Hansberg Ski Resort-Austria

Ski Resort Hansberg- To An Everlasting Winter

It is that time of the year again! In the words of Blake- “In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

Winter is the harbinger of festivities, joy and holidays. When summers can be tiring, winters can be a lot of fun, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. Imagine a snow capped afternoon, snowboarding or skiing away to forgetfulness! How would it feel to walk on fresh snow that stares back at you as your footprint and invites you to the fall? Thrilling, isn’t it? Here is a chance to change your dreams into reality. Pack your way to a wintry getaway in the Ski Resort Hansberg!

The Best Skiing Resort!

Hansberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 740 m

Summit Elevation: 850 m

Vertical Drop: 110 m

The daunting landscape of Upper Austria can bewilder any lover of snow and incite a new love of winter in those who have never experienced it. Located in the town of St. Johann am Wimberg district Rohrbach, Austria is the Ski Resort Hansberg.  The resort is placed at an elevation of 850 meters while the base elevation is about 740 meters. The place is known for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. The resort offers four operating cables/lifts with an average carrying capacity of 1500 passengers/hour.  The Rope Lift Pinocchio has a length of 84 meters and a carrying capacity of 500 passengers/ hour.

The Skilift Hansberg with a length of 500 meters and a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers/ hour can tend passengers for longer runs. There are two Magic Carpets for fun rides. The total run of the slopes is 1.2 kilometers with the levels of difficulty distributed between the beginners and the intermediate. The depth of the snow on the mountains is 30 centimeters. To propel the fun further, Hansberg is known for its 13 snow cannons that provide a 100% snow cover for its ski slopes. The slopes are divided into two ranges, the beginner’s range with a length of 0.70 kilometers and the intermediate’s range with a length of 0.50 kilometers.

Hansberg is a ski paradise for learners in the field of skiing and snowboarding. The length of the runs and there slope provide an ideal ground for beginners. The place boasts of a child-friendly infrastructure with a ski school. The region is best suited for families, groups, school students, and single travelers. To know more one must visit the place and discover the wonders of this snowscape.

Levels of Fun

For the novices
– Once here you cannot stop yourself from embracing the adventure filled environment. If you are a newcomer, this is that pace to be? The “easy” slope is aptly constructed for the learners. The total run of the slope is 0.70 kilometers, and it provides a fearless riding experience. New to the game? Do not worry! The Hansberg ski school provides ski courses for those who wish to learn.

For the semi -pros– Unleash the daredevil in you! Stretching over a length of 0.50 kilometers is the second slope. The slope offers a thrilling and exciting ride to those who wish to dare. The ski instructors can provide you with the necessary guidance. So just relax your way to the ultimate thrill!


Tired of skiing? Try snowboarding! The area is rich in snow and provides some of the finest grounds for snowboarding. Enter the snowboard to descent the snow covered slopes of Hansberg.

For the kids

Who can forget the little ones? It is their holiday as well!  The ski- kindergarten equipped with a magic carpet (21 meters) provides a delightful adventure for the children. The designing of the terrain is such that the smallest can take their first steps. Parents need not worry as the children can play in the children’s park while the adults are having fun on the rides. There is fun for all

For the Wanderers

There are some who lust for the silence. The blanket of white wool bestows a fantasy life experience to the surroundings. For the wanderer who wishes to get lost in the scenery, the place is located in the cozy and quiet town of St. Johann am Wimberg. You can visit any time of the year, for the winters here starts anew every day!

Lift tickets

The ski passes for one day are €11.50 for children and €19.90for adults. Children under the age of four years (accompanied by one parent) can get a snow card for €3.00. Tow lift tickets are not valid in the kinder land. Youth and family discounts are available. The timings for the lifts are nine in the morning to four in the evening. All lift tickets are non-transferable.


The ski huts provide a surreal experience to the travelers. The accommodation blends with the fantastic surroundings to mesmerize the guests. Since the region of St. Johann am small, and quite one should book for the accommodations at the earliest.

How can I get here?

The area is well connected by roads, and the resort provides a free parking space. The closest airport is Blue Danube Linz located at a distance of about 50 kilometers from Hansberg. There is no direct train connectivity to the place.

Get Packing!

Given the wide range of fun filled activities, a comfortable stay, and affordable prices, Hansberg ski resort is a skier’s dream. The elevation of the slopes provides for some of the best skiing grounds for the novices in the game. The snow covered village of St. Johan am Wimberg is a hub of serenity and peace. For the noisy ones the pubs and bars in the resort provide for an entertaining evening.

The adventure was never about one type of experience, rather a specter of experience. Be it the barbaric cold or the scorching winter sun, enjoy every moment here. Dare to challenge the bone-chilling cold with a nuance of a smile and look upon the mountain to quote its humanity. These are a few glories that this resort and its location can inspire. Prepare yourself to enjoy an eternal winter with a little help from the Hansberg Ski Resort, Austria.

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