Season of White - Hahnenkamm Ski Resort

Hahnenkamm Statistics

Base Elevation: 914 m

Summit Elevation: 1900 m

Vertical Drop: 986 m

It is the season of white again!  A cold snowy mountain glistening under the sunlight resembles a thousand diamonds beautifully decorated all over the place. It is the season where you can work tirelessly for hours at end without breaking into a sweat or play outdoors without feeling dehydrated and simply do all the things which seem impossible in the hot and sultry summer season. What can be better than to just stay at home with a hot cuppa coffee and binge watch all your favorite movies/television series? Or what can be better than just to have fun with the snow outside, watching your children experience all the minuscule joys of childhood? Winters are the main source of such small events of happiness.

If you are planning to take on a vacation during this beautiful season, then this just the perfect article for you. A vacation in the country of Austria is the ideal way to witness the ulterior beauty of this season because after all, it is in Austria! Situated at Bergbahnstraße 18, 6604 Höfen, Austria, the Hahnenkamm ski resort is going to top at least one of the items in your bucket list! The Hahnenkamm ski resort offers a host of services for families, children and friends alike. It is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best ski resorts in this region of Austria. So let’s get you acquainted with what awaits you at the Hahnenkamm!



Trail Map

With 50 acres of skiable terrain, the Hahnenkamm ski resort boasts of a magnanimous length of trails and slopes. It is perched at an elevation of 6233 ft (approx. 1900 meters) at the summit, 3234 ft (986 meters) at the vertical drop and 2998 ft (914 meters) at the base along with 20 acres of snowmaking terrain. Take a look at the skiing trails.

Skiing Statistics

For Amateurs: Out of the total 16 kilometers (10 miles) of trails and slopes, five km (3 miles) or 31% is allotted for beginners and amateurs. Such trails involve relatively easy curves and challenges, the ones which are required to hone the skills of first-time skiers.

For Intermediates: From the total number of trails and slopes, nine km (approx. 6 miles) or 56% is provided for the intermediates who are well familiar with this sport but require additional practice to become pros or simply enhance their level in this winter sport.

For Experts: Out of the total 16 km of skiable slopes and “pistes”, two km (1.25 miles) or 13% is allotted for experienced and seasoned skiers. Such trails involve several formidable and difficult curves and turns which can only be performed by expert skiers.

All the safety measures and concerns are duly maintained at this ski resort for a safe and enjoyable skiing experience.




Cross Country Skiing

Nordic Skiing is one of the ideal ways to marvel at the scenic beauty beholding the region of Tirol. The Hahnenkamm ski resort arranges for the event of cross country skiing, classical and skate skiing with 4,000 km (approx. 2485 miles) of well-maintained trails for every skier willing to participate irrespective of the level of skiing, beginner or expert. You also have the opportunity of learning at the hands of instructors present at this resort who will guide you with cross country skiing. Skiers from all over the world participate in cross country skiing as it promises an enthralling experience of the Alpine range as you make your descent through the “pistes” and feel the purest form of atmosphere there is.


Sledding & Tobogganing

For all those lazy blokes out there who wouldn’t work as hard as skiing, sledding and tobogganing are the ideal way for you to have fun! Children, grandparents, in fact, everyone can enjoy this ride in the best way possible. Cover yourself with hats, gloves, and mittens and experience the rush of cold air as you zoom down the hills. The Hahnenkamm ski resort has full furnished 750 km (466 miles) of well-groomed trails and pathways to sled down the mountain. Night sledding is another famed attraction of this resort which allows you to sled down the tracks with brightly illuminated lamps on both the sides and the silver, glistening light of the stars shining down upon you.



Attractions at Tirol

Although Tirol is mightily famed for its pistes and trails for skiing, it also takes pride in certain neighboring attractions which offer a sense of uniqueness to this place. The medieval town of Rattenberg with relics dating back to old centuries such as the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck which is just a few meters away from the famous Golden Roof is a major highlight in the region of Tirol. The summer season is welcomed by the innumerable number and different types of flowers blooming at the onset of summers. Tirol is also blessed with plenty of waterfalls, museums, cultural events, adventure parks and several other natural attractions which make it so popular amongst tourists and residents.


Accommodation Facilities

The Hahnenkamm ski resort is facilitated with the availability of countless hotels and lodging facilities which work to provide you with the best possible service and also meet your requirements. Here’s a glimpse of a few:


Almhof Family Resort– This resort is commended for its exclusive and effortless facilities in providing the best packages and accommodations for families large and small. With Almi’s Kids Club, indoor and outdoor pools, Almhof Family Resort is one such lodging facility which is sure to make your stay memorable.


Geiger’s Post Hotel- This hotel located in Serafaus offers accommodations for families and couples and is well-maintained to suit your needs and specifications as you desire. With special culinary delights available at your disposal, a fun and tiring day of skiing are bound to make you hungry for all the delicacies.


Lift Tickets and Prices


With the help of lift tickets and cable cars, you gain access to your favored destinations and spots which will help you to engage in the activity of your choice. There is a total of 6 lifts, and cable cars and the tickets for such services range from 16 Euros to 35.50 Euros. Day tickets are an essential part of your skiing adventure to help you enjoy the unlimited and uninterrupted fun. Day ticket prices start from 35.50 Euros.


Now that you have all the information, its best to just take a break from your busy life and pamper yourself and your family amidst the beautiful slopes of the Alps. Because with so much on offer and lots of things to try out at Hahnenkamm Ski Resort, you cannot afford to miss out on all the fun. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes and head out for this amazing resort and have a great time. Have fun!

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