Hochwang St. Peter - Let’s get Snowy!  

It’s chilly outside and some of us feel the need to be tucked cozily inside our blankets and quilts, with a room heater to control the temperature and to have laziness sweep across us like a breeze amidst the fresh flowers.  However, the more daring mortals among us would want to run through the cold winds onto the snow speckled mountain areas and undo their cords to break into the snowboarding gears.  The undaunted charisma of such risk-taking people is something to marvel upon.  Yes, life is too short to be spent wholly in our comfort zones; it is when the pupae come out of its cocoon that it turns to be a beautiful butterfly.  As the illustrious media proprietor, Oprah Winfrey states that one should engage in something so daring each day so as to win over one’s own hopeless thoughts and rekindle a positive spirit in them.

You should give such adventurous sports a try once in your life as life is only lived once.  Skiing is practically the most crucial of all the snow sports that are being practiced in an innumerable number of areas, during the winter season, when there is no beauty compared to the magnificent beauty of the snow filled areas.  Many countries offer this recreational activity to rejuvenate the abandoned roads to happiness and inner peace, which could be felt in the very nature’s arms.  Switzerland is one of those top-hole countries, with its wide landscape areas noted especially for its snowy adventurous sports.  

Resort Details

Hochwang is a 2534 meters (8313 feet) high mountain, located in the Plessur Alps in Switzerland.  It is remarkably known for the ski resort: Sportbahnen Hochwang AG, or simply as St. Peter’s as it is based in St. Peter-Pagig, Switzerland.  It is a welcoming resort for families, lovers, and thrillers.  Hoch-Wang is one among the best holidaying spots in Switzerland, which provides easy access to the skiing regions.  Amidst the backdrop of the eye-catchy snow-coated mountains, Plessur Alps, and valleys, the Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort offers a wayfarer experience to the neighbouring ski schools, skiing areas, restaurants, accommodations, and food and sports domain.

Hochwang Statistics

Base Elevation: 1548 m

Summit Elevation: 2204 m

Vertical Drop: 656 m

The Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort, the most sought-after winter sports belt in Fatschel in Eastern Switzerland, is positioned at a height of 1548 meters (5078 feet) above sea level extending up to 2204 meters (7230 feet), a difference of 656 meters (2152 feet).  It has gained a global image with its perfect slope preparation and its panoramic appeal.  The best season to explore this renowned skiing resort is from mid-December to late-March.  The ski resort is open from 9:00 in the morning to 16:00 hours in the evening, which may vary according to certain conditions.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort offers 20 kilometers (12 miles) wide and groomed sunny slopes, with valley trails present, such that cross-country skiing, snow-tubing, and toboggan are also accomplished. The skiing and snowboarding facilities at the Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort are detailed below.

For Beginners: Beginners are presented with a snow trail of 9 kilometers (5.5 miles), which covers about 45% of the region.  Here they master the skill of skiing along with their trainers and associates.

For Intermediates:  The resort offers an enormous trail of 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) for the intermediate skiers, who with their constant efforts and enthusiasm hone their skills in an inventive way.  This trail covers an area of 45% out of the total.

For Experts:  The snow trails offering the most difficult ski is only about 2 kilometers (1.2 miles), covering the least area of 10% out of the 20 kilometers (12 miles) slopes.  This piste is unbarred for the proficient and spirited individuals who can encounter any hurdle at the face of it.

Learning to Ski

The Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort makes sure that no one turns back home without mastering the métier of skiing.  For people who come up with confused and nervous looks to the skiing vacation, the Sportbahnen Hochwang AG pours a glimmering relief with a Snowsports School.  The Schweizer Skischule Arosa at the Hochwang is a one spot learning centre for beginners and summons the skiers to seasonal races to bring out their passion in the activity.  Private lessons, tours, mass teaching facilities can be availed at this school.  The rate for one to six half-days, for children aged 4-18 years, varies from 48 CHF (Swiss Francs) to 225 CHF (Swiss Francs).  Private lessons for alpine skiing are available with a cost of 140 CHF (Swiss Francs) for 1 lesson (120 minutes) to 350 CHF (Swiss Francs) for whole day 6 hours. 

Ski Lifts

The Sportbahnen Hochwang AG ski resort endows you with 3 ski lifts with a total capacity of 2000 passengers per hour and a total length of about 3 kilometers (1.9 miles).  It consists of 1 chairlift, which is a fixed-grip chairlift for 2 persons.  Apart from the chairlift out of the 3 total ski lifts, there is 1 T-bar lift, and 1 Rope tow or beginner lift.  These lifts ensure that travelers reach the base station at Fatschel in just a short span of time.  At St. Peter’s, the ski pass prices cost about 40 CFH (37 Euros) for adults, 27 CHF (25 Euros) for the youth and 17 CHF (16 Euros) for children.  The sun terrace Treimel can be reached at 1542 meters (5078 feet) from Fatschel through the chairlift.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

Superior quality lodging and accommodation facilities are available near the St. Peter’s ski resort.  With a spectacular view of the serene place, the lodgings offer proper dining and a hospitable stay to all the guests.  The ski resort, snowboarding school, and the regular investment means is within the reach of the accommodations here.

Sporthotel Tanne

Located at 1500 meters (4921 feet) adjacent to the mountain railways valley-station, Sporthotel Tanne in Fatschel, St. Peter’s, is a cozy pet-friendly family-friendly restaurant with 80 rooms and a wonderful view of the Schanfigger Valley from the Sun Terrace.  It has free Wi-Fi and parking facilities with house-full entertainment and other services for children, professionals, and families.  The staffs of this lodging speak German, which makes it easy for the guests to put across their needs without any hurdles.  Sporthotel Tanne houses an à la carte restaurant, which is famous for its Swiss cuisines but remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  The cost of this hotel is approximately 95 CHF (Swiss Francs).

The state-of-the-art amenities offered at the vibrant Sportbahnen Hochwang AG (St. Peter’s) ski resort might have aroused in you a super-duper craving to plan your next winter vacations in the peaceful and resplendent Plessur Alp. This place is well known for reliable snow extending right down to the villages and in every direction. Plus, there’s so much on offer in terms of various winter sports and other fun activities. So don’t wait any longer and book your tickets and head out straight for this amazing ski resort. Give this a shot if you’re looking for a little and cheap getaway with your special ones.

 So don’t wait for any more qualms.  Hurry and grab your travel tickets at the earliest. Have fun!

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