Hirschenkogel: Your Window to the Ultimate Skiing Experience

With plenty of free time available during vacations, are you wondering how to spend time effectively? Let us put a checkmate to your wavering thoughts. The purpose of a vacation is to revitalize your life with positive spirit and energy. Now, don’t speculate about that activity which could serve this purpose. There is no suspense here. It is Skiing! Only those who have experienced the wind blow past their face as they skied, can describe in words what Skiing is like and what it can offer you. With plenty of time to explore your hidden skills and talents, Skiing is something that you should keep an eye on. An adventure filled activity; Skiing will be that one perfect activity for spending the weekend closer to nature and away from the polluted cities. You can feel the force of nature within you as you Ski, and when you reach downhill, you only would want more of it.

With several locations around and many marvelous Ski resorts to visit, the next big step is to find the perfect destination for your adventure. Among the countless resorts around, the one located across the mountain Hirschenkogel is worth the mention. A beautiful location, Hirschenkogel stands at 1340 meters above the Sea Level. Located in Semmering in lower Austria, south to the Semmering Pass and near the border of Styria (A location in Austria). There is an exotic lookout tower located at the peak of the mountain. This place is a perfect competitive Ski area. Also, a number of important races were organized here in the past. No wonder, this Ski resort stands among the ten best resorts in Lower Austria. The professional looking slopes are 14 Km in total length and provide enough challenges to master your Skiing skills. The Ski area can be accessed from 3 lifts in total. The main area stretches from 984 meters in height from the sea level to the top of the mountain at 1340 meters.

You can come along with friends or family and have some quality time together. Hotels and guest houses are available around to provide comfortable accommodation and assist in a memorable stay. With a lot of other versatile facilities available, you can experience something much more than just Skiing. Your thinking is the limit to the infinite possibilities that await you at Hirschenkogel. The new people you meet here are sure to become your amazing companions. Fix your dates, pack your bags, and get ready to witness the ultimate skiing experience in your next vacations. Don’t forget to pack your camera to capture the epic moments which are going to see.



More About the Slopes

Hirschenkogel Statistics

Base Elevation: 3274 feet

Summit Elevation: 4367 feet

Vertical Drop: 1093 feet

The 14 km of Ski area is divided into easy, medium and difficult based on the slope condition and challenge it offers the Skier. 6.5 Km along the slope is easy and perfect for amateurs and beginners to practice and tourists to entertain themselves. Another 6.5 Km of stretch is medium level suitable for those looking for a moderate challenge. There is 1 km of slope which offers real challenge idle for professional Skiers and the daredevils who wish to take the risk. However, there is nothing much to worry when you wear all the safety apparatus while Skiing.

These slopes have hosted the Alpine world cup and various Ski races in the past. Hence it can be considered as a professional race course. All the slopes are equipped with artificial snow-making machines to ensure the availability of snow throughout the season. Another special highlight of the Slopes are the floodlights that enable for comfortable night skiing. The Floodlights here, considered among the strongest in Europe were originally built to assist in various Ski races. The conditions here are perfect for honing your skiing skills. There is a good chance that you may meet a professional Skier and interact with him/her during your visit.


Know More About the Sky Lifts

There are three Sky lifts present, each different in structure. These are a Surface lift, a Chair Lift, and a rollercoaster Gondola. Although there are only 3, their efficiency is high, and they can transport up to 6000 passengers per hour. Hirschenkogel is the proud owner of the only cable car of lower Austria. The general operational time of the lifts is from 8:30 AM in the morning to 4:00 p.m.




The Snow Report

The depth, nature, quantity and texture of Snow are the most critical parameters that rate a Ski resort. After all, there is no meaning for a Ski resort without snow in it. The median depth of the snow at the summit is about 18 inches while the depth at the base is about 14 inches. The snow texture is best during the month of December where there is a lot of natural snowfall. The snow here is often rated to be among the best in quality and is in the top three positions among all the resorts in Lower Austria.


Other Special Facilities

Apart from Skiing, there are many ways in which you can have fun. Activities are snow modeling, Snowball fight, etc. are really entertaining, especially for families.


Split-Park – This is a unique park constructed for Freeskiers and snowboarders. You can explore your Snowboarding skills here. There are many interesting elements in the split park along with jumps that can be absolute fun to try Snowboarding on them. This place is a must-visit and experiment for yourselves with the facilities in store for you. Also, the place is well-connected with all the major towns, making it easily accessible.


Competitions – Various professional Skiing and Snowboarding competitions are held in this area. Make sure to see professional Skiers in action. Plan the timings so that you can attend those events and witness the beauty of skiing. Most of these competitions are pretty fun and ensure to cheer for the professionals as a spectator and don’t miss your chance to get their autographs!


There are also some handy facilities like ski-rental. Hence you need not worry if you don’t have any essential equipment. Everything is available for rent on the spot. This is one of the best features of the Hirschenkogel Mountain, making it visitors’ favourite skiing resort.



The Costs Incurred For Various Services

The various rates for lift tickets can be considered economical. Make a note of all the costs to plan your budget properly. A day ticket during the peak season would cost 35 euro for an adult, 31.5 euro for youth and 17.5 euro for children. Combo tickets for multiple days are cheaper than buying tickets every day. A 5-day ticket would cost 135 euro for adults and only 67.5 euro for children. The costs are relatively less during the low season. Complete season tickets are also available for purchase. Various offers and discounts are available for families, groups, and disabled individuals. Do remember to check the offers when you arrive at the resort.


Other Important Information

You can get updates and additional information on various events from the official website. Accessibility to the location is immense with four airports within the 3 hours’ drive radius. You can get a direct taxi from the Airport or hire a car which is a more flexible option. The peak season time is generally from early December to late March or early April.


Hirschenkogel Mountain is one of the ideal locations to spend your valuable time. This place guarantees you all the fun and memories. Savor the fantastic experience of skiing by visiting the place in the holiday season. Visit Hirschenkogel Mountain with your family and friends and make the most of the Winters. Because with so much on offer and so many things to do, you and your dear ones can have an amazing time and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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