Hoch Ybrig-Switzerland

Hoch Ybrig - A Winter Fun Destination!

Hoch-Ybrig, Inner Switzerland, is meant for those who long for soft fun and a laid back winter holiday in the warmth of the Sun. 

Close to the capital of the canton, Schwyz and lying between the altitudes of 1035 m and 1850 m (3396 ft to 6070 ft), elevation range 815m (2674 ft), it offers a less rugged skiing experience. The pace of life here is serene. A comfortable experience for the guest is the focus of this resort. 
The design of the place also does a good job of catering to the needs of children as a demographic. There are dedicated child pistes, lifts, a children’s park and a magic carpet that enhances their learning experience. Childcare facilities are also available.

Hoch Ybrig opens to the public at 0830 hrs, while the gradual process of shutting stop starts at 1600 hrs and is finished by 1700 hrs.

Ski Arena

Hoch Ybrig boasts of some of the most well-groomed slopes in the country. Stretching between the scenic villages of Unteriberg and Oberiberg, the slopes cumulatively tot up to 50 km (31 mi). This comprises 15 km (9.3 mi) of the easy (Blue) slope, 27 km (16.7 mi) of intermediate (Red) slope and 8 km (5 mi) of expert (Black) slope. However, free riding is not possible here.

Hoch Ybrig Statistics

Base Elevation: 1040 m

Summit Elevation: 1831 m

Vertical Drop: 791 m

Cross country trails

Apart from this, 2 km (1.3 mi) each of classical and skating cross-country tracks cut through the resort. The tracks are very well groomed and promise a smooth experience. When snow conditions favor, you can enjoy 27 km (16.7 mi) of classic and skating trails cutting through some impressive hillside scenery. 

 It isn’t difficult to find restrooms, wax rooms, changing cabins and parking spaces while you’re on one of these tracks.  

NBC Snow park

The NBC Snow park is accessible via a 6 seater chairlift. It stretches over 1.6 km (1 mi) and has over 20 obstacles, hurdles, and jumps. If you’re an ace skier, this is the perfect place for executing mega jumps and showing off your finesse at complex maneuvers a la Neo of the matrix.   

Training Facilities

The resort is home to the Swiss ski and snowboard school. It offers 6 group courses, as well as private lessons in skiing and snowboarding. 

Marty Sport rents out a wide variety of skis and snowboards, including top international brands. Their team will aid you in choosing the gear that fits you best.  


12 Lifts are in service at Hoch Ybrig and cover a total length of 12.1 km (7.5 mi). Of these, 1 is an aerial tram, 1 a beginner lift, and there are 5 each of quad Chair and T-bar lifts) 
Additionally, 2 people movers are also operational.

Non-skiing Adventures

Hoch Ybrig offers, besides the usual tobogganing, snow shoeing and winter hiking, a couple of a unique adventures. 


Yeah, it’s for real. You soar high in the sky and see things you’ve never seen before unless you’re an eagle in disguise or you’ve done it before. A mesmerizing expanse of snow white, as far back as you can see. Words cannot do justice to such an adventure. It definitely should be on your bucket list. 

Ziesel Tours

For those who don’t know, a Ziesel is a small contraption that looks like the result of a Tank mating with a Monster truck. Don’t judge it by its size; it packs a punch, just like its parents. Technically called ‘electric caterpillar’, it’s made for one occupant. It’ll follow your orders if you’re that occupant. 
So at Hoch Ybrig, you can run around in your Ziesel and there’s nothing that can stop you. Just don’t venture off a cliff because it won’t stop you either. Feel the power in your hands, and experience the beauty of nature shielded from civilization.   

Ski Safari

The ski safari, just like the name suggests, is a journey through the alpine flora and fauna. It goes 14 km (8.6 mi) downhill, with an altitude difference of 1450 m (4757 ft). It takes about 3 hours to finish. Several restaurants dot the route. It’s a round trip that connects Hoch-Ybrig, Mythenregion and the scenic village of Illgau. The price of a tour for an adult is 29 Euros, and it costs 25 Euros for children.

Ice Fishing

You can do this at Lake Blisee. Since it’s significantly different from conventional fishing, expert guidance is available. Boring Ice and angling through the bore can be fun experiences. If there is a fisherman (or fisherwoman) in you, do check this one out.

Well, not sure if you would still feel like tobogganing after a having a go at the above three. But in case you do, the place offers 8 km of slope dedicated to sledding.  

At the ski lift Roggen, there is a tiny sled run for tiny tots (200 m /656 ft). It still is a lot of adventure for the little ones and lots of joy for their parents. 

Winter Hiking

A total of 15 km (9.3 mi) of winter hiking trails is present in the resort.  

Two popular hikes- First, from the mountain station of the Luftslilbahn Weglos-Seebli, through a small stretch of forest to restaurant Fuederegg. The second starts from the Fuederegg takes a beautiful winter path and ends at restaurant Laucheren.

Food and Drink:

A good number of restaurants and a few clubs welcome you. Hot-savoured specialties, cool après-ski, some solid wine and freshly prepared seasonal dishes and menus make for a hearty meal. The coziness of the place soothes your muscles at night, and the wide open sun terrace energizes them in the morning. One such restaurant is the Bergrestaurant Sternen, situated next to the mountain station of the chair lift Sternen.

Accommodation and pricing:

One of the best features of the resort is the value for money. There are discounts and offers for families, groups, youth and senior citizens.

Depending on your taste and budget, you can check into apartments and huts. Or go for a guest house or a group accommodation. There are even farms to camp at.

Various packages and discount offers let you experience priceless moments with loved ones, for a smaller price. These include weekend packages, short break and active holiday packages, winter packages etc. Families especially can avail of large discounts. The one prerequisite to avail this offer is that both parents should be accompanied by at least 2 children (6 to 20 years).  

Location and Access:

The nearest railway station, 8840 Einsiedeln, is 15 km (9.32 mi) away.
Nearest Airport: Zurich, 57 km (36 mi) away.  

There are two entry points to the resort:

1)Luftseilbahn Weglosen-Seebli, Waagtalstrasse 127, 8842 Unteriberg, Switzerland; and
2) Laucheren, Laucherenstrasse 31, 8843 Oberiberg, Switzerland.

Public transport and parking lots are easy to find at these entry points. Parking is free. 
Experience something different

Hoch Ybrig offers you everything that any other ski resort offers, and then it offers you a set of experiences that no other ski resort can offer. All of it for you and your family with great discount deal

Do you just want to slide over snow, or do you also want to rule the sky and glide over snow?   
Make up your mind (and make a good decision, if you know what that means).

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