Hohe Lied-Germany

Hohe Lied – The Finest Place To Enjoy Skiing with your Near and Dear Ones!

If you are looking for doing something exciting this winter, you can head to this fantastic Hohe Lied ski resort. It is a small, compact and a wonderful ski resort, perfect for an adventurous and a peaceful holiday. You can spend the most wonderful time with your family and loved ones.

Hohe Lied Statistics

Base Elevation: 1640 ft

Summit Elevation: 2297 ft

Vertical Drop: 656 ft

About the place

This exotic place is located in Sauerland in the arms of Germany. The adventure sports area is situated between 520 m (1640 feet) and 720 m (2362 feet) of elevation. You will find the ski area on L776 directly between Westernbodefeld and Bad Fredeburn. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as it is surrounded by forests and meadows. The mountain station is between 700m (2296 feet) and 1000 m (3280 feet) down the slope. Therefore the slope provides for all day sun. Hohe Lied provides for both summer and winter activities. Therefore, you can visit this place any time of the year without any doubt of missing out the fun.

Ski Runs/ Slopes

Let’s have a look at the different Ski Runs Hohe Lied is providing us with. Hohe Lied is a fun place to be as it is best suited for skiers who are new to skiing. For skiing and snowboarding, there is 1 km (0.62 miles) of slopes available all over the resort. In addition to the Ski slopes, there is valley run available. You can enjoy the exotic view of the resort along the valley run. Since it is a small resort and also not much of ski runs available, there are two ski lifts available to transport the guests. It has 750 m (2460 feet) of towing length, with 1000 m (3280 feet) downhill with 200m (656 feet) of height different. This is the perfect combination for beginners and children

Accommodation facilities

You will find a lot of feasible accommodation here from budget friendly stays to luxurious 5-star accommodations along the slopes. You can choose from various options and book your stay. It is better you book your hotel online, as they offer better deals during the holiday season. Ski lodges are a special attraction her, which provides with a spacious sun terrace with 220 seats and 100 standing space. The interiors are very calm and cosy. You can book this place for celebrating your birthday, wedding, team outings, bachelor parties, etc. This place is famous for hosting the most happening parties with live music and DJs.

Ticket pricing

Skiing and snowboarding are open all the days from Monday to Sunday. But from Monday to Saturday it is open from 9 is to 9 pm. There is a facility for floodlights during these days. You can purchase your evening tickets from 5 pm. skiing on Sunday is only open from 9 am to 5 pm without the facility of floodlights. You can buy Day Card, half day cards, Points card and Evening card. Let’s have a look at the pricing of all the cards. Day Card: Day card is available from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Sunday. For adults, it is 20 EUR, and for Children, it is 15 EUR. Half Day Card: You can purchase this card according to your convenience from 9 am to 1 pm or from 1 pm to 5 pm. The cost of the ticket for each shift is; 20 EUR for adults and 10 EUR for a child. Points Card: Points cards are available only during floodlights i.e. from Monday to Saturday. You should be aware that only points cards and Evening cards are available during Floodlights after 5 pm. For adults ten cards will cost 12 EUR, four cards will cost 8 EUR, and one trip will cost 2.50 EUR. For children, ten cards will cost 8 EUR, four cards will cost 5 EUR, and one journey will cost 1.50 EUR. Evening Card is available from 5 pm to 12 am. For adults, evening card will cost 15 EUR, and for children, it will cost 10 EUR. There is also a facility for groups visiting the resort. The prices will be available only on request.

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