Hinterstoder: The White Paradise

As quoted by Edith Sitwell, “Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire. It is the time for home.” But not many of us agree with this anymore. To us, winter is welcoming adventure and thrill into our lives. Winter is the time of the year when people find places to escape to and have the best time of their lives. While each season has its own singleness to offer, winter on the other hand has many convivial adventures for us in store.

Most fervently awaited sports for the people, in winters are skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, and horse-riding in snow and tubing. Who on earth would miss a chance to glide down the mountain top, kissing the wind on the way, feeling the ultimate rush? Or climbing up the mountain at dawn just to see the dark sky getting lit statuesquely, feeling the warmth of first ray of the sun? This winter, give yourself a break from those hot mugs of morning coffee and set aside the newspaper. Treat yourself and your family with all these adventures that will make you say with glee, “Winter is here!”

The question arises though, is which destination one should choose to check-off all these ventures from the list? Hinterstoder is the most pertinent answer to this question. This municipality located in the district of Kirchdorf an der Krems in Upper Austria, Austria; 600 ft-2000 ft. above sea level is surrounded by enormous snow-capped mountains and gives its tourists a magnificent view to pacify them. It has an elevation of 1,939 ft. It is however, notably known for skiing, among other ice sports. People from across the world come to enjoy the Ski race that are conducted in the municipality. It offers activities for all ages.




Hinterstoder has an easy-to-follow network of trails (1800 kilometres approx.) for those people who wish to take things slow and walk up to every corner to marvel the place. The trails are well maintained and are completely open to public without having to pay a penny.



Hinterstoder Statistics

Base Elevation: 1969 feet

Summit Elevation: 6562 feet

Vertical Drop: 4593 feet

A good number of enormous mountains. Enormous mountains covered with snow. And Ski gear in your backpack. What more can one ask who loves to glide all the way down with mad rush? Perfect ski runs! Hinterstoder gives skiers a variety of varied pistes in accordance to different ski levels. There is a Sunny Kids Park for the young ones. Then, a speed/cross-trail course and at the very last is the world-cup race course for those who excel in skiing. If you do not know at what level you stand in skiing, instructors will be present to let you know how well you can do when it comes to skiing so that you can experience the best of Hinterstoder. Though the option of joining ski schools is always an open door.


There is a total of 14 varied lifts for the people, to choose from. There are 2 gondolas, 2 chairlifts, 8 T-Bars, magic carpet and a Sunny kid’s park. While traveling to the top, one can marvel the beautiful natural snow which is covering 90 percent of the slopes.


Hinterstoder has 12 easy ski routes for those who are trying their hand on skiing for the very first time or know just how to keep balance. These slopes are smooth without any difficult turns and cuts. Then there are 18 intermediate routes for the people who have past the beginner’s level and are aware of, as well as can perform a trick or two. These routes have little bumps and very light turns and cuts which can be surpassed by some practice. In the end, there are 10 difficult ski routes. These routes are opted by the people who are well groomed in this sport and those who take part in various ski competitions. The routes are dangerous and only can an expert can glide through.





Another sport in store, is the cross-country skiing. People have 12 kilometres of well-prepared cross country trails in the valley and Hariharan floors trails, to check off another adventurous bout from their list. The ski trails run through astounding winter landscapes. People also travel to the neighbouring village such as Pyhn-Priel to experience an exquisite adrenaline rush on its 120-kilometre track if skiing.



Skiing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us simply don’t get accustomed to the sport no matter how much practice we had or how many instructors we change. One might just fall on his or back since it is a very challenging sport to learn. But then again, no one wants to waste away the opportunity to have a gala time in a place such as Hinterstoder itself. What can be done? Just go for snowshoeing. It is very much like hiking, but gives your body more work and is a lot more fun. Snowshoeing is a sport for all ages. And let’s just admit it, it is very trendy! The non-skiers will never miss out the fun that the ski trails have.




The everyday work load has buried people under a stressful burden of responsibilities. One prays to have at least one chance a day to forget everything and just have a good time, even if it lasts for a moment quite brief. Sleigh Ride is just what these people need, to forget the office documents and relive their younger days. Passing through the Stoder valley, your head will be turning everywhere as you slowly try to take in the scene that surrounds you.



The natural toboggan run which is about 1-2 km in length and has an altitude difference of about 200 m adds on to your memory lane as this sport gives you an unforgettable and well cherished time of your lives. Also, if the weather conditions are favourable, it is illuminated until 11 pm. The carriage sports equipment guarantees loads of fun.





Kids, at times, are very difficult to please. They may be fascinated by the fact that they are going on a hill which has tons of high quality ice. But throwing snow balls at each other’s faces or making a snow angel has become old school. Sending your children play in snow for hours and they still come back to ask you, “What more can we do to have fun?” will immediately get your nerves to tingle as you search for answers. To avoid this nerve wrecking situation, send your little ones to the Sunny Kids Park. This park, which is located at Hutterer Böden keeps your child busy with all the fun elements it has, just for kids. The main purpose of the park is to teach the children how to ski in the most amusing way.


Even though snow tour is a thing in other regions, Hinterstoder does not support/allows it as it can be extremely dangerous at times. Winter can be very lousy. You may never wish to get out of the cozy bed. But if one finally decides to pack their bags and plan a good vacation, Hinterstoder it is. Get yourself set for all the thrill that awaits you.

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