Hochlitten Riefensberg-Austria

Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Hochlitten Riefensberg Ski Resort

As Robert Louis Stevenson had said in his poem ‘Winter-Time’, “Late lies the wintry sun a-bed, / A frosty fiery sleepy-head; / Blinks but an hour or two; and then, / A blood-red orange, sets again. /Close by the jolly fire I sit/ To warm my frozen bones a bit; / Or with a reindeer-sled, explore/ The colder countries round the door.”- Winter is indeed the time to explore the wilderness and immerse yourself in the cool atmosphere prevailing around you. The poem explains that as the winter sun rises late in the dawn of morning, people all across the world reluctantly emerge from their slumber and soon enough find themselves cozying up near the fireplace to make themselves comfortable. Or hop on a “reindeer-sled” (metaphorically) and traverse the globe in search of utmost wintry beauty. In other words, the season of winter has always been a favorite subject for many such notable men of literature and it thus, explains why we anxiously wait for this lovely season. 

Of course, winter also means pampering yourself with a well-deserved break as you work tirelessly throughout the year. Winter exuberates the feeling of freedom and joy as you embark on a journey destined to provide you with the most memorable moments and bring renewed happiness into your lives. Now since we are on the subject of holidays and vacations, let me inform you about a beautiful ski and snowboarding resort situated in Austria and when I am done explaining its whereabouts, you would not be able to wait to reach this resort! Located at Bach 28, 6943 Riefensberg, Austria, the Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort is one mesmerizing destination aimed to provide you with unlimited fun and joy whilst you stay there. The cold and snowy days of winter adorn the surrounding areas of this resort majestically and ushers the creation of a beautiful landscape which leaves all in awe of the natural beauty in front of them. 

Know your Resort

The Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1000 meters (3280 feet) at the base and 1200 meters (3937 feet) at the vertical drop which makes a difference of precisely 200 meters (656 feet). There is a total of three ski lifts to transport the guests to the various locations and one exercise lift for skiing and snowboarding activities. Although the Hochlitten Riefensberg Resort has been in operation for a staggering fifty years, the family-owned business has been on constant upgrade with the evolution of time


Hochlitten Riefensberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 1000 m

Summit Elevation: 1200 m

Vertical Drop: 200 m

Skiing and Snowboarding Activities 

The Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort has provisions for a total of 3 kilometers (approx. 1.86 miles) for skiing and snowboarding fun. Well-groomed slopes and trails ensure that you have an exquisite adventure during your stay at this resort.

For Novices: A total of 1 kilometer (approx. 0.62 miles) or 33 percent of slopes and trails are available for amateurs and beginners out of a total 3 kilometers. Such trails and ski runs are relatively easy and involve moderate twists and curves so that the participant is really focused on learning the basics of skiing and snowboarding. These trails and slopes can be practiced on by every skier and snowboarder irrespective of their level of skiing to brush up their skills in this winter sport. 

For Intermediates: Out of the total 3 kilometers, 2 kilometers (approx. 1.24 miles) or 67 percent are awarded to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. These trails and slopes involve challenging twists and bends which are essentially a source of entertainment for such skiers. Intermediate skiers and snowboarders are all familiar with the basics of skiing and require additional practice to advance their level.

NOTE: All safety precautions and concerns are well maintained at the Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort so that you can enjoy a tension-free and fun skiing and snowboarding adventure.

Snow Park 

The Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort offers a beautiful snow park or rather, a fun park for all beginners and amateur skiers and snowboarders. This expansive snow park is a huge playground for such skiers ay they can enjoy uninterrupted skiing and snowboarding and familiarize themselves with all the details about this winter sport. Fun park with its amazing snow-making capabilities provides several railway spots such as Flatbox, Kickerbank, HD Pipe and various other boxes. 


The Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort offers three different race tracks and services which are all directly connected with the lifts.  The machined racing and training tracks are all superbly preserved to ensure professional training and provide ideal conditions and turfs for racers of all types. These racetracks and services of the Hochlitten Riefensberg ski resort have already earned its name by being associated with various regional competitions. So rest assured about having enormous fun and frolic at this resort! 

Ski and Snowboard School 

Don’t know how to ski or snowboard? Well, fret not! The Hochlitten Riefensberg listens to all your wishes and has set up the services of ski and snowboard schools. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this resort takes into account your comfort zone and learning ability and the area favors ideal conditions of skiing and snowboarding. Perfectly groomed pistes and slopes, as well as three ski lifts and one exercise lift, ensure that you take your first steps at skiing and snowboarding both skilfully and safely and not to mention, these slopes also facilitate children’s courses so that they do not miss out any fun.  

Day Tickets and Season Passes

Day tickets are your go-to cards which will make sure you witness all the fun without any interruptions or disturbances. Day tickets for adults (17 years and older) cost 27.50 Euros and for children (from 5 to 16 years) cost 17 Euros. 11 am time cards for adults cost 25.50 Euros and for children cost 15.50 Euros. 12 pm time cards for adults cost 24 Euros and for children cost 14.50 Euros. 1 pm time cards for adults cost 22.50 Euros and for children cost 13.50 Euros. One hour time card for adults cost 15 Euros and for children cost 9.50 Euros. 

Two hours’ time card for adults cost 21 Euros and for children cost 12.50 Euros. 3-Days multi cards for adults cost 78 Euros and for children cost 46.50 Euros. 4-Days multi cards for adults cost 102 Euros and for children cost 60 Euros. 5-Days multi cards for adults cost 125 Euros and for children cost 72.50 Euros. 6-Days multi cards for adults cost 147 Euros and for children cost 84 Euros. 7-Days multi cards for adults cost 168 Euros and for children cost 94.50 Euros. Family season tickets for two adults and for two kids cost 680 Euros, for two adults and one kid cost 590 Euros and for one adult and two kids cost 440 Euros. 

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities