Hochoetz: The Family Perfect Ski-resort

We work hard to earn and give a comfortable life to our loved ones. However, in this busy schedule, we tend to overlook the people for whom we are working day in and day out – our family. There cannot be an investment wiser than spending some quality time with your family. Take a break from your busy work life this winter and plan a vacation to a ski resort to spend some quality time with your family. The getaway would not only refresh your spirits, but it would also deepen your bonds with your children. While kids would love playing in the white powdery snow, you can enjoy some adventurous sports like skiing, snowboarding, freeriding and so on. A ski vacation is a win-win situation for you and your family. Open your world to endless fun and excitement with your loved ones this upcoming winter.




About the place

Hochoetz Statistics

Base Elevation: 2690 feet

Summit Elevation: 7546 feet

Vertical Drop: 4199 feet

If you are planning a weekend with your family, you must definitely visit Hochoetz. It is a ski resort situated amidst the beautiful mountains of Tyrol, Austria. It has a vertical drop of 1280 m (4200 feet). It has a base elevation of 819 m (2690 feet), while the summit elevation is as high as 2300 m (7546 feet). The resort has 3.85 km2 (952 acres) of the the skiable region. This place offers various runs to fulfill the needs of skiers of various levels. A total of 36 km (22.4 mi) of the runs is available along with three additional marked ski routes.


The elevation difference of this region is 862 m (2828 feet). There are 12 lifts to service the guests. Out of these 12 lifts, three lifts take the tourists from one of the mountains to the other. All the feeder lifts offered here are gondola lifts. The Acherkogel lift leads up from Oetz; it takes just 8 minutes to cover an elevation difference of 1200 m (3937 feet). The Wetterkreuz lift is a modern 6-person chairlift fitted with weather protectors, and the Brunnenkopfis a detachable quad chairlift. These two lifts cover most of the slopes in the resort. There are other double chairlifts, and three pommel lifts accessible to beginners. The total lift length is 10.9 km (6.8 mi). These lifts have a total capacity of 16666 passengers in an hour. The place boasts of a high number of tourists every year. So pack your bags and plan your weekend to this splendid and impressive mountain.




Go Skiing

You can find runs of various difficulty levels to quench your desire for skiing. Ride along these runs to experience the thrill while the crisp cold air brushes your cheek and adrenaline pumps you up. This resort has 77 snow canons which cater to the snow needs of the skiers. All of the slopes have snow-making capabilities. There is a valley run that leads to Ochsengarten. The longest run offered is 5 km (3.1 mi) long with an elevation difference of 610 m (2001 feet) between Brunnenkopf and Ochsengarten.


Easy level- 33% of the run is at the easy level. These slopes are perfect for beginners with wide, treeless slopes. These slopes are found around the Hochoetz mountain station and surrounding areas of the Balbach chairlift. These runs extend over 12 km (7.5 mi) of the slopes.


Intermediate level- These slopes are ideal if you want to improve upon your skiing skills. They comprise 59% of the runs. They cover a total length of 21 km (13 mi). They are thrilling and challenging at the same time.


Experienced level- If you are up for the challenge, you can try these black slopes to test your skills. They constitute 3 km (1.8 mi) of the total run and are very popular with expert skiers. The most difficult run, No 8 Mohrenkopf, is 1 km (0.62 miles) long with an elevation difference of 300 m (984 feet). There is a possibility to explore the powdery snow along the slopes in some parts of the ski resort.


Family and Kids

This resort is quite popular among families who wish to have a relaxing yet fun trip with their kids. The local mascot “Widi”, a ram, introduces kids to skiing in the children’s practice area near the Kuehtaile chairlift. There are three children areas operated by four ski schools. There is a funpark near the Balbachsessellift chairlift for older children. A practice lift in Ochsengarten, three practice lifts in the ski resort, and child-friendly slopes are perfect for children. The whole family can have fun at the resort. Hochoetz ski resort also offers special discounts for families during Happy Weeks.


Ski School Mali: This ski school takes care of the children’s area located under the Brunnenkopf lift. It is located in a quiet area and features a magic carpet. “Skidoo” brings the children to this area from the mountains. It provides skiing and snowboarding lessons.


Ski School of Oetz-Hochoetz: This school runs the children’s area located at the mountain station in Hochoetz. They have funny characters who playfully give skiing lessons to the children. The children are brought back to the top via a magic carpet. The “Dampfbahn” is quite popular among the young ones. It is a steam train that transports children all over the ski resort. The school offers free ski lessons on scheduled days for young kids.


Auf den Spuren der Wildtiere: It means “find the animals of the forest”. It is an obstacle course designed for children. It is situated amidst the forest around slope no 9. It is a ski route which provides various adventures for the young ones. They hide native domestic animals in the forest, and the children’s task is to find these animals. It is an exhilarating and stimulating experience for the kids. The Ochsengarten lift takes the children back to the mountain station later. This is an exciting and fun way to learn awesome stuff about the native game animals.


Kindergarten Hochoetz: It is a day-care that welcomes 2+ years old children. It opens every day from 9 a.m. to 4 pm. Their professional childcare team will take care of your kids while you enjoy the slopes. The children can play, paint, tinker and have fun activities at this day-care. There is a separate room where they can sleep if they doze off. There are many toys in this facility so that the kids can have a pleasurable time. They offer trail lessons for € 6.00, half day care for € 13.00, day care for € 21.00, a six-day package for € 95.00, and food and Skiwasser for € 5.20. They take only a limited no of kids.



Snowshoe hikes

The pristine beauty of the Hochoetz region makes it a splendid paradise for zealous snowshoe hikers. Steep slopes, gentle ascents, breathtaking alpine landscapes, endless trails, and uninterrupted panoramic scenes will leave you awe-struck. You can learn snowshoe hiking under the supervision of certified snowshoe hiking guides offered in the Hochoetz Ski Region.


If you want to enjoy the beauty with your beloved, you can go for a romantic snowshoe hike at night. Take a walk through the snow-white forest under the blanket of twinkling stars. The soft blanket of snow crystals will surely leave you mesmerized. This service is offered every Monday. They serve a hot tea at the end of this tour. It is an easy tour and charges are € 5.00 per person. The tour starts at 8 pm and takes approximately 2 hours.


Sledding and Tobogganing

Hochoetz offers the ultimate and well-maintained natural track. You will relish the experience if you love tobogganing and sledding. A toboggan ride always guarantees extreme fun for old and young. After this, you can stop at one of the picturesque mountain inns.


Right from skiing, snowboarding and a number of other fun activities on offer, you cannot stay away from this fun place for long. If you want a fun weekend with your family, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip, book your tickets, grab your backpacks and get ready to experience excitement and thrill in the upcoming winters. This is a must visit place for families. Have fun!

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