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When all else fails, take a vacation and go skiing! Occupying a lovely spot in Warrensburg, New York, among the beautiful Adirondack Mountains is the Hickory Ski Center which provides a great skiing and snowboarding adventure with its vintage lifts and ski experience.

Just one hour from Albany, this Hickory Ski Center stands tall like a guard on the banks of the Hudson River. With a rise of about 1200 ft from the banks of Hudson River, the Hickory Ski Center is famous for its steep terrains and vintage packages. The 80 inches annual snowfall with 225 acres of skiable terrain makes Hickory an ideal place for skiing and other snow adventures.


Hickory Statistics

Base Elevation: 700 feet

Summit Elevation: 1900 feet

Vertical Drop: 1200 feet

With the powdery mountain giving pleasure to the eyes, the skis and snowboards acting as an aid to advance down the icy trail in full speed, the different surface lifts providing access to these runs, various terrain parks, and several other things, Hickory Ski Center has become a hub of all the snow fun. Moreover, the vintage package further adds to the beauty of this place. The vintage experience in the lifts is something out of this world. This is what makes Hickory Ski Center one of the best places to ski around in the region, and probably the reason why thousands of visitors flock to the place every week. The resort also hosts a wide array of other activities which the visitors enjoy to their full extent.

Several high-speed quads and beautiful lodgings serve as delicious toppings and help in garnishing the eternal beauty of this place.




The Hickory Ski Center hosts modern lifts and other technology to facilitate better skiing experience for its visitors. The Hickory Line Speed is almost as same as the speed of the modern express quads. A 700 ft base elevation is also available, there is a vertical drop of 1200 ft also, and the summit elevation reaches up to 1900 ft. There is a total of 4 lifts which include 2 Pumas, 1 T-Bar, and one rope tow each serving as access to the various trails.


Hickory Ski Center provides the facility of 5 miles of skiing on 18 trails. A total of 19 runs are available with 30% of it accessible to the beginner skiers, 30% of the total present for the intermediate ones, 40% advanced runs further make up the count. However, there are 0% expert runs so if you are a professional, the most you can do at this place is just hang around with your friends and enjoy the less challenging terrain for a change.

In these 18 trails, five trails are for beginners; six trails are the intermediate ones and seven trails for the expert runners. These trails are divided according to their difficulty levels.

Beginners generally enjoy the lower mountain terrain. The lower mountain terrain is packed with natural snow. Two green runs namely Cottontail and Snowshoe Glade which are serviced by Snowbar are also available for the beginner runs in these lower mountain terrains.

For the intermediate skiers, apart from the two green trails and access to the Lower Peadbody which is the easiest intermediate slope is also provided and is accessed by the T-bar lift. Poma 1 however, is slightly difficult for the intermediate skiers, so they generally tend to avoid it. Riding T-bar is a much easier task as compared to riding Poma 1. Therefore, for beginners, T-bar is recommended.



The primary blue run that is the Honey Run is best for high speed runs. Intermediate skiers cannot proceed for this run and have to stop at the mid station as the difficulty level increases after this and the skiing becomes more challenging, which only professionals can handle. Beatnik is also among the speed runs. Jackrabbit, Topnotch, and Grand Teton are also among the most difficult trails.

On the left to Beatnik, a narrow Lodge Run is also accessible to the skiers. Also, the surface lifts are amazing in their own way with a slight vintage touch.

The Ridge Run is accessible to the intermediate skiers from the summit itself. A picturesque view of the Green Mountains is like a feast to the eyes during these trails. The steep terrains are generally meant for the expert skiers.

The upper mountain consists of steep slopes which are accessible to only the expert and advanced skiers. The most challenging runs which are Windfall and The Hare are located on the upper mountain and come under the category of steep runs.

Hickory Ski Center also provides backcountry and off-piste skiing. Paul’s Peril is one of the glades of Hickory. There is no option for snowmaking here, but the Alpine Club of Hickory is working on it. So, in coming years, the possibility of snowmaking will also be available.

The ski resort feel is old, and the terrains are of an expert level. A one day trip from Long Island to this beautiful ski resort is worth almost the precious jewels because the breathtaking beauty and adventure of this place are captivating enough.

Also, the vintage packing machine grooms the intermediate as well as the beginner’s slope. Even though the Hickory Ski Center has limited operating days and not so groomed slopes, it has still been able to acquire its position among the best and most family oriented skiing resorts.




The facility of on-mountain lodging at Hickory is not available. A base lodge is available at the mid-station for the skiers where they take a break during laps. This lodge has a facility of a circular fire pit.

However, the towns of Warrensburg provide the closest lodging. In fact, Lake George also provides lodging facilities to the people who come to ski at Hickory Ski Center. The lodges are available at a very reasonable price.

The hotels remain open all throughout the year. The rooms have several facilities and are equipped with the basic amenities. All in all, no problem is to be faced in case of lodging and stuff.

The existing tows are maintained properly by the friendly staffs of this ski resort.


Apart from the snow sports adventure, there are different numbers of things that Hickory Ski Center allows which will not only serve as a pass time but will also take the fun that you have in the snow to an entirely different level.

The Wild Waters Outdoor Center is mainly the spotlight of the summer attractions, but it can also be enjoyed in the winters.

Other places which would inject fun into the veins of tourists include Oscar’s Smoke House, Oscar’s Adirondack Smoke House, Warren County Fish Hatchery, Charles Lathrop Demonstration Pack Forest, Warren County Nature Trail and Nordic Ski System, Warrensburg Museum of Local History, Deadwood Mountain Trading Company, and Mountainside Adventures.

All these attractions make Hickory Ski Center an ideal place for spending a vacation. Be it summer or winter, Hickory Ski Center is always fun. However, the thrilling experience of skiing can be achieved only in winters.

If you are a snow-crazed person and are obsessed with skiing and other snow sports, then Hickory Ski Center is a perfect place for you.

Not only skiing, but people come from all over the world to experience different adventures provided by this ski resort and also for the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this place which has the power to bewitch the mind and soul of each and every person.

So, if the powdery snow instills in you that thrill, you should definitely plan a vacation and come here. Book your passes and grab your tickets for this amazing place and be ready to experience the everlasting fun and the awe-striking charm and beauty of this magical mountain. Hickory Ski Center is calling you; you would definitely not want to say no to it because skiing and scenic beauty is a perfect combination. Pack your bags and head out straight for the Hickory Ski Center this winters!

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