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Nature does some of its finest work as winter approaches. Ever noticed the ice crystals forming on the colorful linden tree buds? A perfect example of god’s miniature masterpiece. There’s no lack of beauty of winter. All you need to do is look around. Winters are almost up ! And are you still sitting on the couch and thinking what to do, where to explore, how to take most out of the winter vacation? Not to worry friends. Go for skiing this year. Skiing lies on the top in every winter lover’s dream list. Heaven speaks to us through winters. Ever wondered what lies beneath the enchanting snowflakes sliding gently from heaven to earth? From where do these white angles originate? Hilly regions become more beautiful during winters as ice and snow flakes covers everything which is indeed like scenery. Though beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes but the ski resort Haldenkopfle located in Oberried is itself a sight to behold. It’s like paradise for winter lovers.


Resort Details

Haldenkopfle Statistics

Base Elevation: 1140 m

Summit Elevation: 1265 m

Vertical Drop: 125 m

The ski resort Haldenkopfle is perched at an elevation of 125 meters (410 ft.) with 1140 meters (3740 ft.) being the resort altitude and 265 meters the highest lift. The ski resort Haldenkopfle is located in the heart of black forest Breisgau – Hochschwarzwald and belongs to the town Oberried. Haldenkopfle is a family ski area with different slopes for every level of skier and is also popular with snowboarders. Haldenkopfle is a popular spot to escape from the stress of the city and to re-energize. The night skiing sessions of Haldenkopfle is an additional feature of this resort.


Skiing Statistics –



The Ski Resort Haldenkopfle offer snow lovers all kind of winter sports like skiing, ski lifts, snowboarding, etc. There is 5.3 km (3.29 miles) of slopes available accommodating all level of skiers. They also have three guest lifts with the capacity of carrying 2677 passengers per hour and with the total length of 1.2 km (0.74 miles). Here’s look at skiing facility available at

Haldenkopfle ski resort.

For Beginners – From the total of 5.3 km (3.29 miles) slopes, 2.6 km (1.61 miles) that is almost 49% of slopes are given to the skiers at an amateur level. Such slopes are very safe and help the new skiers to learn the art of skiing. For Intermediate & Experts – Total 2.7 km (1.67 miles) of slopes out of 5.3 km slopes that are almost 51% of the total slopes are allotted to the skiers at an expert and intermediate level. These slopes are relatively difficult with a lot of dangerous twists and curves. The slopes available at the Haldenkopfle ski resort are best to facilitate all kind of winter sports. Moreover, it also comes with floodlight cross country trail which is an additional feature to the resort.

Ski Lifts

Ski Lifts are the main reason for which ski resorts are developed. The Haldenkopfle Resort takes the honour of its ski lifts. The resort offers an extensive range of ski lift facilities. It comes with three guest ski lifts serving 2677 passengers/ hour which includes two towing lifts, Haldenkopfle 1 (up to 1.2 km downhill) and Haldenkopfle 2 (up to 0.5 km downhill) as well as an exercise lift (70 m long). A ski day ticket from 9 a.m for adults would cost you 26 Euros where for children it’s 16 Euros. And a ski day ticket from 11 a.m for adults would cost you 23 Euros, and for children, it’s around 15 Euros. Apart from these guest lifts they also offer floodlight cross country trail which gives you an unforgettable experience. A day ticket for floodlight for adults would cost you 90 Euros, and for children, it’s 70 Euros.

Learn To Ski

Skiing is known for both re-energizing the body and as a winter sport. But planning to visit a ski resort without knowing how to ski is indeed a challenge. But not to worry, because the ski resort Haldenkopfle offers ski courses & gives lessons to all those willing to learn ski at standard rates.

Accommodation & Lodging Facilities -



The Haldenkopfle Ski Resort is located at an amazingly fantastic location which also presents superior hotels and lodge facilities around the area. These lodges and hotels are best suited for families, tourists, travellers, couples and provide a spectacular view of surrounding area. These hotels & hostels are located in an exclusive region of the Black Forest which would be readily available for any necessarily. Have a look.
1) Auf Der Alm Guest House The Guest House Auf Der Alm is commonly known as Ski and Winter hut. This is the best guest house for those who want to feel the alchemy of nature and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. The guest house comes with all modern amenities and standard rooms for two people per night costs 103 Euros (110$)
2) Schuetzen Hotel Schuetzen Hotel provides homely atmosphere to all its tourists and ensures that the travellers get an unforgettable experience. There is a sauna available, parking space, free Wi-Fi, modern rooms, dining hall. Standard rooms at this hotel start at 112 Euros (118 $).
3) The Halde The Halde Hotel is located in an exclusive region of black forest and offers accommodation bringing in the essence of German hospitality. It has all the modern amenities. Standard rooms for two people per night costs 118 Euros (124$).
As by now you now a lot about the ski resort, skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. So aren’t you excited? Gear on friends and pack your bags for the Haldenkopfel Resort to take most out of this winter season. Stay tuned for more updates.

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