The Skiing Paradise Of Hochfügen-Hochzillertal

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy the snow, feel the chill and see your own breath turn into clouds? Sounds great right? So these winters try something out of the box. Go for skiing and snowboarding to this wonderful place Hochfgen-Hochzillertal. Enjoy the beautiful landscape, ski and get that feel good vibe. Leave your footprints in the form of skis or snowboards.

This place is situated just a few minutes away from the Zillertal Valley, the resort of Hochzillertal-Hochfügen in the Zillertal Valley in Austria. This spot is a sure shot ski destination for any wanderlust and adventure loving person. This place can be reached from the village of Kaltenbach or the village of Hochfügen at 1,500 m (4921 ft). This makes Hochfügen one of Austria’s highest ski resorts. The many red, black and blue slopes stretching from 560 m to 2,400 m (1837 to 7874 ft) are major attractions for visitors all over the globe. The place offers fun for everybody. Children can enjoy in kindergarten while free riders can head higher up to the peaks over and above the resort. The resort is connected via free shuttle bus to Spieljochbahn.



Lifts and slopes

Total slopes that the resort embodies is around 88.07 km (55 miles) of which blue ones are 28.70 km (17 miles), red are 41.30 km (25 miles), and the black are 13 km (8 miles). The place also has ski routes of around 3.58 kilometres (2.22 miles). There are two downhill runs and a park that is 1.49 km (0.92 miles). There is a total of 39 lifts that include five gondola lifts, 12 chairlifts, 2 x 8 and 1 x 6 chairlifts with heated seat, 19 rows, and three conveyor belts.


Height meter

The valley station is 600 meters (1968 ft), the mountain station is 1739 meters (5705 ft), and the wedel express is 2360 meters (7742 ft).



Betterpark Hochzillertal

Hochzillertal Statistics

Base Elevation: 4692 feet

Summit Elevation: 8202 feet

Vertical Drop: 3510 feet

The better park is situated directly beneath the exit of the 8-seater chairlift Snow Express. The total length of this park Is around 320 m (1049 ft). It also has a private elevator. The best part about this ski park is that it can be fun for all ages due to its diversity in the activities it offers. Visitors can choose between Beginner Line, MediumLine, ProLine, JibLine, and XL kicker line. If you just want to rest and enjoy the scenery, the Chill out area awaits you. Consisting of container, music system and deckchairs, one can relax while watching the happenings in the entire park. The highlight in Betterpark Hochzillertal is the XL-kicker, which invites you to shoot and chill out. The XL Kicker Line has a Kicker 18 m (59 ft) and an 8 m (26 ft) flat rail. The Pro-Line has a 10 m (32 ft) and another 12 m (39.3 ft) kicker whereas the Medium Line has a 6 m (19 ft) Kicker and an 8 m (26 ft) kicker.




For families with children, this place is more than a ski resort. It is more like a home. The ski resort Hochfgen-Hochzillertal serves as a perfect ski destination for small skiers and snowboarders. They have a number of clubs and fun stuff for children. The children area comes with a conveyor-belt lift, fun rollers, a children’s restaurant and all-day childcare service.


Ski School Kostenzer:

Would your children like to learn how to ski or would you like to improve your own skills? Ski School Kostenzer right in Hochfügen offers courses for all age groups and each skill level, whether individual or group lessons for pros or beginners. Our professional staff will introduce the little ones to the fascination of winter sports and will playfully show them how much fun it can be to glide down the slopes. You can carve down the slopes alone or learn tips and tricks from highly qualified snow sports instructors and experience the most beautiful slopes in the Hochfügen – Zillertal ski area.



`VIP gondola

One of the major attractions of this place is this VIP gondola. They boast of having the very first floating sedan. There is a state-of-the-art cabin from LEITNER ropeways that provides a relaxing ride. The interior of this LEITNER comes from a BMW Individual – consisting of brown leather seats that offer massage function, a multimedia system from the BMW 7 Series Sedan. They ensure that The “BMW Individual for LEITNER” project presents the probably most exclusive way to experience and adventurous and comfortable winter in the Alps.


Training slope

They also have some well groomed and designed slopes, state-of-the-art lifts, snow safety SKI optimal HochzillertalKaltenbach training centres to make your skiing trip safe and perfect. Expert ÖSV Trainer Zimmermann Alfred, who has 30 years of experience from racing and trainer activity and provides for ideal training and race preparation.


Ski Raceshop Hochzillertal

This shop is special since here, a racer can find anything and everything that he needs. Starting from racing skis, boots, race suits, helmets, racing wax, protectors and other training materials (tipping bars, etc.), and one can expect to find anything here.



The resort also has a number cottages and huts that can give you the very special, romantic and goodness feeling throughout.


  • Crystal hut

It is an amazing experience when it comes to Crystal-hut, whether it is a Hutgaudi or kiwi dinners or some romantic candle-light dinner, wine or schnapps tasting, the chimney fire, torchlight walks or simply the tranquillity 2,147 m (7043 ft) above sea level.


  • Marendalm

This is one of the major attractions of the resort. Here, you can find culinary delights right next to the slopes.  The Bergrestaurant “Marendalm” is situated at the “Mizunlifte” in the ski area Hochzillertal. The main features of this restaurant are, Non-smoking restaurant (smoking area in the sun lounge), Drinking water fountain for free removal, Especially generous portions and large sun terrace and new sun lounge with Sky Bar.


  • Firnhütte

The new insider tip at the Neuhütten has six-seater chairlifts. It is located directly at the station of the 6-seater chairlift Neuhüttenbahn.



The Hochfügen Nacht program wherein “fire meets snow” puts forth night skiing completely free of cost along with a simultaneous fabulous program.


The area also offers Ski buses free, racing slopes and services, top childcare for your children of 3 months -7 years, Snow-covered and lit up downhill slopes, kindergarten club, 3-bonnet restaurant Alexander in Hochfügen. The place also has wonderful high-altitude ski tracks for cross-country skiing, Halfpipe + Snowpark (Hochzillertal), Après-ski and “Hüttengaudi”, two skiing areas, one ski pass for 90 kilometers (55 miles) of pistes and much more. The best part is no queues, thanks to the cable cars available. Gone are the days when people had to queue to enjoy the lifts. They have enough lifts, so people don’t have to wait to enjoy the winter wonders. Skiing is on offer up to 155 km (96 miles) of slopes. Easy to reach, family friendly and with a touch of gourmet glamour, the Hochzillertal-Hochfügen ski resort has much more to offer than just great skiing.


So, these winters visit this high-Alpine valley basin and spend the whole day enjoying downhill runs and the sunlit snowy hill. You can experience 89 kilometres (55 miles) of pistes, fast and modern lift facilities and lots of fun here. The skiing area at Hochfügen-Hochzillertal sets entirely new standards for a perfect ski vacation, whether you are a snowboard professional or just a newbie. Skiing here is a winter dream come true for the whole family. Enjoy the beautiful panorama and ski in the midst of the breathtaking, snow-covered terrains.


Have endless fun here at this amazing resort with your family and friends. Book your tickets and head out for Hochfügen-Hochzillertal with your near and dear ones this winter. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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