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HoherMeißner - Family Ski Vacation Resort

How do you want your vacation to be? Fantastic, right? Because one gets a chance to go on a vacation with his loved ones after waiting so long. So it has to be perfect, and so he does not take any risks. Being in the mountains is that one thing one can never think of not being great. Mountains offer you an amazing natural view of life where your body, mind and soul rests in peace and helps you to relax even more than what meditation would do. So up there in the mountains, one should definitely do something exciting to add a dash of a thrill to his trip. One way to make your trip more interesting is trying out winter sports like skiing. Skiing is one of the best winter sports and comes with a lot of new vibes to live that you would have never known your whole life. Skiing provides you with a way out of your busy life to a soothing ride in the winter heavens. For skiing and snowboarding, one can head to the HoherMei?ner ski resort with his family and friends to try out the winter sport. Located in the Werra-Meißner County, Germany, HoherMei?ner ski resort offers you just the excellent picturesque view one might be looking for to chill and relax with his loved ones in his vacations. It is the most optimum option for people who might be looking to try out this winter sport for the first time in his life, or he knows tiny about the sport, or he wants to improve his skills in the sport. Also, passionate cross-country skiers can find just the right ski runs they might be looking for.

HoherMeißner Statistics

Base Elevation: 620 m

Summit Elevation: 750 m

Vertical Drop: 130 m

Resort Details

The HoherMei?ner ski resort is located in a prime location and offers an amazing experience to all its visitors. The varied middle mountain offers amazing natural beauty.The winter sports area of the resort is located between the elevations of 620 meters (2034 feet) and 750 meters (2460 feet). The resort is best for beginners because it is a small resort and offers a lot of trainers to improve your skills. So don’t worry if you aren’t too good at the sport. It is an optimum location to try skiing which is why it is considered best for families.

How to reach

The HoherMei?ner ski resort is accessible by all modes of transportation. The resort offers Ideal entry for day visitors. One can reach there by driving his car all the way up there, or he may use the train or he can also reach via air. By car, one can reach Großer LiftMeißner, HoherMeißner, 37235 HessischLichtenau, Germany. A stone parking lot is available right there at the bottom of the lift and parking is free of charge and has enough space available. A direct train connection is not available to the resort so one can reach the nearest station and use a bus or cab to reach the resort.

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are a necessary component of a resort, and a resort needs to have them to transport its guests up and down the slopes. The Hoher ski resort has a total of two lifts available for the transportation of its visitors. The lifts of the resort have a capacity of taking 1400 passengers up and down the slope per hour. The total lift length is around 1.3 kilometres (0.8 miles). Out of the two lifts, one is T-bar type lift with a length of 1 kilometers(0.62 miles) and a capacity of 800 passengers per hour and the other one is Rope tow/Beginner lift with a length of 0.3 kilometres(approx. 0.19 miles) and a capacity of 600 passengers per hour. The main season day ticket is $18.09 (17 Euros) for adults and $14.9 (14 Euros) for children.

Skiing and snowboarding statistics

The HoherMei?ner ski resort is a small ski resort and offers slopes optimum for only beginner’s level skiers so unfortunately, for intermediate and expert level skiers, this resort might not be suitable, but the people who know a little about skiing and want to learn the sport have come just to the right place. A total of 1.2 kilometres (0.74 miles) of slopes is available in the HoherMei?ner ski resort. All the slopes are suited only for the beginner level skiers. The resort is considered best for families to visit due to the availability of highly experienced trainers to help you improve your skiing skills. It has great and not just that; it also has well-groomed cross-country ski runs available and chances for the lorry. For downhill and cross-country skiers around the Hoher Meissner ski resort, the ski region is located on the border with Thuringia with two tows on the west slope of “HoherMeißners”. Valley runs are also available in the resort. There is 2 classic cross-country ski runs available covering a total distance of 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) and 1 skating course with a distance of 6 kilometres (3.72 miles).

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of accommodation facilities are available near theHoherMei?ner ski resort that offers you a cosy and comfortable stay with your friends and family on your vacation and provides you with all you might need on the trip. The top accommodation which is the closest to the resort is: Hotel zurStruth: Located in Eschwege which is pretty close to the resort, the Hotel zurStruth offers you all amenities you might expect from a modern hotel like free Wi-Fi or multi- cuisine restaurants. The hotel ensures you a pleasant stay with your loved ones so that you can relax. So theHoherMei?ner ski resort offers you serene beauty in the form of beautiful mountains and an amazing skiing experience that will surely heal all the stress on your mind. So what are you waiting for? Start packing and book your stay for the amazing time ahead.

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