Hochlecken: A Gateway to Solitude!

Winter is a long-lasting season with time as well as with memories. Holidays give us ample time to explore new activities. Doing something which you would have rarely imagined about provides you with the most unexpected thrill and excitement. You may have made a list of activities to involve yourselves during winter but are in a dilemma as to what to do. What could be that one activity, sportive and thrilling enough to satisfy your winter hunger? Skiing is the answer. You should absolutely try it out.

Pack you travel backs to meet up with nature in the surrounding Ski resorts. Skiing as an activity is not only exciting but also beneficial for your health. Skiing is also a great exercise. If you are looking to lose some of your excessive fat deposits, Skiing can help you do that. It is estimated that Skiing for about an hour can burn as much as 700 calories which are higher than what you can burn during normal exercising in a Gym. It is not just about you. Skiing can also be a group activity. It indirectly helps in strengthening your relationship with your friends and family.



About the resort!

Hochlecken Statistics

Base Elevation: 2789 feet

Summit Elevation: 3773 feet

Vertical Drop: 984 feet

There are a large number of resorts and mountains where you could go Skiing. For those looking for a relatively small resort and some solitude, there is a place worth recommending. The tiny Ski Resort, Hochlecken is located in Austria at Lake Traunsee. This place has the terrain required for various winter sports. The height from sea level varies from 870 meters (0.54 mile) to 1150 meters (0.71 miles). There are about 4 km (2.48 miles) long slopes where you can Ski as well as Snowboard. Although tiny, the number of Ski lifts is high, counting to 5. The climate here provides the visitors with an enthusiastic atmosphere ideal for Skiing.

The place is a general favourite among children and family groups. Families will have a very memorable time. Children will have a lot of fun, and they will learn about many things. Accommodation facilities are ample and shouldn’t be any problem. The lively atmosphere of the resort will make you forget all your frustrations and regrets. You’ll just enjoy the moment and refresh your thoughts. The Ski resort may give you a huge boost to your mood. Come along and expect the unexpected.


The Terrain Analysis

The 4 km (2.48 miles) of slopes are well-balanced in terms of diverse experience they offer the Skiers. 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) of stretch comes under the beginner level. Anyone, ranging from small kids to the elderly will be able to Ski here without any difficulty. This part of the slopes is ideal for learning purposes. In the remaining slopes, 1 km (0.2 miles) is classified under medium and another 1 km (0.62 miles) under difficult. Medium level slopes can be used to test how much you have learned. They can enhance your confidence levels and your grip in Skiing. The hard slopes give you a great challenge. It is a test to your abilities as a skier. Professional Skiers may find it very useful for training purposes. Anyone can, in fact, try these challenging slopes with proper protective gear and feel the real essence of professional Skiing. Valley run facility is also available. There is never any shortage of Snow. The slopes are well equipped with artificial snowmaking cannons. There are, in total 5 of them. Being a small resort, there is no half-pipe or a Snow Park.




The Amazing Ski Lifts

Ski lifts form an integral part of any Ski resort. Without them, Skiing would be Impossible. Although there are 5 Ski lifts, the total lift length is only 100 meters. The carrying capacity is high at 4200 passengers per hour. Among the five lifts, 3 are the T-Bar type, and the other 2 are Rope Tow type. All the three T-Bar type lifts have a carrying capacity of 1000 per hour each. The Rope Tows have a carrying capacity of 600 passengers per hour. Ski lifts offer a unique experience, and one can witness the beauty of the surrounding atmosphere and nature as they travel through the Ski lift.


Play with the Snow!

Another integral part of any resort is the snow present. After all it the snow that makes smooth Skiing possible. The snow levels are pretty deep here in a small resort like this one. The depth at the base is about 80 cm and at the mountain averages at 115 cm (45.27 inches). There is plenty of snow for you to play around with or do some snow modelling. With the artificial snow also available, instances of a shortage of snow are very rare.



The Other Exciting Activities That Await You

There aren’t many additional facilities available. The primary focus is put on Skiing. However here are a few things that you can participate in.


Ice Skating – You can just buy or rent some skates from a local shop and try your luck with Ice Skating. This activity requires a lot of focus and balance management but otherwise it can be a lot of fun.


The Ski School – There is a special Ski school located in the region which offers foundation courses in Skiing. Children are trained with a lot of care. Participants are divided into groups and then taught about the basics of Skiing. Towards the end of the course, race is conducted to test the skills learned. The prices for these courses vary from 160 Euro to 180 Euro.


Apart from this, there are a few special places you must not forget to visit. One such place is the Brunnkogel Cross. That place enjoys a special attraction for tourists. It was in fact damaged during a storm but was efficiently rebuild. You can roam around the place with your family for some sight-seeing.


The Ticket Costs

The Ski ticket costs are relatively cheaper here. During the main season, a day ticket will cost about 17 Euro for adults and only 11.5 Euro. Tickets and passes are sold in various categories like half day tickets, Family cards, 2-day tickets, etc. One can even buy a season’s pass at a modest price of 150 Euro for grown-ups and 120 Euro for children. These prices are appropriate for the services provided and the experience gained. Don’t forget to look for some special offers which may be availed by some large groups.


The Functioning Times

The standard season time starts from mid-December to mid-March. Those months are the core of the winter season providing ambient conditions and temperature for the best Skiing experience. Visitors must make a note of the functioning hours of the Ski resort. The general timings for lift operations are from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The resort may also be operating from 5 PM to 9 PM on certain days. These timings can be drastically modified, mainly depending on the weather conditions. Scheduling is important. Afternoons are generally the ideal time for some skiing practice.


Hochlecken easily stands among best places to Ski for small time skiers and those who would want some privacy to explore and rediscover themselves. Small families can strengthen their bonds in their relationships. Make your holiday worthwhile and memorable by coming to the Ski resort and exploring the beautiful experiences that Skiing has got to offer you. Because with so much on offer and so many things to try out here, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. Right from skiing and snowboarding to a wide range of other activities, you have everything you need.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan your schedule, grab your passes and head out straight for Hochecken Ski Resort with your family and friends and make the most of the winter days. You won’t regret it, we promise! Have fun!

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