HOCHKAR – The perfect place to ski and have fun!

Waiting to warm yourself up at home, sitting by the fireplace and cozying up in your favorite blankets to get rid of this chilly weather? Well, this is what most of us would prefer to do but what if for once you wish to enjoy the adventures those lofty mountains have on offer, and enjoy the breathtaking views and create everlasting memories. Skiing offers all of that at the same time, and Hochkar is the apt place to go, where you can look forward to a memorable experience and some unforgettable moments of fun and frolic. So gather your near and dear ones and let go your lazy bones for getting out to have a blast together because the winter is right here!





Hochkar Statistics

Base Elevation: 4856 feet

Summit Elevation: 5902 feet

Vertical Drop: 1047 feet

Hochkar is a beautiful ski area located approximately 150 kilometers from Vienna, Austria. It is poised at an elevation of 1,808 meters (5,932 feet) and stands with the prominence of 607 meters (1,991 feet). The picturesque ski area is located in Austria, known for the beautiful mountain range, the Grand Alps. Although, that being the main attraction, it forms a parent mountain range to several other mountain ranges, which are the parent ranges to foot mountains and ski areas like Hochkar. Although much tinier than the Alps, Hochkar will be sure to shock you pleasantly with its snow-cloaked slopes and more than breathtaking sceneries, both, from the peak and the trough.



Apart from being known for its beauty, it’s also known for being a paradise for skiers. With eight modern ski lifts and two magic carpets across 19-kilometre slopes, they provide a wonderful platform for skiing, snowboarding, and free boarding. Hochkar resort prunes its snow slopes to perfection, priding itself in grooming the snow. The resort promises safe ski routes to both beginners and professionals.

There are about 20 slopes, 15 of them are open and working. Out of the 15, 8 are easy ski slopes or the beginner level. There are 6 out of 8 intermediate or slightly more difficult slopes and only one extremely difficult ski slope for the professionals. The easy or low difficulty

Their operating hours are the standard, 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. They’re open during the winter season, so the optimum dates to set your trip would 3rd December to 17th April, especially this year (being 2016-2017).

All lifts are available in working condition, both single and group skiers.  A wonderful, detachable modern chair lift which accommodates 4 is open to avail by any group of skiers, so if you’re in a small group, this chair lift is the one for you. There are 4 four seater chair lifts, 3 with conveyor belt access. There is an available two-seater chairlift, also available with conveyor belt access. And finally to wrap it up, there are two tow lifts and 2 covered magic carpets to journey to the top of the slopes. These help in the smooth functioning and facilitating the flow of tourists, which makes the experience enjoyable and void of any obstacle.

The low-level of difficulty slopes range over 5.5 kilometers of Hochkar, with the medium-level of difficulty slopes cover 10 kilometers. The professional or the high-level difficulty slopes spread over 3.5 kilometers. In summation, the slopes In Hochkar total at 19 kilometers of pure, unadulterated skiing.




Snowpark Hochkar is a place where tourists go to frolic in the snow, meaning they partake in snow sports like snowboarding, skiing, sledging and free boarding. It’s mainly used for freestyle skiing with gorgeous sceneries as you have fun in the cold. The Snowpark was a concept built by the Hochkar Railways and crew as they took a creative path. It’s a must visit for anyone that isn’t a resident at Hochkar. Make sure to give Snowpark Hochkar at least a sideways glance!


Night skiing is extremely popular in Hochkar. Have a go at a famous winter sport under a starlit sky! You can ski and snowboard from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Almhang. There are only certain dates you can avail the experience. The dates for 2016-2017 were and are 28th December, 30th December, and 05th January.  08th February, 10th February, 22nd February and 24th February.

There are fixed prices for skiing tickets for both adults and children, differently priced. It’ll cost you € 11.50 if you’re an adult, but € 6.00 if you have a child tagging along. But, it’s well worth the money for a wonderful 3 hours. You can also buy a season pass for night skiing.  It is definitely one of the most delectable experiences if you’re into snow sports (or just want to have a good time in the snow).




If you’re in Hochkar and have an interest in winter sports, but are inexperienced OR if you want to either race or organize a race, then there are specific areas and schools you can avail the classes and the assistance you need. There are two specific schools, JoSchi Ski and Snowboard School and Schiclub Gostling Hochkar. Starting with JoSchi, JoSchi has a trifurcation; JoSchi Sporthaus, JoSchi Sportpension, and JoSchi Almgasthof, but essentially the JoSchi School works as a single unit but with multiple buildings. They operate a 4-star ski school, Almgasthof, Sportpension, a ski hut, a Berghaus and many other ongoing operations. They host classes and help train both beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Besides providing for skiing and snowboarding, they provide beddings and accommodations.

The Schiclub Gostling Hochkar is a ski training school that conducts skiing races, sort of like a snow Grand Prix of winter sports. There are a few “grand prize” that do go on contemporarily. But the Schiclub is strictly only a sporting facility and does not provide for staying or any other accommodations.

Unfortunately, Schiclub has had a hike in skiing accidents and injuries. While this is bad news for them, it’s still one of the best skiing schools or race camps to attend. They, however, train mostly professionals as they have a team that participates in the tournaments above.

Either school will provide with high-quality techniques to slide down the slopes in style!



You definitely cannot ski, snowboard or freeboard on an empty stomach, so here are a few places around Hochkar that you can tank up on some much-needed fuel.

The recently re-opened JoSchi Sporthaus Hochkar will provide you with some much-needed R&R after a hard day of winter sports. Another highly recommended place for refreshing yourself is the JoSchi mountain house and the Après Ski Bar (which literally translates to “after ski bar”). Especially recommended is the Après Ski Bar, which tends to your after-ski needs, whether it’s a hot chocolate, a coffee or warm liquor and some hot foods to dig into, of various kinds! Don’t miss out on the local dishes of Vienna and Hochkar; they serve as a tasty treat to skiers and snowboarders after all the high-speed action and energy consuming activities.



Hochkar is one of the many beautiful, snow-clad wonderlands in Austria and every one of them is a sight to see. None of them are outdone by the other, but each has their own specialty, whether it’s a food dish, activity, sport or structures, and parks. They area bound together by their beyond gorgeous mountain ranges and their greenery.

Hochkar is not only special for being a drive away from Vienna, but also for being one of the major skiing areas in Austria. Hochkar is a happening hub for tourists for its varied range of activities, foods, sceneries and much more. Let Hochkar treat you to its panoramic views along with some delightful snow-cloaked slopes which will surely leave you speechless and enchanted. It all makes for an experience that’s worthy of the phrase “out of this world”! Visitors will surely vouch and attest to that. Let Hochkar enthrall you!

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