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After a whole year of a hectic and tiring life, one finally gets to spend some quality time with their friends and family in the winter vacations. One of the best ways to enjoy your vacations to the maximum is heading up to the mountains and living amidst the serene and peaceful beauty of mountains. You need to try skiing when you go up there. Numerous ski resorts are available in the mountains up there. To try skiing, the ski resort Heubach (Masserberg) is one amazing choice to go for.

Resort details

Heubach Statistics

Base Elevation: 560 m

Summit Elevation: 841 m

Vertical Drop: 281 m

Being located in the administrative district Hildburghausen, Germany, the Heubach ski resort has an amazing picturesque range of snowcapped mountains all around it. Due to its prime location, the resort sees a lot of tourists showing up every year to try skiing. The winter sports area of the resort is situated at an elevation range of 680 meters (2230 feet) to 774 meters (2539 feet). The resort is a small one and has developed a lot over the past few years. It is operated by a modern towing chair and owns the largest snow and fun park area north of the Alps. The resort even has powerful snowmaking capabilities so that the quality of slopes remains just right. It is because of this that the resort is very popular for snowboarding with families and children. The resort also offers night skiing to the people who like to ski in the night.


Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are a mandatory component of a ski resort, and every ski resort must have them. They are required to take the passengers up and down the slopes. There is a total of 2 lifts available in the Heubach ski resort. The two lifts have a total carrying capacity of 1600 persons per hour and a total ski length of 0.6 km. Out of the two lifts, one is towing/plate lift type and the other one is Seilift/practice lift type. The towing lift has a carrying capacity of 1000 persons per hour, and a ski length of 520m and the sealift has a carrying capacity of 600 persons per hour and a lift length of 100m. The price of high season day ski pass is $20.38 (19 Euros) for adults, $17.16 (16 Euros) for young people and $13.41 (12.50 Euros) for children.


Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics



The Heubach ski resort has all types of slopes for all levels of skiers. A valley slope is also available for visitors to enjoy a valley run. Not just that, the famous snow park of the Heubach resort will also help you have a great time with your little ones.The resort has a completely planned SunKid and a learning course too for beginners.There is a total of 2.3 km (1.42 miles) of slopes available in the resort, and the slopes have been divided further on the basis of their level of difficulty as: Easy: Out of the 2.3 km (1.42 miles) of slopes, 0.9km (0.56 miles) of slopes are easy level slopes and are optimum for beginners. They are just the right slopes for people who know only the basics of skiing and are here to practice them. Medium: Out of the 2.3km (1.42 miles), 0.7 km (0.43miles) of slopes have been allotted to the intermediate level skiers with medium difficulty level slopes. So the people who want to improve their skills in the sport of skiing have come just to the right place. Hard: The remaining 0.7 km (0.43 miles) of slopes have high difficulty level and are the best for expert level skiers. They are only for people who want to explore the sport even more and are ready to take risks in the exploration.

How to reach

All modes of transportation can access the Heubach ski resort. One can choose any means according to his comfort and get to the resort. The resort offers an ideal entry for daytime visitors. If you are driving your car up there then you need to take the route to Ski lift Heubach am Höhenberg, Ahornstraße, 98666 Masserberg, Germany where you can easily park your car on the lawn which has a limited parking space available. The parking is free of cost. A direct train connection is not available so one can reach the nearest station and take a bus from there to the resort. One can also reach there by air. You just need to get on a bus to Messerberg from the Frankfurt airport.


Learn to ski



If you do not know how to ski, then you need not worry because the ski school at the Heubach ski resort takes care of that. The expert trainers available at the resort offer you an exciting range of courses and flexible timings for you to choose from. You can make a choice between a group course and a private lesson course as per your desire. The resort even has a SunKid with beginner level slopes which make the park more of a learning area in the resort.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

Numerous accommodation and lodging facilities are available near the Heubach ski resort for one to have a comfortable stay with their loved ones. There are apartments, farms or a luxury stay in the 4-5 star hotel available for one to choose from. Some of them are: Werrapark Resort Hotel Heubacher Höhe: The hotel is located at a distance of only 400 meters from the resort, and one can just reach the resort by taking a small walk from the hotel. The hotel offers all that one could wish for on vacation. It even has an indoor swimming pool available. The fantastic views from the hotel guarantee a cosy and pleasant stay at the hotel. Ferienhaus Barbara: The vacation home located at a distance of 1.2 km (0.74 miles) from the resort offers all kinds of modern amenities like free Wi-Fi or multi cuisine restaurants. You might need to book this home already because the rooms get sold out pretty soon. So these winters, pack your bags and book your tickets to an unforgettable skiing experience at the Heubach Ski resort.

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