Hauser Kaibling-Austria

Hauser Kaibling: A Complete Powder Vacation 


The Hauser Kaibling Ski Area is one of the most fascinating powder destinations within the Styrian region of Austria. In-fact there are numerous stories about this place which have in the due course become near legendary. More so, its  size – the culmination of 4 mountains and the resultant region becomes nothing more than paradise for all you powder lovers out there. 

To give you just a glimpse – the Hauser Kaibling ski area offers the following – 

5 senses experience: There is only one way of experiencing the  Hauser Kaibling region and that is with all 5 senses together. 
Genussinsel - Pleasure Island: You can enjoy a wondrous panorama and a perfect relaxed environment that is located at an elevation of 1800 meters (or 5905.5 feet) above sea level. 
Run to the top: Highest point of the Schladming interlinked 4 mountains is at an altitude of 2015 meters (or 6610.89 feet) above the sea level.
Nature juwel Kaiblingalm: Come here to experience the Modern Alm 6er chairlift amidst untouched nature
New: Fun slope: It measures a total of 700 meters (or 2296.5 feet) in length. The Fun slope provides a varied choice of snow park, boarder cross and piste fun.
And ofcourse the list just does not end here. To experience more you will have to visit and enjoy everything for yourself. 
Runs: Another important feature of any ski resort is its runs. Here at the Hauser Kaibling Ski Area you get to experience 123 kilometers (or about 76.4 miles) worth of ski pistes. 

Hauser Kaibling Statistics

Base Elevation: 728 m

Summit Elevation: 2015 m

Vertical Drop: 1287 m

o Blue for Beginners: This is about 46.1 kilometers (or 28.6 miles)
o Red for Intermediate: This is about 68.3 kilometers (or 42.43 miles)
o Black for Advanced: This is about 8.3 kilometers (or 5.15 miles) 

Ski Huts: These are some of the most spectacular on mountain restaurants that you will find anywhere. 

Lifts: Using the mentioned below lifts you will be able to easily cover the entire mountain area –

o Hauser Kaibling 8er Gondel
o Tauern Seilbahn
o Kaibling 6er
o Alm 6er
o Quattralpina
o Gipfelbahn
o Höfi-Express I
o Höfi-Express II
o Senderbahn
o Übungslift
o Ennslingalmlift (Ersatzlift)

Pistes: They can be listed as follows – 

o Test Kanal
o FIS - Abfahrt
o FIS - Talabfahrt
o Skiweg Markt Haus
o Ennslingalm - Abfahrt
o Prenner - Talabfahrt
o Höfi - Abfahrt
o Höfi - Abfahrt
o Skiweg Höfi - Express
o Skiweg Seilbahn
o Skiweg Prenner - Talabfahrt
o Weltcup - Abfahrt
o Weltcup - Abfahrt
o Die Schönste
o Die Schönste
o Skiweg Kaiblingalm
o Panorama - Abfahrt
o Kaiblingalm - Abfahrt
o Osthang
o Skischaukel Hauser Kaibling – Planai

Openign Hours: Read the list below – 

o Hauser Kaiblingbahn - Cable Car with 8 seats: 08:15 am to 17:00 pm
o Tauern Seilbahn - Cable Car: 08:00 am to 17:00 pm
o Quattralpina - Chair lift for 4: 08:30 am to 16:00 pm
o Kaibling 6er - Chair lift for 6: 08:30 am to 16:00 pm
o Gipfelbahn - Chair lift for 4: 08:45 am to 15:45 pm
o Alm 6er - Chair lift for 6: 08:45 am to 15:45 pm
o Senderbahn - Chair lift for 4: 08:30 am to 16:00 pm
o Höfi-Express I - Chair lift for 4: 08:30 am to 16:00 pm
o Höfi-Express II - Chair lift for 4: 08:45 am to 16:00 pm 
o Übungslift - Anker lift: 09:00 am to 16:00 pm


The International Ski Federation (FIS) mandates certain Austrian region and requires all the visitors and athletes to maintain them at all times. It is not only about your safety but also about the safety of everyone else present on the slope. Furthermore, on the same lines, the Hauser Kaibling Ski Area also prescribes the same, for its guests. Kindly take a look below and know about their responsibility code: 

•    Know your own ability: You must be mindful of your own safety when skiing and only use the ski slopes that are suitable to your skiing ability. The routes are divided up into blue (novice), red (intermediate) and black (expert) slopes. Each official ski slope is prepared and checked regularly.
•    Recognize when the material is in proper condition: Part of a safe the skiing experience is having the model of skis or snowboard that is right for you and having an expert adjust the bindings. Trust your specialist dealer. The experts will gladly assist you.
•    Know your own limits: Ski at a speed adapted to the slope and the weather. Avoid jumping into the fun when you are fatigued or do not have the proper technique.
•    Know the FIS rules. The rules for conduct from the international Ski Federation apply worldwide.

They are mandatory and enhance skiing safety.

These rules also apply to experts or powder sports professionals and also to individuals of all age groups. Always keep in mind the following points:

•    Be considerate of others and help them in emergencies.
•    Only ski as fast as your ability allows.
•    Choose your lane and pay attention to signs and markings.
•    Be considerate when overtaking, and watch out for other skiers when entering, starting and moving upwards on the slopes.
•    The careful when stopping, ascending and descending.

Rental and Merchandisers Store

You can get your hands on not only some of the best known gears in the industry but also get a souvenir for all your loved ones from the gift shop. They have great pricing points and a reasonable variety of options as well. 

The Mountain 

Once on the mountain you will never really feel the need for anything else. They have great number of stores, diners and the best in class technologically fitted equipment’s. To mention a few highlights you must checkout their 

Base Mountain Arena
Service Center 
Sport Hauser Kaibling
Ski & Snowboard School