Hochfelln – an Ideal Skiing Resort for Adventure Lovers!

It is a very fast life. Gradually our responsibilities are increasing day by day. Moreover, with the increase of responsibilities, there is an increase in stress as well. People often forget there is a need to stop and just take a deep breath. At some point, they will think that it is too much to handle for them.That is the moment when it is going to hit them, and they are going to surf all the websites and all the blogs that there are to find a perfect destination. A destination where one can not worry about the workload that is there on their shoulders. A place works best in helping to clear your mind when you are entirely surrounded by beautiful nature. Everywhere you look, you will find grassland, or the land is completely covered with white, bright snow. Whether you are an admirer of both greenery as well as snow-capped valleys, you just can’t miss out being in Hochfelln, the idol place for fun, beauty and serenity. Hochfelln is going to be that a location that will stop you from blinking your eyes. You will admire the beauty of the site and enjoy the thrilling time it is going to offer to you. What place can sound better than this?


About the resort

Hochfelln Statistics

Base Elevation: 1804 ft

Summit Elevation: 5479 ft

Vertical Drop: 3675 ft

Hochfelln is in Cheimgauer Alps in Germany. It is famously known for giving its guests the experience of a lifetime; breath-taking view as well as breath-taking adrenaline. It is at an elevation of 1, 674 metres (5,492.12 ft.) and geographically falls at Bavaria, Germany. It is a perfect holiday destination in summers. The place has a total of 4 lifts to provide excellent comfort and transportation services to the guests that arrive and stay at Hochfelln. It has 2 Drag Lifts and 2 cable cars. One should note that these lifts are full-time working unless and until the weather turns unfavourable or severe. The snow here is fantastic, and most of it is completely natural. On the perfect snow are the perfect human-made tracks. These are well groomed just so no one goes disappointed. The skiing experience on these tracks is amazing! Moreover, if you want to enjoy the cool breeze and a little bit of warmth of the sun, the farms nearby will be an idol place to hang-out with friends, family and even when a person wants some ‘me’ time. It is not all about the fun. It is about the fun that is guaranteed alongside the safety of the guests.


The pistes stretch up to a total of 3 kilometres (1.86 miles).Out of these 3 kilometres (1.86 miles), 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) of it is marked as ‘Easy’ level while the remaining 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) are marked as ‘Moderate’ level. There are no ‘Difficult’ level pistes on Hochfelln. When it comes to cross-country skiing, Hochfelln gives you the best of everything. 14 kilometres (8.69 miles) of classic ski runs right ahead of you. Kiss the winds on your way down and enjoy the view that you pass through. There are people who are not a pro at skiing, and there are also those people who had never tried skiing before, they may join the ski school to get a grip at their skiing skills. The guide can help you determine what category or level you fall in, in skiing. There are three levels:
Beginners- The people who are trying skiing for the first time.
Medium- Those who just lack practice but don’t have a grip on the skills as of yet.
Champions- The ones who compete in several ski championships.


Now, skiing is not everyone’s cup of tea. They may like it; they may not. For the people who do not enjoy skiing as such can go for snowshoeing. What else will be the best way to spend a good time with yourself or your family? A good stroll in and around the beautiful resort would suffice. There is also one toboggan run for the guests to enjoy. It works as yet another supplementary sport if a person is either tired of skiing or is not really interested in it. The toboggans will be easily available at any rental shop at affordable prices.


The main season of the resort starts from the beginning of the December and lasts till the middle of March. During summers, it is operational at the end of April to the beginning of November. During the peak season that is December to March, the prices of accommodation, rentals, etc. are likely to change. However, the difference will not hurt your pockets. The resort is operational from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Skiing after the operational hours is prohibited. Staying after 4:30 p.m. on the pistes is at your own If an unfortunate incident is to occur, the resort will readily refrain from taking any responsibilities about it. The timings of the resort may vary and are subject to change without prior notice if there is a climatic issue. Hence, if the weather conditions are adverse, the resort will most likely stay closed and put a strict prohibition to be on the slopes, to ensure that none of their guests gets hurt and they remain

Prices Of Accommodation And Entry

The prices for ski-passes vary on the basis of age as well as timings. The following rates mentioned are off peak season of Hochfelln.
The ticket cost for the adults for an entire day will be€ 31.
For young people and children, the price of the ski pass for a whole day is € 18.
The ticket cost for the senior citizens will be€ 31 as well.
One should choose to come here at Hochfelln as it is a package of beauty, serenity and adventure. People seek one of the above three things depending on their age or where their mind is at. It is the best getaway destination whether you are with family or with friends or you ca me by yourself.

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