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Hogadon Ski Area – Colorado’s Best Skiing Area!



Living in a city that experiences snowfall can be a hassle for some people. All of your work comes to a stop when it starts to snow outside. Just like the difficult times in our life, we forget how to enjoy our life and sit lethargically. However, if we learn to be happy and have fun even when it snows or when the difficult time comes, we can surpass the situation happily. The winter season can be most fun. It comes with its many creative activities which can be held, both, indoor and outdoor.


Hogadon Statistics

Base Elevation: 7400 feet

Summit Elevation: 8000 feet

Vertical Drop: 600 feet

As soon as the snow hits the road, pick up your gears for skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is an exciting activity that most of the people enjoy during winters. However, it is surprising how many people do not ski or snowboard. So, this winter season you don’t be one of them, pick up your snowboard and slay the snow! Even if you do not ski, you can still have fun. Just gather around with your friends and make a snowman. Hum the tune of ‘do you want to build a snowman?’ and believe it, no one is old enough when it comes to building a snowman. While you are at it, start a snow fight. Have a laugh or two when you get hit with snow too. Even sledging is an option. If you are living in Colorado, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and sledging is always there to entertain you! If you are not a local, then enjoy by planning a trip to the amazing city of Wyoming to enjoy these sports in a healthy spirit.

Colorado's best skiing area is available to you-



Don’t huddle up in your rooms in the winters. With so many activities to participate in and so much fun to have, how can you sit at your home? The North end of the Laramie Mountains is home to the beautiful and dynamic Casper Mountains. At the foot of the Casper Mountains, lie the magnificent city of Casper itself. About 18 km from the city is the entertaining site for all the locals and tourists, the Hogadon Ski Area. The area is very close to the city, about 20 minutes away. The place is truly a wonder and an amusing site for friends and family. It is a resort that even provides rental equipment for snowboarders and skiers. Visit the place and you’ll experience no trouble, no waiting lines whatsoever to slow you down in your journey. And after journey you can sit and relax at the cafeteria at Hogadon.

Interesting News!

For those who went to visit the resort this year or are planning to do so, you will witness the 21st ‘Tune-up Day’. It was last held on 17 September this year. The ‘Tune-up Day’ was first held in 1995 by a volunteer, who was also the founder of the same. It was decided that this day would be used and celebrated to improve the skiing area and maintain it.  Every year, the day is celebrated with exuberant enthusiasm with 70+ volunteers and business. It is an effort to beautify the place and preserve the Hogadon Ski Area. The organisation that arranges for the day also offers prizes to great enthusiasts. It is a very creative way to promote and clean up the resort and make a difference in the society.

What is so interesting about the resort?



Hogadon Ski Resort is situated 11 miles of Casper Mountain. The resort is a fun place for all its visitors. The journey begins right from the lifts which are two in number. These lifts do not cause you to stand in lines as they are quick in service. The Prospector Chairlift is a two-chair lift, which carries up to 1,000 skiers per hour. It is 2,200 feet long. The other lift is the Mine Shaft or the Magic Carpet Lift on beginner terrain. It is very fun to travel in these lifts and reach the Resort.The resort has 27+ trails which vary in difficulty levels. Almost 20% of these trails are for beginners, 40% are intermediate and the rest are of advanced level. The resort features a terrain park as well. There are 60 acres of groomed slopes to sledge or ski on. When the snowfall is not up to the mark, the resort can generate new snow on its own. The summit of the resort is 8,000 feet with a vertical rise of 600 feet.The resort also features several cross-country trails which are not far away from the resort. The trails are lit up at night for skiing. However, the resort does not offer any downhill skiing at night.

Ski and Snowboarding


  • The Casper city’s Skiing resort offers its visitors with many rental services too. For skiers and snowboarders, rental equipment is available at a cheap price for the full day and half day. Some important accessories like the helmet and pants are also rented out.
  • To make the visit easier and more economical, the resort offers many seasonal passes and lift tickets. You can choose from the early bird season pass, the first time season pass and the family season pass. Also, special discounts and rates are available for groups and school children.
  • The ever-helpful staff is ready to provide you with any service you 
  • want. Also, they have trained and licensed staff to watch over the skiers and snowboarders which help you keep safe during skiing.
  • If you are visiting in a group, you can avail special discounts on lift tickets, skiing and snowboard lessons, equipment rentals, and even catering and food.
  • For those who are hitting the trails for the first time, you don’t have to worry, the resort offers special training lessons where you can learn to ski in no time. These lessons include two hours training with the Casper Mountains Snow Sports School. These classes are held every day starting from 10 am to 1 pm.



After all the training in the skiing lessons and the thrill of running down the slopes, you can rest and eat delicious food at the Ramkota Hotel. The hotel is close to other famous tourist spots like the Tate Geological Museum, The National Historic Trails Centre, Lake Alcova, and such destinations. It also lies close to the downtown shopping district from where you can buy souvenirs of the place and various gifts for yourselves.

Visiting the Casper Mountains and the Hogadon Ski Area for your vacations will be the right choice. Revitalise yourself and enjoy all the outdoor activity in the resort this snow!

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