Hochpustertal - The Snowy Side is Up

All the hikers, explorers, and travelers, all your eyes here, please. If you have been looking for a place to revive yourself this winter, we have got your back. Moreover, even if you are not a real enthusiast about outdoor activities, we urge you take a few moments from your time to read so that you can thank us later. Getting out of that soft quilt would be hard, but believe it when we say so, this place is worth it all. Though this place is quite popular for summer hikes, you are going to fall head over heels when you are standing at the snowy face of the same. Come twist your plans this year, with Hochpustertal where you would find snow covered canopies and those amazing curves for your ski board. Start packing your bags for the most miraculous experience of your life.

The Hochpustertal is the easternmost part of the Pustertal valley in Tyrol, through which the Drava flows. Moreover, even so, is not just a part of the East but it has to share the beautiful valley with the South. It is as exquisite as it can get, and you will not get enough of it when the snow cloaks every little hut on the way. It is a big hit for cross-country skiers since there is a span of 160 kilometers (37.2 miles) of tracked slopes.

Starting from the middle of December and lasting through the end of March, anybody can enjoy the bliss – be it a beginner, a snow freak, or an advanced snowboarder. This place is a wonderland for all the snow lovers. Moreover, the people who do not like snow should know that it is worth a try.



Skiing places in Hochpustertal -

Hochpustertal Statistics

Base Elevation: 1100 m

Summit Elevation: 2407 m

Sillian is one of the big-hitter towns in East Tyrol, just not for the beauty it owns but it is a real paradise for hikers and skiers. It is an excellent starting point for the newcomers to the art of skiing. That is because Sillian is bordered by the so-called Carnic Ridge in the south leaving no person on the verge of falling out. It is gradually making its name and gaining popularity amongst ski lovers, when you start comparing it with other towns in East Tyrol. The town is located at the foot of the Thurntal, which stretches as far as 2407 meters and probably leaves every eye wonderstruck.

Obertilliach-Golzentipp is a ski area especially for the families to create memories. The two words that aptly describe this place are family and sunshine. The two T-bar lifts make it really easy for those first steps on the snow and let you see your special ones enjoy the extents of the snow. They are very close to the village, making it a safe option for emergencies. A plenty of pistes and snow must sound amazing because this place has got 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) of it between the range of 1430 meters and 2250 meters.

The Kartitsch is yet another family ski area, which is really far south. Obviously if not, the sunshine is more abundantly seen here. Three ski lifts are available for your and your kids’ fun and a total of 4 kilometers (2.4 miles) are more than enough to enjoy skiing in the pure white snow. The ski area is very straightforward and it’s as if it is handcrafted for beginners. The little ones will not go tumbling, with all the ski and board instructors available. The baby lift and Igloo Bar in the Valley Station complete the offer for little skiers.

There are many nursery slopes also available. One being at Sillian, there’s one in Kartitsch called Kanterlift. It is situated in the south at the center and is ideal for learning how to ski. The small but real fine ski area in Anras has one ski tow enough to help children learn to ski.


Ways to reach East Tyrol -

Four ways to reach this paradise includes traveling by car, a bus, a train or flight

You can reach from six different places by road. From Germany, Switzerland, Vienna, Salzburg, and via two places from Italy including Bolzano and Venice, making it an easily accessible place. Germany is 216 kilometers (134.2 miles) away. It takes 6 hours 30 minutes to reach from Switzerland which is 480 kilometers (298.2 miles) away. From Vienna, it takes 5 hours 30 minutes to reach, and from Salzburg, it takes 2 hours 30 minutes to reach. There are two ways to reach via Italy. One from Bolzano, being as near as 149 kilometers (92.5 miles) and another from Venice which is just 250 kilometers (155.3 miles) away.

There are three routes to reach by bus or train. You can take a train via Bozen – Brixen – Sillian – Lienz or via Spittal to Lienz – Sillian. If you do not have a problem with changing to a bus, then take a train via Kitzbühel and continue by bus to Matrei – Lienz.

If you are planning on rather flying, there are seven nearby airports. Innsbruck and Salzburg are 200 kilometers (124.2 miles) away. Klagenfurt is 150 (93.2 miles) kilometers away, and Munich is 250 kilometers (155.3 miles) away. Then there’s Venice, Bolzano, and Vienna too.




Availability of lifts -

The elevation rises from 1100 meters/3608 feet to 2407 meters/7897 feet. Seven ski lifts are available, distributed into 2gondola lifts, three chairlifts, and one platter/button lifts. All of these together make it possible to carry 10480 passengers in an hour’s time. If you are an enthusiast about lifts, follow the list below to find information about all the lifts available.

Thurntalerbahn I, 2180 meters (7152 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1130 people in an hour. It is a Gondola Chairlift.

Thurntalerbahn II, 1390 meters (4560 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1130 people in an hour. It is a Gondola Chairlift.

Thurntaler, 1887 meters (6191 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2400 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.

Ausservillgraten, 2028 meters (6653 feet) long has the capacity of riding 2400 people in an hour. It is a High-speed Chairlift.

Gadein, 1006 meters (3300 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1500 people in an hour. It is a Fixed-grip Chairlift.

Gadein, 475 meters (1558 feet) long has the capacity of riding 1200 people in an hour. It is a T-bar lift.

Übungslift Gadein, 80 meters (262 feet) long has the capacity of riding 720 people in an hour. It is a Rope-tow Lift.



At Hochpustertal, well-maintained slopes of 21.7 kilometers (13.4 miles) are accessible for all the skiing people would like to do. It includes varying slopes according to their difficulty level. If you would like to have some assistance with skiing, you can find instructors here to help you with that issue.

  • 26% of the trails are available for the beginners with enthusiasm for learning how to ski. If the ski board is going to be under your feet for the first time, this trail shall be the best for a start. Confide in your instructor, and you will be good to go.
  • 69% of the trails of intermediate level are for skiers with better skills than beginners. If you know the art of skiing already, this trail shall help you enhance your skills. The instructors would always be available for help anyway.
  • 5% of the trails are the most challenging ones available here. They are for the mere use of advanced skiers. All the experienced skiers have fun experiencing this trail. This is not just for practice. You will find you are skiing on the best of all slopes.



Highlights to be known -

A great big snow fun park is built for all the families and friends to enjoy. Who does not like snowmen, may just throw snowballs at people. However, all in all, the Yellowsnow Park is a perfect little getaway.  It is situated along with ski resort Hochpustertal, located south of the Alps on the border with South Tyrol. In the middle of these beautiful mountains of the Dolomites, Carnic Alps and the Villgrater mountains stay the famous Yellowsnow Park.

It has been established since the year 2000, to create the perfect place with the help of the ski and tourist resort. Being 2100 meters above the sea level, it is a snow-sure point. Snow cannons do the rest of what is needed. The park is maintained daily to ensure the quality is always top notch. The set-up is well maintained for both the pros and beginners. Anyone can enjoy the chill-out area and chill-out themselves. Ever since the Summer the yellow snow crew is working, hammering, cutting and welding for new elements to guarantee the surprise.

Tyrol Snow Card – The Tyrol Snow Card have added advantages and surprises. It costs € 756 for adults, € 604 for youth or invalids and € 378 for children.

Cross-country Skiing / You would love to able to ski cross-country in this beautiful place. The conditions are surprisingly perfect; it would be Hochpustertal. Not saying metaphorically, but you can actually cross the limits. Moreover, there’s real fun to it, isn’t there?

Ice-skating – The two concepts are basically made for each other. The ice in Kartisch makes it super easy to glide and cut through. It is not just about snow hiking and skiing, right?

Tours – Villgratental is the valley for visitors. Why not, it has all the ski lifts, and slopes arranged. It is simply original, authentic and far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

Tobogganing – The toboggan routes available in Hochpustertal are just perfect for the people who cannot get enough of it. Whether it is the Anras-Ried toboggan run or the loved Tilliacheralmweg natural toboggan run in Außervillgraten, or even the Kalksteinweg toboggan run, let’s start with anything because every route is packed with complete happiness.

If you have been to this place during the summers, you ought to be here in the winters. You’d be missing a great deal of beauty of this place, else. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, visit the place with family and friends and have a great time here at the Hochpustertal resort. You’d love it, we promise!

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