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Until and unless you do not step out of your house, and your comfort zone, you will never truly realise how big our world is. Some people pull back from travelling because they need a company to travel with. Some wait for the right occasion. Some of us even pull back from travelling because of the fear of getting lost and not reaching the destination on time or reaching somewhere completely different! However, that is the point of travelling, right? You book a ticket to the place you learned about a week ago. You do not know much about the destination. You step out of your comfort zone. That is how it is done. That is how travelling should begin. Some of the people are unable to put their finger at that one place they think would give them the best memories. Now, if you are the type of person who simply wants to escape the summer heat and bury your feet in the snow, Hauzenberg may be it! It is a beautiful and peaceful place. Whether you are travelling alone or with your friends or the family, this ski resort will not disappoint you. The amazing natural snow is just a cherry on top to your journey and stays there.

Resort Details

Hauzenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 3117 ft

Vertical Drop: 492 ft

Hauzenberg is a small municipality of district Passau and is partly a ski resort situated in Bavaria, Germany. It is at an elevation of 546 meters (1,791 ft.). For people who ae seeking some adventure can always go for skiing and snowboarding, the two also being some of the most favourite activities in Hauzenberg. The winter sports area of the resort is between the elevations of 800 metres (2,624.67 ft.) to 845 metres (2,772.30 ft.). The guests get a total of 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) of pistes. The tourists do not have to worry about the obstacles that are set up in most of the resorts in other regions. The pistes are plain and are for all ages. They are 100% easy. With 100% easy slopes, one does not need to be at an expert level to enjoy skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of Hauzenberg resort. You can rent the required equipment for the sports from any nearby rental shops which are usually at the bottom village. Moreover, the cost of rent will not be out of your budget. To give its guests as much comfort as they can, the resort has three working lifts for transporting the tourists from the village to the slope and the way back. There are 3 Rope tow lifts which can carry 1800 people per hour. While being on these lifts, the people can definitely enjoy the treat of heavenly view. The snow-capped mountain nearby as well as at a distance will be enjoyed by everyone on the lift. In addition to the above three lifts, there are also 2 Sunkid Moving Carpets. All the lifts above can stretch up to 0.6 kilometres (0.37 miles).


Ticket prices

The lift passes cost differently to age levels. The children are charged € 9.00. On the other hand, the adults are charged an amount of € 10.50. The rates change in the afternoon by charging everyone, children and adults, an amount of € 6.00 and€ 6.50, respectively. In Hauzenberg, the area of the resort is so small that there is no chance you will miss visiting the other places within the resort.





The top most thing that you will love and enjoy is the beauty of the place. It is covered with snow most of the time. In case, there hasn’t been much of a snow fall; the resort has it covered with the help of using the artificial snow-making technology or equipment. It does not do so well when it comes to artificial snow, but it gets things done sufficiently and satisfies the tourists, which is the main moto. The next thing you can enjoy is skiing. As mentioned above, you have to be least worried about the slopes being difficult. The slopes are well groomed for the guests to make the best out of the trip. One needs to determine which level they are at in skiing before finally stepping on the slopes; for their own safety. You will be guided by the skiing coaches who will also help the beginners at trying skiing. The other famous sport is snowboarding. It is the ultimate winter sport that gives a good kick to the person. Again, those who are trying snowboarding for the first time are always advised to get a coach first who can tell them what they are up for. Snowshoeing is the healthiest, effective and enjoyable stroll one can take though it is not much of sport more like an exercise. With a good amount of snow in the region, the walk gets even better. One can enjoy it with the family or even alone. Night skiing: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The ski passes cost the adults an amount of€ 10.50. On the other hand, children are charged with the amount of€ 9.00.




The season of the resort begins from mid of December and lasts till mid of March. During the peak season, the prices may be subjected to change without prior notice. The resort stays open from 9 m. to 4:30 p.m. Note that if any individual chooses to stay after the closing hours and any unfortunate incident occurs, the resort will not take the responsibility of the same as it is prohibited to stay on slopes after the closing hours. The individual will be held responsible for the incident. There are times when due to severe weather conditions, the resort chooses to stay closed for as long as the adverse weather lasts. This is to ensure the security of the guests that have come to visit Hauzenberg. In the same way, the timings of the resort are also subject to change given the weather condition of the region.

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