three ski lifts have a capacity to carry 1000 people every hour. Ski Carousel is a lift present in the Kinderskiland which can carry 8 people at a time. Also, there are four conveyor belts in the Kinderskiland, each of length 100m (328 feet), 75 (246 feet) m, and 65 m (213 feet). The four conveyor belts can carry 2400 people every hour. 
The elevation point of the resort Grusch Danusa is 1799 m (5905 feet) with a base 629 m (2066 feet) and a vertical drop of 1169 m (3838 feet). 

What is so unique about Grusch Danusa?

While you enjoy the snow, your children won’t be kept from having fun. At Kinderskiland, the children are allowed to have fun in the snow. Also, it can be used by adults, they can spend time with their children here.
The toboggan run is a fun ride. You can rent a sledge from the renting shop. The ride starts from Schwanzelegg to the valley station at Danusa. The run is about 1.5 km (0.93 miles) long. The transportation lift is a four chair lift which is safe as it has a child lock system. 
There is a 6 km (3.72 miles) long cross country skiing track situated at the Danusa plateau at 1800 masl (5905 feet asl). 
One of the most attractive features and fun activity at GruschDanusa is the Panorama Hiking.

The trail is gifted with the most beautiful sceneries which change at every 500 m (1640 feet) because Danusa is situated at a plateau. The breathtaking views are the best part of the hike. You can either choose a small route for hiking which is about 2 km (1.24 miles) long or the longer path which is 6 km (3.72 miles) long. 

If you are not a fan of the winter season, this vacation, visit Grusch Danusa, it will change your impression of winters. The beautiful sceneries will steal your heart away and you will want to move in the neighborhood there. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags and go visit Grusch Danusa with family and friends and explore all the fascinating stuff there – right from skiing, snowboarding and a wide range of other fun activities. You’ll love it!

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