Hocheck Oberaudorf-Germany

Hocheck – Oberaudorf – a fun place to enjoy skiing in Germany!


Stuck in the heated monotony of summers? Or merely bored of your adventure-less life? Here at Hocheck – Oberaudorf we have a zillion fun things waiting to be explored by you. At Hocheck, beautiful scenery, landscapes and n number of hiking trails are awaiting for you to explore. Not just that, there are snow adventures and thrills readily hanging around to be enjoyed by those who visit this place. The ski resort located at Hocheck is situated right amidst the Chiemsee Alpenland (Chiemsee Alps) which is situated in Germany, Bavaria (Bayern) and Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern) region. You can reach this place via car or train. Carl-Hagen-Straße 7 in 83080, Oberaudorf is the address that you need to feed in your GPS if you are coming via a car. One can enjoy doing skiing as well as snowboarding here, along with tobogganing. This resort also has got to offer the world’s only summer toboggan run which gives you a 360-degree view. The ski resort here is only recently remodelled in the past ten years. Now, this place has a 4-chair lift, a night ski-slope and also a modern system of snowmaking.

About the place

Base Elevation: 1837 ft

Summit Elevation: 3215 ft

Vertical Drop: 1378 ft

Situated right in the Chiemsee Alps, this is the abode of beautiful scenery, landscapes and nature’s fascinating insights. Oberaudorf is just, let’s say, the starting point. From Oberaudorf you are taken to Hocheck which is situated at an altitude of 1000 m (3280 ft).The pinnacle of this mountain can be reached within a span of 10 minutes via a cable car from Oberaudorf. Hocheck is the final place from where a lot of paths bearing exquisite nature’s views begin. Hocheck is a mountain that is located in the district of Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany. It is elevated to a height of 860 m (2,820 ft). There is a middle station too, from this place you can go skiing back to the Valley Station along with summer funicular. Also, the Oberaudorfer Flieger begins at this place which goes back to the valley up to 80 km/h (49.7 km/h). An upper hand that this place has is the proximity of this ski resort to the metropolitan area of Munich. It is also situated in the vicinity of Oberaudorf which is about 0.5 km (0.31 miles) away from the resort. The village of Oberaudorf is approximately 45 minutes away from the south of Munich. A trip to Oberaudorf is said to be cheaper than other places because here at Oberaudorf; they do not take parking charges and also the access is toll-free. In addition to this, the gastronomy here is comparatively cheaper. All these factors result in a less expenditure thereby making a trip to this place cheaper than other locations.


In all, the Hocheck Ski Resort has 5 Ski lifts that help in transferring the skiers up the mountain of the ski region. These lifts are discussed in detail below. The Hocheck Express (YOC 2006) is one high-speed detachable quad chairlift available at the Ski resort which is built with cushioned seats and tow lifts. The length of this lift is round about 1455 m (4773 ft) and has a carrying capacity of 1800 individuals per hour. It can carry to the max four people at a time. In addition to this chairlift, there are two more T-bar lifts viz. Sudhanglift and Idealhanglift. The length of the Sudhanglift is 500 m (1640 ft) and has a capacity of carrying 1000 individuals in an hour. Then, there is the Idealhanglift which has a length of 250 m (820 ft) and can carry up to 1200 individuals in an hour. Then, the Finkenlift (YOC 1968) is another lift which of J-bar type. The length of this lift is 373 m (1223 ft) and has the capacity of taking 600 individual in an hour. There is also Ubungslift, a Rope tow/beginner lift which has the length of 100 m (328 ft). This lift has the capacity of carrying round about 500 individual in an hour.


Ski slopes are the best part of any ski resort as this is the only place where you get to experience some real thrill and adventure. Of all the other things that one does at a ski resort, slopes are the most crucial thing as they will indirectly decide what level of excitement will you be enjoying. In toto, there are around eight km (5 miles) of runs/slopes that are present here at the resort. These slopes are designed keeping in mind of all the types who skiers who would visit ski – beginner level skiers, intermediate level skiers and expert level skiers. The ski slopes designed for beginner level skiers are 38% of the overall slopes, i.e., they are around 3 km (1.86 miles). Those for the intermediate level skiers are round about 49% of it all which means it about 4km (2.48 miles). Moreover, then there is 1 km (0.62 miles) of ski slopes for the expert level skiers which make up to 13% of the total slopes. The snow available here is artificially made with snow cannons. About 95% of the slopes in this region have snow making capacity. Also, there is a valley run that is available here which has a high difficulty level. The run location of the ski slopes is under the tree line. The longest run/slope that this place has run from Ideal hang lift mountain station to the base station of Oberaudorf. The length of this run is roundabout 3 km (1.86 miles) having an elevation difference of 424 m (1391 ft). Night skiing is also available here for making some life-lasting amazing nocturnal memories at the Hocheck Ski Resort. Snow Park is also available here for various other sorts of pastime activities that one can do along with family and friends. In furtherance to this, there is an additionally marked ski route of 2 km (1.24 miles) which leads the route from Oberaudorf to the neighbouring village of Bad-Trissl. Now that you know about everything that this place has got to offer you, it would be hard to resist the desire of being at Hocheck Ski Resort. So, pack your bags and get going, the beauty at Hocheck awaits you!

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