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Heavenly Mountain Resort Invincible King of Skiing

Wrapped in snow, mountains make a call every winter, and one must go to make the most of thrill and merriment this season has on offer. Winter brings cold which makes you huffed and puffed causing you to stay near the fireplace. Many prefer the solitude while others love venturing out. Every season brings beauty or wrath and it depends on how you look at it. Winters are no different 

The best way to bask in the eternal glory of nature or to get rid of humdrum is to head towards mountains. Going to mountains is like coming home. Getting out in the open, building a snowman, snowboarding or skiing down the snow-capped mountains is one of the best ways for re-living your memories and creating new ones too. The experience would just be too nostalgic. 

Heavenly Mountain Resort is located on California-Nevada border near the South Lake Tahoe city which in turn gives you breathtaking views surrounding it. The resort has a Base elevation of 6,255 ft. (1,907 m). The resort consists of 97 runs in total. You can also have a peek around nearby El Dorado County’s famous areas of interest like Eldorado National Forest, trek on Mount Siegel, etc.

Heavenly Mountain Resort features a vertical rise of a mammoth 3,812 feet and an impressive summit elevation of around 10,067 feet. The region experiences an average snowfall of approximately 360 inches every year and has a terrain rating of 35% advanced, 45% intermediate and 20% beginner. The resort has been permitted 4,800 acres of the area of which 33% is used for skiing, with the longest ski run measuring almost 5.5 miles (8.9 km).The heavenly resort is also well equipped with snowmaking system in case of low snowfall. The resort strictly forbids night skiing. Heavenly Mountain Resort is also famous for its nightlife varying from pool parties to casinos.


In total 30 lift system support is available to Heavenly Mountain Resort. It comprises of 1 high-speed gondola, 2 high-speed six passenger chairs, one high-speed aerial tram,  seven high-speed quads, one quad, 3 doubles, five triples, six surface, and four magic carpets. The lift carries 52000 passengers on every hourly shift.


Heavenly Mountain Resort also owns a bundle of well-maintained and safe terrain parks. Unique yet challenging well-equipped terrain parks is all geared up to give you a nerve cracking, spellbinding experience. Terrain parks are maintained by a bunch of enthusiastic members. There are in total three terrain parks in the resort namely

Heavenly Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 6,255 ft

Summit Elevation: 10,067 ft

Vertical Drop: 3,812 ft

Groove Park

It is for beginner or base level skiing or snowboarding. It comprises of recycled boxes, rails, wedges, bonks etc. made for smaller jumps. You can make access to Groove Park via Patsy’s or Groove Chair on the California side.

High Roller Park

It is for medium level skiing or snowboarding. It consists of 4 lane skiing slopes. This park is ideal for individuals as well as for family. It comprises of recycled boxes, rails, wedges, bonks, etc. made for higher jumps. It lies in between Sky Express and Canyon Express chairs on the California side.

Ante Up Park

It is located on the border of California and Nevada. It is for advanced level or freestyle skiing or snowboarding. It is meant for professionals strictly and the skiing is all about altitude and risky slopes. It comprises of recycled boxes, jibs, and 30 to 46-foot jumps.

Skiing and Snowboarding 

Heavenly Mountain Resort is an internationally standards matched skiing resort with world class cuisine and well qualified and able staff members. The resort is also well apt with linguists to adhere to the needs of its visitors thereby firmly believes in the motto – language is no barrier.

Heavenly Mountain Resort also provides well equipped smart skiing training classes ranging from novice to professionals at minimal fees. These training classes are conducted by professional skiers/trekkers for three months at requisite fees. Kids over five years of age also qualify for the skiing training classes.

If you don’t have skiing equipment’s, you don’t have to worry. Heavenly Mountain Resort rents out requisite skiing stuff (alpine skis, Nordic skis, gloves and goggles, sleds, ropes, etc.) with a small fee for visitors of every age group.
A large number of casinos, restaurants, and brewpubs can also be found in the nearby areas of Dillon, Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne and Breckenridge which can be reached easily via the local free bus system.

Heavenly Mountain Resort also provides help center at every 1 mile of skiing area with well-equipped staff members and medical support along with the tracking system and detailed map of the resort itself and the area surrounding it.
Heavenly Mountain Resort offers exceptional services to disabled persons too under the guidance of well-trained personnel. 

God forbids, Heavenly Mountain Resort owns a portable helipad which is useful in case of dire situations. Heavenly Mountain Resort is also well equipped with medical facilities which work in conjunction with the local authority as well as with other resorts too.

Other activities 

Heavenly Mountain Resort offers several lodge facilities, hotels, condos,  affordable lodging, etc. for its visitors, in addition to a cafeteria, bar, and coffee bar. The resort also works in conjunction with local hotels, casinos, etc. The amiable staffs guide the visitor in choosing proper amenities at requisite fee thereby making their visits memorable. Heavenly Mountain Resort also offers retail shopping thus facilitating local marketing as well.

It also serves delicious bistro style food both indoors and outdoors. Apart from this, the Renown Café which is located just at the base of the mountain serves cuisines both vegetarian and non-vegetarian with the indoor as well as outdoor seating. Heavenly Mountain Resort also has retail shops built in the resort itself. This store has everything that one needs for the hill. So go ahead and enjoy awesome, jaw-dropping vacation with your family and friends!   

Stepping out in snow not only rekindles the spark in you which was earlier lost in the typical lifestyle of yours but also adds up an unforgettable bonus which keeps on reminding you to enjoy and live life.

Just being in the snowy mountains makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Destroyed all your foes. Uplift your mind, body & soul in all possible ways. Skiing down the snowy slopes or just gazing down the slopes with oneself or family will give you a power-packed performance that gives  you memories to cherish forever. Heavenly Mountain Resort humbly offers you to become a part of an extraordinary experience.

Skiing down the snowy slopes frees you from the humdrum of life. You get to know new people from all over the world. Share ideas or hear new stories. Smile a lot even on the poor jokes made by people around you. Work in tune with other skiers or trekkers or loved ones without making snide remarks or grumbling. That is the healing touch of snowy mountains.

Heavenly Mountain Resort courteously gives you a chance of a lifetime. With so many fun activities on offer, Heavenly Mountain Resort is truly one of the best places to visit in the winters and have fun with family and friends. Come, visit and be a part of an unforgettable, worthy, extraordinary journey of you becoming a mountain itself standing against all oddities of life. 

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