Hirschberglifte and Kirchberglifte - Kreuth-Germany

Skiing in Germany - Hirschberglifte and Kirchberglifte

Skiing and snowboarding is a great pastime and sport in Germany, and none know this better than the people at Hirschberglifte and Kirchberglifte in Kreuth. Located in the district of Miesbach in historical Bavaria, at heights of 850 m (0.52 miles) and 980 m (0.6 miles), this ski and snowboarding area is a hit with tourists and professionals alike. Several people mill here to witness the great natural view and challenging ski areas.


Hirschberglifte Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 3117 ft

Vertical Drop: 492 ft

Hirschberglifte is a great place to learn and ski, with a challenging yet safe atmosphere for the average skier. Olympian victor Viktoria Rebensberg is one of the several people who has learnt to ski at the Hirschberglifte. Located an hour from Munich, in the Tegernseer valley, the Hirschberglifte is a great place to spend the winter vacation. It contains: 4 ski runs, two for experts and two for beginners The Schlepplift, a long cable lift that takes a skier to the top of the mountain The Hirschzwergland chairlift, which takes children and beginners up to the start of the beginner ski runs Cross country skiing provisions Provisions for snowboarding, such as floodlights and suchlike

Ski Runs and Snowboarding at Hirschberglifte

At a length of 1060 m (0.66 miles), there are two ski runs in the Hirschberglifte, which split into several according to the difficulty level of the skier, and each is tended to by a chairlift or cable lift. They can attend to 1000 people per hour on the mountain. The Schlepplift is the longest cable lift in the Tegernseer valley and takes the skiers from the top of the mountain down to the beginning of the beginners’ slopes. At the length of approximately 1100 m (0.68 miles), practised skiers are told to exit the Schlepplift at the middle station, and the beginners at the bottom. However, advanced skiers do not need to ride the Schlepplift at all, and take the route from the beginning of the ski runs. The ski runs on the Hirschberglifte are such that the advanced ski runs are at the very top, the intermediate ones running below, and the beginners ski from close to the bottom of the ski run tracks. Thus, it gets less steep as you go down. There are other lifts, such as the Muli 1, a hanger lift, which runs along the slightly inclined beginner’s slopes. The Muli 2 is another hook lift which runs for the steep intermediate slope. The übungslift is a chairlift which runs for the beginner, and intermediate slopes and the Hirschzwergland chairlift and a magic carpet ride run for the children and beginners of the lower slopes. The cross-country skiing is another area encouraged by the Hirschberglifte, with floodlights and safety regulations placed in order for these skiers to have a safe and enjoyable time. The Ski School Tegernsee is a ski school which snowboarders, downhill skiers and cross-country skiers attend in order to perfect and improve their skills in their respective fields. It is present in the Hirschberglifte area and caters to the needs of beginners, experts and intermediates alike. Snowboarding is allowed under certain strict guidelines between 9 am and 4 pm. They are only open during the winter season from mid-December to the end of March.


Kirchenfeld is a beginner’s slope, essentially for families, children and people who are new to skiing. With a manageable sloping of the land and extensive areas to ski down, it is ideal for snowboarding as well as cross-country skiing of a very basic kind. It has an easy valley run as well, with practice lifts near the base of the runs. There are several schools at the site as well, with a good example being Hexenwald Children’s Ski School, a prestigious institution that guarantees basic knowledge of skiing, snowboarding and other activities for children and certain beginners. The Kirchberglifte is also directly in front of the witches’ forest, a delight for the children. There are two chairlifts, one rope lift and one conveyor belt helping skiers get to their destinations. These three lifts, known as the Kirchenberglifte, are located at the Kirchenfeld and are at the heights of 280 m (0.17 miles), 270 m (0.16 miles) and 170 m (0.1 miles). They have a capacity of approximately 480 people per hour and offer access to the Leonhardstein, which is 900 m high. These slopes, as they are for beginners, are family friendly and promote family and large member vacations. Cross-country skiers have 100 km (62 miles) of skiing trails and skating trails around the lake Tegernsee. Floodlights are available for cross-country skiers up until 9 pm in Brunnbichl and Bad Wiessee


The best places to stay, according to several reviews and opinions, seem to be the acclaimed Hotel Garni Villa Sonnwend, which is present in Kreuth and houses thirty-four people every season. Hotel Zur Post Kreuth is a larger option, housing one hundred and four people every season and sitting smack-dab in the middle of Kreuth. Kreuth, at peak season and otherwise, offers something for every kind of person, whether they are a beginner, expert or intermediate at the sport of skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. It is an ideal vacation spot for both professionals and families.

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