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Hinterschmiding – Herzogsreut Ski Resort – finest place to enjoy skiing with family and friends!

There are times when one feels like just running away from everything. And then you plan to go on a vacation, but then due to various unexpected reasons, the holiday keeps on getting delayed from time to time. But there’s one time of the year when a sure short vacation can be planned. We all wait for that time of the year, the winters. So this winter, pack up your bags and head up to the snowcapped mountains to enjoy the serene beauty of nature and relax your mind from all your life problems. Indulge in winter sports up there to add a rush of excitement and thrill to your vacation. Skiing is one of the best ways to spend your time up there in the capes. There are a lot of ski resorts available to choose from. The Herzogsreut Hinterschmidingski resort is one such amazing option available for you to try skiing this winter. So get ready for an amazing adventurous vacation in the mountains with your friends and family.



Resort Details

Hinterschmiding Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 2805 ft

Vertical Drop: 180 ft

Located in the Almberg-Haidel-Dreisessel, Germany, the Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski area offers great picturesque views for you to relax and enjoy with your family and friends. The resort is a great choice for the people who want to learn skiing or the people who wish to improve their skills in skiing. The winter sports area has an elevation range of 790 meters (2591 feet) to 865 meters (2837 feet). Night skiing is also available at the resort. There is a total of 5 classic cross-country ski-runs covering up 24 kilometres (14.91 miles), one skating course covering 3 kilometres and 1 High cross-country skiing covering 2.5 kilometres (1.55 miles) in Herzogsreut. The Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding is one of the most favourable locations to learn basic level skiing.


How to reach

The Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski resort provides an ideal entry for guests and is accessible by all modes of transportation. By car, one can drive to Hinterschmiding to reach Mühlberglift, Herzogsreut, 94146 Hinterschmiding, Germany which is located at the Valley Station directly on the B12. A stone parking lot is available is available right there at the Mühlberglift, and the parking is free of cost. A direct train connection isn’t available, but one can reach Bavaria and board a bus to the resort. Scheduled buses are available.

Skiing and snowboarding statistics

With a total of 0.5 kilometres (0.31 miles) of slopes available in Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski area, the resort is perfect for the learning how to ski and learning how to improve your prowess in skiing. There aren’t any difficult level slopes available in the resort. The slopes have been divided on the basis of prowess a skier has into: Beginner Level: A total of 0.3 kilometres (approx. 0.2 miles) of slopes are allocated to the people willing to learn this winter sport. So with total reliability and without any risks, a beginner level skier can enjoy the winter sports on easy slopes. Intermediate level: The remaining 0.2 kilometres (0.12 miles) of slopes are allocated to the intermediate level skiers who aim at raising their proficiency level in the sport. So get ready to try out new skills and progress to the expert level. So the Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski resort is an optimum resort for families where they can send their children to ski without any fears because the resort offers suitable slopes for learning how to ski.

Learn to ski

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ski because the fantastic Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski area has got you covered with the ski school option available in it. The resort is well known for its snow sports school which even offers cross country skiing and snowboarding lessons to newbies. There are separate trainers for all ages and levels of prowess. Also, you can make your children learn the sport efficiently without any risks. So learn the winter sport and relax your vacation by skiing your way down the slopes with incredible natural scenery all around you.


Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are crucial for a resort to have because they are used to take passengers up and down the slopes. Being a small-scale ski resort, the Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding area has only one ski lift available. The lift available is a towing type lift with a capability of transporting 720 passengers per hour. The total lift length is 0.4 kilometres (0.24 miles). The main season day ticket is $10.67 (10 Euros) for adults, $8.54 (8 Euros) for youth and $8.54 (8 Euros) for children.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of housing and lodging facilities are available in the vicinity of the Herzogsreut Hinterschmiding ski resort. 4 star and 5-star hotels are available for having a pleasant and cosy stay with your friends or family for your vacation.  There are a number of options available near the resort. Some of them are:

Apartment Summerof: Located in Freyung, the Summerof apartments are at a distance of 2.7 kilometres from the resort. The apartments are amazing and offer you picturesque views of nature. There are non-smoking rooms and the rooms provide you with a cosy and comfortable stay with your family.

Zurneuen Post Landhotel: The hotel is at a 3 kilometres distance from the resort. Being a 4-star hotel, the Zurneuen Post Landhotel offers you all kinds of modern amenities like free Wi-Fi, multi cuisine restaurants and much more. It is the hotel which is in the highest demand in the Herzogreut region.

BayerwaldDomizil: The hotel is at a distance of only 4.4 kilometres from the resort, the BayerwaldDomizil hotel offers you the biggest rooms available in Freyung. So you are surely promised a spacious and comfortable stay with the people you love.

So don’t you waste another second and get ready to have an unforgettable awesome experience at the resortHinterschmiding – Herzogsreut. So start packing your bags, looking for hotel deals that suit you and book your tickets and have it all.


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