Hoch-Imst Ski Resort-Austria


Let it Snow- The Hoch-Imst Ski Resort

Winter is one of the most preferred and favorite seasons of millions of people in the world. The bliss of watching the snow settle on the freshly mowed grass, the hint of sunlight peeking through the gaps of the snow-covered mountains, the feel of chilly winds caressing a smooth touch on your face- these are some of the little things which makes you fall in love with this season. Winter also implies the incoming of holidays, something that unites each and every family throughout the world. In most of the places, winter doesn’t seem to last long stretching up to four months at the most. This is why this season is comprehensively cherished by Winter-lovers.

While we are at the thought of how winters provide so much joy to us, let’s also consider that winters are the absolute perfect time to go on vacations. A vacation is the country of Austria is a vacation that you cannot miss. Located at Hoch-Imst 19, 6460 Imst, Austria, the Hoch-Imst Ski Resort provides the fulfilling experience of staying at their resort while enjoying the scenic beauty of the alpine region. The Hoch-Imst Ski resort is situated above the Tyrolean village of Imst. Although it is located in the countryside, the Hoch-Imst ski resort spares no effort in giving their guests an enriching adventure during their stay here.



Vital Statistics

Hoch-Imst Statistics

Base Elevation: 3445 feet

Summit Elevation: 6890 feet

Vertical Drop: 3445 feet

The Hoch-Imst Ski Resort is perched at an elevation between the measures of 1,054 meters (3,455 feet) to 2,026 meters (6647 feet), and this resort is just 0.1 kilometers (0.06 miles) away from the nearest town center. The gentle slopes and curvature of the trails make it an ideal destination for family and children skiers and this resort also offers four lifts- two chairlifts, a T-bar lift and a rope tow for you to take and travel to your desired spot. There is a total of 9 kilometers (approx. 6 miles) of trails available here at Hoch-Imst. Take a look.


Skiing Trails

For Beginners – Out of the total 9 kilometers, a major 4 kilometers (approx. 3 miles) or 45% is allotted for beginners and amateurs alike. These are relatively easy trails with not technical curves of challenges whatsoever, and they are specially formulated to suit the needs of skiers who are just beginning to learn skiing.

For Intermediates – From the total 9 kilometers, 3 kilometers (approx. 2 miles) or 33% is awarded to the intermediate skiers who are just above the level of beginners. They are familiar with all the details of skiing, and all they need to do is practice further to be called an expert. Such trails are of medium difficulty designed for intermediates.

For Experts – For the entertainment of expert skiers, the Hoch-Imst ski resort has provided 2 kilometers (approx. 1.25 miles) or 22% of trails from the total 9 kilometers. Such trails involve serious challenges and curves those of which require experience and practice. These trails are bound to meet the satisfaction of expert skiers.




Sledding and Tobogganing

Besides skiing, the Hoch-Imst Ski Resort also offers sledding and tobogganing winter activities. As the years go by, additional forms of winter sports such as this comes into the limelight. This toboggan runs promises a view of the alpine range like no other. The Hoch-Imst ski resort provides two toboggan runs namely, the Toboggan run Untermarkter Alm, and the Toboggan run Obermarkter Alm. Both of these toboggans runs are capable of large as well as the small capacity of participants and provides a fascinating sight of the surroundings. The former toboggan run stretches an expanse of 4 kilometers, and the latter provides a staggering 6 kilometers (approx. 4 miles). Toboggan rentals are available at Rental Service depots which boast of excellent quality gear and equipment.


Snowshoe Hikes

Snowshoeing or Snowshoe Hikes are the perfect adventure sport for non-skiers and people who wish to enjoy the peace of the mountains. It is the most natural experience derived by hiking through the pathways of mountains and explore the captivating scenery in the Alps away from the “pistes”. Imagine walking over powdered, glittery snow and being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, immersing yourself into the tranquillity of the valleys. Snowshoeing does not require any previous knowledge, and everyone can engage in this activity. Snowshoe rentals and equipment are available at the Rental Service shop.



Ice skating

The Hoch-Imst Ski Resort spares no expense in providing its guests an unforgettable experience. Ice skating at Hoch-Imst involves a lot of fun and frolic as you come crashing down during your first attempt. But fret not, as the age old saying goes the more you fall, the more you learn. The ice skating rink is constructed in the immediate rear of the parking lot in this resort. There you can skate as much as you like as the ice skating rink is free for all its guests and family members and is brightly lit up till 9 pm.


Tickets and Prices

Day tickets and season passes are your go-to-essentials as they will help you to gain access to all your favorite winter activities. Ticket prices for morning card (9 am-1pm) for adults (from 1996) cost 21.60 Euros, for youths (1997-2000) and seniors (1956 and older) cost 16.70 Euros, for children (2001-2010) cost 10.80 Euros and families (parents+own children until 1997) cost 54 Euros. Ticket prices for the half-day card (11.30 am-4pm) for adults cost 24.60 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 19.70 Euros, for children cost 12.40 Euros and for families cost 61.60 Euros. Ticket prices for the half-day card (1pm-4pm) for adults cost 21.10 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 17 Euros, for children cost 10.50 Euros and for families cost 52.70 Euros. Ticket prices for morning card (2.30pm-4pm) for adults cost 12.90 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 10.40 Euros, for children cost 6.50 Euros and for families cost 32.30 Euros.

1-Day passes for adults cost 31 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 25.80 Euros, for children cost 16 Euros and for families cost 78 Euros. 2-Day passes for adults cost 60.50 Euros, for youths and seniors cost 48 Euros, for children cost 30 Euros and for families cost 151 Euros.



The Hoch-Imst ski resort is located at such a place which is the lodging and accommodation hub of the region. So as you are planning to opt for a vacation in this place, you would definitely need accommodation facilities to spend your days here in Austria. Well, here’s a glimpse of the best hotels:-

Alpenhotel Linserhof- Located at a prime location in Hoch-Imst, the Alpenhotel Linserhof is a fully functional and efficient lodging and accommodation facility built to service the needs of tourists and guests. It has free Wi-Fi, parking space at the hotel and also offers access to the sauna. Children have the pleasure of a playroom which is filled with stuff to their liking. Packages for standard double rooms start at 124 Euros per room per night with breakfast included.

Hotel Waldesruh Pension: Apartment hotel is a rage these days. You know why? Because they are reasonably priced, provides all the basic facilities and requirements and are located close to the ski resorts and trails. A 2 person room costs 66.29 Euros per room per night excluding breakfast and a package of 7 nights costs 464.03 Euros. Apartment hotels such as the Waldesruh Pension is bound to make your stay enjoyable and fulfilling.

So now that you know all the nitty gritty details of a vacation such as this, start making plans and give yourself a well-deserved break from the everyday life. Because with so many fun things to do at this amazing resort, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. So, grab your tickets, pack your gear and head out straight for Hoch-Imst Ski Resort with your near and dear ones and have an exciting vacation. Have fun!

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