It’s time for winters! – Hohenems-Schuttannen Ski Resort

Winters ignite the feeling of excitement as it approaches with the long list of holidays. Almost everyone on this planet yearns for the season of winters and anxiously waits for its arrival. Not only is the weather prevailing during this season compatible with our moods and expressions but it also delivers a different sense of enthusiasm which makes us like this season all the more. Whether it’s the feel of crisp, cool breeze caressing our faces as we walk down the lanes or the simple happiness that parents receive as they welcome their children for a long-awaited vacation, winters manage to bring us all together to create those beautiful remembrances. Winters are essentially nostalgia of so many fun-filled memories which bring a smile to our face every time we reminisce those moments. Undoubtedly, it’s the season which gives us the liberty to do anything we desire because come on; we deserve it!

Now this winter, you might do something out of the ordinary. You work throughout the year, fulfilling all the responsibilities you have whether at work or home- it’s time to treat yourself to a small yet sensational holiday amidst the snowy mountains of Austria. Austria is definitely one country which you must see and when’s the better time to visit if not during the winters? Located at Bahnhofstraße 8, 6845 Hohenems, Austria, the Hohenems-Schuttannen Ski Resort is a lovely place with an even lovely view surrounding the area of this resort. This resort is precisely situated in Bodensee-Vorarlberg and is considered one of the best in this region. The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort takes pride in its versatility of providing the best services in all of Austria and maintains all the facilities and requirements which you want at your disposal.

Resort Details

Hohenems-Schuttannen Statistics

Base Elevation: 1150 m

Summit Elevation: 1320 m

The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort is perched at an elevation of 1150 meters (3773 feet) at the base to 1320 meters (4330 feet) at the summit. There is a total of two ski lifts which will serve as your vehicles to reach the top of the mountain and also the bottom. There are also two restaurants available in the vicinity of this resort where you can indulge in beverages and snacks after a fun-filled day of sports and activities. The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort is child-friendly, senior citizen-friendly and makes way for exciting reductions for its youth guests and tourists.

Summer in the Brandnertal

Sporty change offers 400 km (248.54 miles) of hiking trails, climbing gardens, 110 km (68.35 miles) of challenging mountain biking trails, an 18-hole golf course, tennis and indoor courts, riding arenas and stables, three 3D arc parcours and much more. Timings starting from Mon-Sat: 08.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 hours.

Skiing and Snowboarding Activities

The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort aims to provide world-class facilities for your skiing and snowboarding venture in Austria. This resort exceeds expectations of its several guests and tourists who choose to spend their winter vacation at this resort. No wonder this resort is equipped with all the amenities which will guarantee an exciting adventure tour in Austria. Take a look at the skiing and snowboarding statistics.


For Beginners: There are a total of 10 kilometers (approx. 6 miles) of ski runs and slopes out of which 3 kilometers (approx. 1.86 miles) or 30% are allotted to beginners and amateurs who are just learning this form of winter sport. Such trails and slopes are comparatively easy as the only intention of it is to teach skiing and snowboarding to the first-timers.


For Intermediates: From the total 10 kilometers, 7 kilometers (approx. 4.34 miles) are allocated for the intermediate skiers and snowboarders who are familiar with this form of winter outdoor activity but require additional practice to increase their level at this sport. These ski runs and trails are specifically designed to suit their level of skiing and snowboarding and involve manageable twists and curves along the way.


All the trails and slopes mentioned above at the Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort are applicable for both skiing and snowboarding and are extremely well-groomed with snow-making capabilities to give you the most enjoyable experience as you visit this resort and Austria. All the slopes are very well lit with bright lamps and floodlights so that you can enjoy uninterrupted night-skiing facilities. Safety precautions are always taken to ensure the health and well-being of guests and tourists at the Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort.


Things to Remember:-

  • Make sure you wear heavy and warm pieces of clothing as the temperature in this region of Austria demands layers of sweaters and coats.
  • Do remember to carry pairs of socks and gloves which are essential to protect your hands and feet from the biting cold.
  • Do not venture out in the mountains if the weather does not permit as there is no shame in turning back and visiting another day. Safety over adventure must be of crucial importance.
  • Experience the mountains and the trails within the boundaries specified by the resort and refrain from interfering with flora and fauna of the
  • In the case of any injury or accident while in the mountains, send a message to the resort to get help and patiently wait for them to arrive and take you to safety.

Winter Hiking

Imagine the ethereal beauty in front of your eyes as you escalate your way up the mountains and witness the heavenly image of sun-kissed peaks of snow-covered mountains. Winter Hiking is a form of sport which allows you to wander around the mountains and explore the beauty hidden deep in nature. The Austrian Alps make for a mesmerizing picturesque view as you find yourself staring at the blissful valleys and hills for endless hours at end. The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort gives you the opportunity to embrace nature in its most genuine and untouched form. With the beautifully maintained trails and slopes, this resort has allocated 4 kilometers (approx. 2.45 miles) of winter hiking and mountaineering while you stay at this resort. Winter hiking in this region will make you relaxed and bring about a sense of calm which will last even when you depart from your vacation.

Ski and Snowboard School

Not all guests and visitors are adept with this popular winter activity and require assistance to learn this task. The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort organizes skiing and snowboarding lessons which are imparted to non-skiers or even skiers who are in need of some brushing up. Trained instructors and club assistants are available to provide you with professional courses of skiing and snowboarding and promise a speedy learning which will make you want to try out your hand in just four days after learning. This course is usually undertaken by beginners and amateurs, but intermediate skiers, as well as advanced skiers, also engage in such courses and lessons. Ski schools require you to wear helmets compulsorily, and courses begin from 75 Euros for existing members and 95 Euros for non-members at this resort. Lift tickets and buses for transportation are included in the prices above and rates.

Prices and Rates

Day tickets and passes are of extreme importance because you will need them if you wish to enjoy uninterrupted skiing and snowboarding. The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort has affixed affordable prices and rates for the day tickets. From 12 p.m., day tickets for adults cost 11 Euros and for children cost 7 Euros. From 2 p.m., day tickets for adults cost 8 Euros and for children cost 5.50 Euros. From morning till 1 p.m., day tickets for adults cost 11 Euros and for children 7 Euros. For one full day, day tickets for adults cost 14 Euros and for children cost 8.50 Euros.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

The Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort is located at such a prime location in Vorarlberg, Austria that there is no dearth of accommodation and lodging services and facilities for its guests and visitors. All the hotels and lodges aim to provide you with the best service possible and more importantly, at an affordable and reasonable price which will not burn a hole in your pocket. Take a look at these options.

Hotel Landhaus Schiffle- This hotel cherishes its opportunity to serve its guests and creates a very homely atmosphere for the tourists residing in this hotel. It is just minutes away from the Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort, and it also arranges for parking spaces for its guests. This hotel exuberates a harmonious existence of modernity and traditionalism in its own style. Standard rooms at this hotel cost 145 Euros per room per night which also includes breakfast.

Fairmotel– Spacious double bedrooms and luxurious apartments are the wow factor for this hotel. Bus stop located near this hotel makes it an exclusive spot for travel to towns or enjoy the day at the resort while skiing and snowboarding. The hotel provides an all-access Wi-Fi to all its guests and tourists and with your own apartment; you can enjoy your days as you like it. Standard double room at Fairmotel costs 112.57 Euros which is inclusive of breakfast.

So this is everything summed up about the Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort. Leave the hustle and bustle of your city and travel to this exotic place of serenity meet adventure and thrill because sports such as skiing and snowboarding are the activities which are bound to give you that rush of adrenaline as you descend the mountain. So start packing and make a move towards the Hohenems-Schuttannen ski resort here in Austria!

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